Well, Jow Forums?

Well, Jow Forums?

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Let me translate speak liberal
>Should we fuck over the entire Midwest untill they secede from the US?

Let me translate speak liberal also
>Should we provoke the normies into hanging us all?

I don't think we should save the planet.

Yes to both, let’s just get it over and done with.

Same, fuck this gay earth

Let me also also also speak the liberal giberal
>good thing people arent made of meat or else we'd have to genocide everyone in order to comply with the law

I'm confused. A bunch of onions munching estrogen fueled flab blobs that don't know one end of a rifle from the other want to force us to stop eating meat? How is that going to work?

>Not speaking or recognizing veganese
It obviously says we should legitimize their eating disorders by forcing the world onto their diet.

I dont really understand why we just cant go back to having a 1950's lifestyle.

Everything was pretty chill then. Sure, maybe things were relatively more expensive cos there wasn't cheap Chinese copies everywhere. But I think we would all agree that being a bit more economical in our spending habits would be worth it.

No, the guardian should be banned

See so many options just fuck my shit up frenpai.

I believe the answer to your question is either three letters or seven letters

Save it for what?

The Guardian are the same cunts that have been pushing Greta. Take their faggotry with a grain of salt, they have no influence here where beef and pork are kings.

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Because commmunism is no longer a viable threat in the West so the elites no longer feel the pressure to share their wealth with the plebs.

I honestly think it's about time we took responsibility for our planet and all became vegan. There are no good arguments against it.

Jow Forums has no viable refutation of this. Greta wins again.

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Kek this

Yey its just what i wanted! A slide thread

Ban Smartphones world-wide and I will devote a few brain cells to CONSIDERING giving up half of my meat intake. Only half, mind you, which I'll replace with fish and plant proteins.

The refining processes for metals and plastics used in Smartphones is more damaging --and almost permanently-- to the environment than all of the meat-eating in the entire world.

I just ate and now I am hungry again. Thanks user. You motherfucker. >:(

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that damn webm
it always makes me hungry

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Give me a solid explanation as to how banning meat will be the best choice of things to ban, and we can discuss things.

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Yes, especially the meat that's still walking around. Predominantly of the black variety.