What do you think about the current state of this board?

What do you think about the current state of this board?

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share blue threads designed to divide the board are everywhere and people always respond to them
b8 threads
no good discussion anymore
I mean holy shit thousands FUCKING THOUSANDS of us are here everyday MILLIONS a year and we all complain about the way things are but do nothing to change it, im sick of this fucking place doing nothing start redpilling the masses or just delete the board.

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remember not only to avoid shill threads but take a moment to spice and drop some bullet points chewdup redpills as soon as they pop up
newfags and zoomers in general could use good info
if shills insist fuck the thread a bit remember to spice it tho
cheers mates

is enough explanation

slide threads and shills annoy me.

>muh shareblue

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Too many duplicate threads and too much pasta! Mama mia! Can we have something other than Canadian bolognese?

discussion here earlier

just happened

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My Jewish brothers and sisters need to be more open to diversity.

There is too much pepetitive jew hating and that one Trump post what requires you to read many news links to understand. I would hope for more offensive Tarrant and racist memes, not this pointless race war.


Pic related, maybe, I dont know anymore

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not very mentally stimulating

It's okay but I miss 8ch sometimes.

I KNEW the 2020 election cycle would break this place, I was just hoping it wouldnt be for ar least another 6 months

This place is a threat to them in some way, shape or form. They know it will be very active as it gets closer, so I think their strategy now is to start early and shit it up as much as possible, so fewer people have the desire to be here for election season. Thats why the BBC/asian gf threads are in overdrive.

90% bullshit unless something is happening.

Dump redpills relevant to thread
You can find all of them on 4plebs


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Fucking zoomers are ruining it. They don't understand the humor in the hating. They're just hateful and then laugh about it. corny motherfuckers.


It's all burger politics, still threads and b8 with no actual discussion taking place

Nothing, oh and it's always the same shit day after day truth be told if people actually got off their fat lazy asses and stopped whining for five minutes and took initiative something could be acomplished

But no so this board will continue, to sink down further in further in quality as nothing ever changes or gets acomplished

I come here for the shitposts, not all this false flagging from Twitter and reddit.
Almost makes me go to Jow Forums, but I want shitposts about what's going on now.

The fact /pol isn't wall to wall Epstein 24/7 shows how far it has fallen.

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>narcissists give up when they get btfo

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