Do you still eat in ethnic restaurants?

I stopped eating in all ethnic restaurants 10 years ago after I found faeces in my tikka masala.
Webcam shows a restaurant chef in the UK taking a break in an alleyway behind the restaurant kitchen.

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I thought feces was your national dish.

Yeah, I do not eat anywhere niggers or gooks or muzrats or poos work. I see them working in a fast food restaurant, then I turn around and walkout.

I will only eat food made by Koreans and Japs. No other non-white group.

>Customer removes 40 dead cockroaches from Chinese restaurant meal.

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A Chinese restaurant is accused of serving human feet to diners in Italy after gruesome image of rotting flesh is posted online by a waiter.
Police and food standards officials inspected the restaurant and found 55lbs of meat and frozen fish of doubtful origin.
They also found dirt and grease all over the refrigerators, on the floors and on the oven, reports said.

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>AFTER I found faeces
dude, streetshitter food LOOKS like faeces why the fuck were you eating that shit?

I was still bluepilled back then and it was hidden within the meat and rice

There's a huge difference between chinks and japs/gooks. Although in most gooks and jap restaurants there are a lot of chinks working there. Just stay the fuck away from ALL ethnic eateries.

You really think I'm going to trust any Asian restaurant?

If I eat asian food I always eat from big chains like wasabi, I rarely eat private owned takeaways.


If you are in the US, doesn't matter what type of restaurant it is. 90% of the kitchen staff will be Hispanic.

why does he pat it after he's done?

>favorite chinese buffet just closed for failing health code

why me

I work at a burger restaurant and sometimes I wipe my ass with my hand and slightly clean it then wipe it all over the patties lmao, it’s shit pay so the worst thing is you get fired

McDonald's or a smaller chain?

I don't eat out at all. Why would I pay high prices for shit food?

You fucking retard, call it FOREIGN, you're robbing yourself of being ETHNIC by using it as a slur for foreigner. Ethnicity; people; blood, has power. You fool.
Also yeah don't eat foreign shit.

I go to a vietnamese place and a pizza place that are viet and white owned.

Everywhere else has poos working there, so they don't get my money.

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no i don't trust them with hygiene or not putting weird shit in my food

These are notorious for shady gang related violence, and they most assuredly wouldn't be above getting rid of bodies by serving it to whitey.
>I prefer eating food made by THESE foreigners, over these other foreigners!
How about you cook your own god damn food, or eat at a place owned by, run by and which only employs whites?

I usually eat in Asian or American(pic related) ones.
>tikka masaala
lol indian restaurant? I was there twice and everything I ever ordered looked and tasted like crap from bean cans sold in supermarket two floors lower but 5x as expensive

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>Eating in an Indian Restaurant
>unironicaly eating shit

the topest of keks

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How you stop being a pussy and just eat whatever the fuck is available.

I eat on the street all the fucking time whether Mexicans, muslims, chinks, poos, I don't give a fuck.

Fuck I’m never eating out anymore

Stop paying for their Viet rat kids' education

No, he wipes his arse with his hand then attempts to wash his hand in a shallow puddle.

Pretty much this. You're just paying an exorbitant price for a halfassed cooked meal with the cheapest ingredients around.
Also please, stop eating junkfood m8, start cooking, hell make your own burgers. It's not hard and it's very tasty and you save big. Sure it means if you're just yourself, you'll end up with more burgers or patties and veggies than you might eat, but that just means you've got lunch + dinner covered, or the next day's lunch too. Saving you even more in the long run.
Pic related, homemade borgor

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Thanks for the extra flavor user, I am sure the owner is aware but he knows you got the secret recipe

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Dude, your fat is muffling your words. I can't hear you, speak up man.

kinda nice, do i need fire or is electric grill enough?

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I eat from the local Chinese but that's it. I hate Indian food full stop.

All you really need is a stove and an oven for the patty and buns respectively. You could grill it on fire or gas too if you prefer

I'll add home burgers on the agenda, I learn cooking super mega slow because I'm lazy to be in kitchen but I eat 70% less takeouts than I used to since I bought a grill.

Change the meme flag to the gay one faggot, not everybody has an hour every day to put together some tendies.
Time is money I cook every once in a while but in general I'll be slurping down that curry from the paky downtown, I don't even think about it, you refusing to give them business in negligible now post tits

But normies wanna eat ethnic cux white foid sucks.

Hey lets eat german british dutch etc said no one ever. Its just 2 steps up from Mcdonald's

Fine go ahead eat only white n support ur own. Hell even visit yoyr own cuntz.
Well fet enough business without u

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Koreans. I was in Busan 10 years ago. Street food, buzzing with flies, 95 degrees outside, recipe for food poisoning.

So u go hungry since pablo makes ur big mac.
N ya they dont wash their handsWeebBut white food tastes like shit thats why u wanted spicesOink oink

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>at place of work
>it must have toilet facilities
>still shit in street
When are people going to realise that they're savages?

Grilling is good fun. Slow steps man, slow change is good change if it sticks.

Nigger talking about time and money. Buy your food, cook for three days in one day, bam save money and time.

You are what you eat

What non-white dishes don't contain spices? Mosquito patties?

>eating out
Yikes sweaty...

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I thought shit in food was declared ok by british law, as it's a cultural tradition in India.

There's a huge difference between gooks and japs as well. I'll always choose to eat at a jap's restaurant over any other Asian.

White men will always make an exception for whatever shithole Asian country their girlfriend comes from, so as not to admit to themselves that they're dating someone from a disgusting shithole.
The denial is strong in them because they know their happiness and sanity depends on them keeping up the pretence.

When I was in the UK i got some takeout from a paki guy, was older and seemed nice at first. Then I walked in one day when he was on the phone bitching about how his daughter is ashamed of being a Paki and shit. Then after waiting on him to get off food I got some of the worst quazi chinese/indian food that was basically inedible so i never went again. Was overpriced with the jizya too

>imagine having such unevolved tastebuds that you'd need to bombard your mouth with an excess of spices to even taste anything.

This nigger probably wouldn't be able to enjoy the exquisite taste of pickled herring or smoked sonderjysk sausage.

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Yea, there’s a reason Japs hate all other Asians with burning passion.

Sushi restaurants often have the custom of keeping all the food prep right out front behind the sushi bar. So you can sit there and watch everything. Kind of like Benihaha type places (also Japanese, usually, or Mongolian BBQs) where they cut, prep and cook everything in front of you.

Basically ANY restaurant where ALL the food prep is done out in the open, completely, and where the staff is fine with answering questions and will let you have a look at any less visible areas of the place, AND whose bathrooms are spotless, is one I'll consider eating at. I have to be able to see the food from right when it's removed from fridge or freezer, unwrapped, rinsed and/or scrubbed, and prepped, to the cooking process, to my table.

That applies to any ethnicity. American diner food can be absolutely disgusting, too. Pay attention to inspection ratings also.

True. Which can be dreadful, but they are usually better than chinks when it comes to cleanliness.

A lot of "foreign" food is easier to cook than traditional European recipes. French food in particular can be quite difficult, if you're aiming for gourmet status.

But Mexican food, for example, is easy. I make it all the time. There are tons of great cookbooks and generally speaking, the spices and ingredients are easily obtained. Middle Eastern recipes are a little harder, in terms of the spice mixes and stuff. But you can get almost anything online. Plus, you can alter recipes to suit your own tastes more than anything you'll get in a restaurant. I personally don't even like cooking, but I do it, because
1. it's a great hospitality/family thing, cooking for someone is a super nice thing to to
2. it's the only way to insure that you eat healthy food/ingredients
3. it's the only way to efficiently watch your weight and nutrition

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Of course not. I'm white.

Stay classy, Britain

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be in usa
be in south
notice chinese restaurant in every food lion/grocery store strip mall.
be chatty w produce mgr, says chinese buy meat and veg on last day of expiration and dumpster dive, no trash can locks in some states.
Be in swarma restaurant, see bowl of soapy water on sink.
Be in mexican restaurant see small trashcan in stall full of sh#t paper.
health inspectors are told to ignore...

really quality Indian food can be great, but again it's best made at home. I'm neither vegan nor vegetarian, but a while ago I needed to deal with metabolic syndrome onset--partly genetic, partly the consequence of pushing 35 and working a sedentary job. So I went vegetarian (and occasionally vegan) for a few months, lost tons of weight, fixed my cholesterol levels without drugs etc. I discovered that Indian cuisine has a ton of great vegetarian recipes. Really helped with the boredom.

Rat hepatitis e found in human in Hong Kong

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Is this like the George Carlin theory, you know, "we swam in raw sewage when we were kids, and now we have superhuman immune syndromes!"

Indian is the only cuisine in the world that makes vegetarian taste good

agreed, though their love for weird organ meats can be a bit questionable

>widely acceptable and known that shitskins hate the indigenous people and want to exterminate them
>widely known and demonstrable that shitskin immigrants live in squalor, detritus, and filth
>widely known and quantifiable that shitskin immigrants grew up without sanitation, toilets, toilet paper, disinfectants

Yeah, eat their food. Yeah, sounds perfectly sensical! The street-shitting, 70IQ, islamist shitskins that hate you and want to behead you in a daily basis are obviously amazing cooks and care about hygiene!

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Sometimes chinese or japanese. It's run by chinks anyway, finding a jap here working and not on vacation is like looking for an unicorn. One time I had salmonella, but I like raw food too much, so I still go sometimes, but I am much more selective about restaurants, and I always keep the check in case I need to sue someone

Islamist, Hindu, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Buddhist...
All the same to me. Avoid.

They literally serve you human feet.

>feces in your food
how did you even find that there was fecal matter in your fucking food, and did you eat there before holy shit how fucking disgusting.

they even shit into the streets if they live in a country with normal sanitation?

I agree with all three points. I don't really care as much what cuisine it is, as long as you're not - as a white person - stuffing shit-tier processed food down your gut or the gut of your children or actively and willingly throwing money at foreigners (who offer these things at prices far above what it's worth)

And greek also. I like greek and lebanese food. I stopped rating kebabs long ago, that stuff is for the human filth, druggos and sandniggers. I choose pitas anytime, if only because they use gloves to wrap up the near and not their disgusting bare hands

not surprised a burger flipper would also be a literal caricature of the shart in mart meme. this is why you work with fastfood while I work TRADES, and eat steak,pork, and chicken every night user. not even mad, or going to give you shit for doing it. I don't eat fastfood unless I can see the person making the food.

I eat fish mostly. And thanks, but I can tell apart human flesh from a sashimi cut

I don’t give money to any non white businesses if I can help it.

Lebanese are sandniggers user
You are funding parasites in Europe
I also doubt they clean their hands

Same. Good lad.

answer my fucking question how did you know there was poopoo in your food user


who the fuck spells ''shit'' that way? are you part French? Did you recognise your species? Tell us the wohle story, I'm curious :^)

As for the question, yeah sure. Japanese and Muslims are neat freaks actually, say about muslims what you will but they are mandated by the Quran to bathe for everything. No, countries at war don't count. priorities and all.

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Degenerate subhuman nigger

Australians spell it faeces. British spell it faeces. You are a subhuman haemorrhoid.

how aboujt lawsuits for endangering the public health? such crime is no small feat and can get you half a decade in the big house, and American big houses are about slavery and profit. Not Rehab!

Yeah and I got a multimillion inheritance waiting, seethe harder jobcucks.

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how about a stroll around the block? we will still be here, probably. You seem upset.

>Yeah and I got a multimillion inheritance waiting
You make it seem like I'm not in similar standing faggot. Does it bother you that I also have money coming my way, and skills? It should.

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I don't eat out anymore. Too many videos of people shooting snot rockets into soup and wiping their ass with bread.

>worst thing is you get fired
no the worst thing is you go to prison

>working when you don't have to

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How about Open kitchens? The local Sushi and Turk got those here. doesn't that add an extra layer of trust on your side?

>he didn't get gud at fun jobs
Bartending is legit fun, and I have a plethora of skills from plumbing that allows me to fix my own shit. Stop being lazy, and get off your ass, and do something besides playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Tampering with food is actually illegal, at least here in canada, and you can end up with jail time.

jesus christ, what the hell do you see me as?

Creating stuff is fun, yeah, woodworking, but I do that as hobby as the money there is trash. Best to use welfare and when dad croaks milk some rental property. The problem with my hobby is getting free logs, I have to poach (I know which trees are needed for the enviroment and which are pests) to get it. You can get arrested for removing invasive American trees here... yarly. Black Locust is the absolute king AND is a pest. Poplar is absolute garbage for example. American Oak is good too.

What the fuck, don't diss stalker you fucking faggot or I'll find you and steal all the sesame from your burger buns dipshit

I hope the black locust keep you up at night with their invasive chirping. Your laws do sound fucking stupid though.

you stupid fuck Ivan

That the white lord i'm vegan and don't have to worry about shitskins giving me the squits.

It's funny because nearly all the people that migrate there eat from those places.

They're shitting on their own fellow muds.

This. Japs are usually clean. Chinks on the otherhand are unironically dirtier than nogs.

Depend, arabs and turks only interested in quick money and family, so they serve you industry shit.

We have in the neighbor town a mexican restaurant but with a turkish owner and kitchen staff. Thats is a big red flag like any restaurants who larp as other culture around.