Schindlers List proves we are all literally the worst

Fellow white people, I just watched Schindlers List in school, and I've come to the conclusion that we truly are the bad guys. Prove me wrong using ONLY arguments directed at or from the movies perspective.

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>prove me wrong
>from one perspective

it doesnt work like that

No arguments, typical nazi.

>fictional movie proves a thing
A fire user, die in one at your earliest convenience.

The book that the movie is based on is sold in the fiction section of the bookstore. Guess why?

It's the commie from leftypol larping as a nazi. HAHAHAHAHA nice try faggot

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>Prove me wrong using ONLY arguments directed at or from the movies perspective.
spielberg. now go do something fucking useful with your time.

its not my fault that shit happened

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>Wants Arguments
>Against a fictional story


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Schindlers list is racist Jewish anti-white hate propaganda.

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Movie about "nazis" made by a jew.
How about you try to prove the germans wrong from the perspective of Triumph of the Will?

>we truly are the bad guys.
who's we schlomo?

>replying to a troll

>Prove me wrong using ONLY arguments directed at or from the movies perspective.
Its not real

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Amon did nothing wrong

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>. Prove me wrong using ONLY arguments directed at or from the movies perspective.

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>Fellow white people

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Just off retard. Killing snakes that attack you for years is nothing to feel bad about. If the Jews are such good boys why does everyone kick them out. Pic related

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you realize we all have seen every video Ernst Zundel ever made right? It's not going to end well for kikes in the United States whether it's full release of the JFK files or the Vatican release in March. Had the Katyn Committee's wishes come to fruition in the UN, they would have hanged every kike from London to Moscow. This is no stretch we executed Harry Dexter White a kike and the Rosenbergs. White testified once and conveniently died. The Rosenbergs we zapped the shit out of in the electric chair, sent them straight to hell.

If you want to be a citizen of the US you should realize Congress in 1952 named the jewish Bolsheviks as the ones intending world conquest. It's game set match, it was game set match decades ago, now it's a matter of months. Open season on Kikes sea to shining sea in March when everyone sees the those letters to and from Hitler in Argentina when it was claimed he "shot himself in the Bunker."

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>Schindler's Fist

Cringe and Black and Whitepilled

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Did you watch the extras where she shitted diamonds 7 tiems? in 7 different gas chambers?

People will and probably already have fallen for this
As easy to bait as /his/ really

Well it’s a movie made by Jews you mother fucking retard

Fellow jewish people, I just watched Der Ewige Jude in school, and I've come to the conclusion that we truly are the bad guys. Prove me wrong
using ONLY arguments directed at or from the movies perspective.

>Fellow white people,

OP is a memeflaggot, a faggot and a jew.

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oh we know. It's fun to tell kikes we know everything.

unless u can prove it to yourself you don't have to believe it, and 70 years of propaganda doesn't count as truth

The movie is fiction

Fellow white guy, I just watched Poltergeist with Heather O'Rourke and I've come to the conclusion that Spielberg is the bad guy. Prove me wrong using only arguments that excuse pedo murderers.

Lets have a chat OP, strap in! ;D

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There is no "bad guys" in life.

this movie make me into wehraboo and I would also unironically let the main nazi protagonist pound my boypussy intill it bleeds.
German aesthetics was SOMETHING ELSE. Holy shit. Both homo and no homo.

made me*

>we truly are the bad guys
you're talking about the jews, right? mr we?

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Is it bad to exterminate termites that are destroying your home?

Sometimes the good guy is the one doing the killing. It's just a matter of perspective. Are you a parasite or are you a builder?

human life really isn't worth as much as you think it is. and you, op, is worth the least lol

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You're a brainlet if you think "worth" even applies to humans in the objective sense when humans are the ones who created that concept.

Schindler was white

>be retard
>dont leave germany after threats and threats and threats
>have empathy goy


Nice try,Shlomo.

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>when a stirnersperg thinks it's actually smart

>Schindlers lift.

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>killing 6 million people doesn't warant bad-guy status
I guess Breivik and Tarrant are good guys aswell?

Came here to post this
Problem is, the subversion pushed by the media over the past 100 years has been so effective, western society has lost the ability to discern fact from fiction
The end

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