Commie blocks are cheap, safe and efficient ways

to avoid having workers sleep in pods, on couches or paying 90% of their income on rent. Why are commie blocks not embraced in the West no more?

Same with cars, the Ford Model T cost 4k modern day US bucks. How come modern cars start at 40k?

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ford model t will fall to pieces if it hits a rock
fuck you dumb gorilla

>We live in cement closets stacked on top of each other, why don't you want that?
In America that's called nigger housing.

.t projects

then go live there and leave me the fuck alone before someone kills you commie

we have commie blocks in america. theyre called ghettos.

We tried building some for blacks. They turned the buildings into disintegrating warzones.

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>Why are commie blocks not embraced in the West no more?

Because nobody likes when neighbour decides to mount a new shelf at Sunday 9am. Or when his kids play drums at the weekday's evening when you're just returned from wageslaving and want some rest.

I think commie blocks would be an improvement from what you're heading to as a country.

high rises don't need to be so unaesthetic. However, cities like San Francisco don't build them because of zoning laws. Basically homeowners unionize to prevent high rises from lowering property prices. Also, most nice condos have insane hoa fees.

They choose to live like that

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I live in a modern well-isolated one and I don't hear a thing. Only thing that bothers me is cigarette smoke coming from a balcony below.

I would agree but only in a homogeneous country or at least one that enforces the law.

So you prefer podsharing... or paying 3k rent?

What in “workers’ homes”, don’t you understand? They make 9 bucks an hour.

>San Francisco don't build them because of zoning laws

Yes, wtf? Given the housing situation in SanFran, 300,000 apartments in commie blocks are needed.

I actually lived in legit commie blocks which were renovated after wall fell. There is no sound damping, you can hear every soft moan of your neighbors as they fuck. People bang the radiators to communicate eg. when they want loud noise to stop. No elevator in 6 floored block I lived in. View out any window is other commie blocks. Cheap rent but couldn't move out fast enough.

Just like most convenience stores in the DPRK are real, and not some fake as fuck shit built to fool westerners into thinking that everything is just hunky-fucking-dory, eh, user?

This. If I lived in a big city a commie block would be nice. Plus you don’t have to decorate it like a drab Russian housewife from the 80’s would.

>Wanting to willingly live in the most depressing buildings on this planet.
They're basically prisons people can rent.

commie blocks are so ultra poorfag and shit-tier compared to old school blocks with high ceilings that only rich guys like me can afford to heat up in the winter

Commie blocks in the west are now called "luxury condos", son. Six hundred grand for 540 sq feet.

Doesnt happen. HOA bans that shit

Ok, so you are a worker making 2.3k in a big US city. You are not married and you are male. Here are your options:

A. you live with your parents
B. you live on the street (doesn’t work long term)
C. you live in a pod
D. you pay 90% of your income for rent
E. you live outside and commute for 3hrs total per day
F. you move away
G. you get a second and third job to work 60-70hrs a week to increase your income to afford a tiny one bedroom apartment


you rent a 500 bucks commie block apartment and still got 1.7k for food, transportation, clothes, entertainment etc.

What’s best here?

living in suburbs closer to nature in your own house and doing farming for work

This desu
those kind of buildings used to be in every major city in the US but what he said is absolutely true. Almost every single one of them turned into derelict warzones. And if it's not even from lack of Maintenance they actually tore up their own buildings and apartments. Most of them have either been rehabilitated into something else or more often than that just demolished.–Green_Homes–Igoe

And those are just a few

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Move out of the big city because you don't live in a big city unless you already have a solid job that can pay for the ridiculous expenses that cover that city. Hell, a commute of around an hour from the suburbs will get you apartments less than $1000 in most places and you're not going to have to live in the ghetto or a crime filled hellhole most of the time. The only people who should be living in major cities are those whose jobs allow them that luxury, if you're the working poor you need to get out ASAP or you better start living with a roommate. Also, what makes you think the commieblock isn't going to have equally as high prices as a pod home?

The point is tenements are still used to house impoverished blacks in America, and even the most progressive white doesn't consider living in one to avoid the crime.

>living in suburbs closer to nature in your own house and doing farming for work

Not everyone in the US has the cash to pay for a house and farmland.

Or live in an inland City where you can buy a house in an okay neighborhood for less than a 100,000 or one in a suburb for a little over a 100,000.

Dayton, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Columbus, Huntington, Charleston, Detroit, Lexington, Memphis,

Don't be fooled Op, there are still a lot of cities in this country that are affordable and most of the ones that aren't already have big buildings like the ones you're pointing out

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Also, rents in cities like the ones listed there are usually pretty reasonable in most areas too

their problem.

you can find cheap land and build a house yourself

Is this some FBI honeypot? I've held back on reporting more of these fucking things because I'm half-expecting to get banned for spamming their report feed.

That middle one in St Louis though it says they actually hired an architect to make it as pleasant of a place as possible and he was stunned few years later and couldn't believe how fast people would destroy their own homes on purpose.


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>No elevator in 6 floored block I lived in

t. fatty

>Why are commie blocks not embraced in the West no more?

Building codes. So the existing landlords can charge $1200/mo for a hole in the wall without serious competition. Thank you Republifucks.

Commie blocks are pods

SF won't thanks to der Ewige (((Vermieter)))

I prefer living outside of the city

That's far less depressing than spending 75% of your income on some apartment some landlord milks for every last cent they can get

They have those in the US they are located inthe ghettos and the projects where the sell and kill each other over drug turf. Its filled woth low class single mothers pn welfare with their delinquent children conmitting crimes.

Did the ford model t come with ac and heating? Comfy suspenion or noise dampening? Powee lock doors and windows? The same commie cries about muh kiving wage at rhe same time.

Yeah and good luck finding anything nearby that will pay enough for you to cover the mortgage with room to spare. You sure AF aren't going to working at the Dollar Tree down the street nor the gas station by the off ramp, ass!

I've got six cars and I enjoy working on them. Where would I keep them and my tools in a place like that?

t. /o/

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Le Courbousier?

>to avoid having workers sleep in pods
it's just a bigger pod...

Wannabe snobs from the middle class prefer to live at work so that they can pay for their fancy tenant from the late 19th century (where they only spend the night)
While those who live in suburbs prefer live in their car or in public transports to get to work and then back to their sleeping place, only to get shouted on by the neighbour because their grass is not property mawned

You can buy a house and some of those cities that needs to be fixed up a bit for around ten or fifteen Grand. You can buy a house in a still okay neighborhood that doesn't need anything for around 50 or $55,000
Even working at the Dollar Tree you can afford that shitt.

Do what I'm planning on doing: build a big garage and have room for an overhead apartment. Make it roomy enough to have buddies over to play cards.

This commie block in SF cost me 2,800 a month for a 1br.

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The same guy who designed the World Trade Centers.

There's other ways to fix the economy.

I once had a friend that was super into BMWs. He told me
> I would live in an unheated apartment just to have a heated garage

You weren't going to pick an apartment anyway then. When I lived in the city in my first apartment that was a dump I paid to have a monthly parking space in a hotel's lot 3 blocks away from my building because all my neighbors were that niggerish I didn't even want them to know I had a car period let alone a Benz

>T. fellow /o/tist

In a car-lock up that you can rent extra
Of course this way not all of your neighbours won’t get the privilege to see you, well, screwing your cars

There is only one answer
Eat the rich

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Then you see the beauty of building your apartment into your garage. I lived in a hole my uncle let me use in exchange for cleaning it up; place was for working on tractors and heavy farm machinery, but I managed to salvage enough tools to convert part of it into a machine shop and we used it to repair a sawmill powered by an old V8 Cutlass.

Car lock ups aren't really a thing here. There are storage units but they tend not to have electrical power and discourage you from working on any kind of motor vehicle on premises.

Also seems to be an awful lot of anti-car hostility coming from your direction comrade. I think you may have a little bit more affection for Communists other than their housing choices

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Not exactly, got a buddy from Dearborn Heights, he was saying all those cheapo homes for sale in Detroit for pennies on the dollar typically come with a $150k+ tax lien on them that you are on the hook for once you buy one. My other friend bought a bank foreclosure house in western PA for $8000 but has spent $75000 in renovations alone as it was a former crack house stripped of everything. Still a good deal nonetheless but not as awesome at it sounds on paper

people stop working when their basic necessities are taken care of

So long as I had my own bathroom I would be ok with living in the save point in the start of GTA 3

I know a lot of the ones in Cincinnati the bank is just looking to unload and usually the city will work with you on tax liens they are just happy to have someone who is responsible for the property again.

Le Courbousier built some housing project towers in Paris which got nigged by the tenants in similar fashion

But, we do.

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We lived in an old pos house in EE somewhere. My best friend lived in commie blocks. I loved it there. The neighbors felt like family. Downstairs on the yard you'd form cliques and gangs to protect urself from other cliques and gangs. And when there were none around you'd practice fighting ur friends. No hard feelings, had to make ourselves tougher. But it was fun as well.
Here in aus I have NEVER gotten friends like I had back there and then.
It's not the people, it's the environment.
Westerners have it way too easy.
It's a weakness.
You want white NATIONALISM (aka community)? Then live in one instead of hiding out alone in some McMan$ion.

My old boss lived in a stealth loft in her warehouse building above her machine shop

>Just have the government do it!
O I am laffin'

>Because nobody likes when neighbour decides to mount a new shelf at Sunday 9am. Or when his kids play drums at the weekday's evening when you're just returned from wageslaving and want some rest.
persian carpet on wall keeps the noise out, comrade. dont be a pussy

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Got a light chuckle out of me user

That's a shame it always seems to happen though. Years ago I worked for an architectural firm that got the bid to refurbish some of the tenements in the over-the-rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati.
We had to go in and measure the dimensions of all of the rooms note things like where the doors windows and electrical outlets were. The company the architect was working for owned several groups of buildings together. One of the buildings we turned in the architect pointed out had recently been redone as in less than 2 years ago. You wanted to know why we re measured it.

It was honestly because we couldn't tell. Doors were torn off with their hinges, holes and all of the walls some made with fists others with who knows , windows were smashed, appliances were smashed.
I specifically recall to this day that one of the units in that building so when had physically touring the toilet off of the bathroom floor and carried it into the closet and left it there.

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I live alone in an 1800 sq ft house for $750 a month in a major city. Try again, Ahmed.

Cabrini-Green .
TV show; Gomorrah

>on purpose
That would imply their was some semblance of reflection about the consequences of their actions
you know damn well there were none

By getting better with money and not buying 4 cars too many when you can't even afford 1

Okay true if I had to live in a commie block I probably wouldn't be able to afford more than one

krautbro's point is that the only other alternative for those people is sleeping on the streets. he is not wrong.

Tower block flats are the biggest hive of garbage humans here and are absolutely hotspots for the worst social dynamics
They actively discourage community, as you get piss on all stairs, criminal youth loitering the outer areas in groups, and you can never properly see or talk to people as everyone has to be hyper conscious of who's lurking outside their door or noise coming through walls

>why is everything more expensive today than before
user, it’s called inflation. It’s caused by Jews printing money.

A lot of people honestly would rather sleep on the streets than live in what just described.

Most of the people where I live that are homeless or just mentally ill. I know there are a lot of cities especially apparently on the west coast where that is a true I don't know why they don't build them other than they turn into violent crime infested garbage dumps immediately

>Cincinnati, Detroit, Louisville, Memphis
Whew. That's a lot of niggers.

Unfortunately I think that's pretty much large city now

flat out wrong. 92 percent of model t cars are still on the road today

commie blocks are absolutely disgusting and miserable. They look like shit and living there is like a shit.
t. guy with relatives who live there and I have to visit them sometimes so they don't off themselves because of depressing reality of post communism Eastern Europe

>Why are commie blocks not embraced in the West no more?
because they are disgusting, ugly and make cities permanently scarred unless you blow them up

oh my sweet summer child. thanks to merkel, you're about to learn why we can't do commieblocks in burgerland.


They lose heat in the winter, are an oven in the summer. If there's some repair to be done in an apartment the whole bloc is left without water/electricity.
The old ones smell of piss and garbage.
You can hear when other neighbors fight or play music.
They're very expensive for what they offer. It's basically a scam.

Problem is that every retard wants to live in a big city.
In rural areas even houses are extremely cheap. All my friend which moved to small villages own a big house and a nice car by the age of 30.

Tldr: dont move to a big city or accept to live like a rat

we call them projects.... and they become worn down dumps full of poverty and crime.

doesn't look half as bad as gypsy infested blocks desu

not really

You can just not live in a overpriced city you know, plenty of cities with decent rents.

Model T was an engine on wheels.

Modern cars have a variety of required safety features and manufacturing regulations.

It's not a capitalist conspiracy, it's a govt nanny state thing that has pushed the cost of vehicles so high.

Depends on how they are made.

Well-made ones can have proper soundproofing and cold insulation, but the nicer you build them, the more they end up costing, so might as well go with your own ground house.

I for one kinda like groundscrapers as an architectural concept.

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