Im about to an hero plz give white pills

im about to an hero plz give white pills

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He went to Argentina, possibly Brazil or Chile.

not a white pill

The Crisis will come within the next 10 years. Stay alive and prepare for it, because it is absolutely inevitable. Most likely it will happen in 2025 (because of the 2024 election, regardless of which way things go).

We are on the cusp of the adventure of our generation. Yeah, you'll probably die, but so what? At least die doing something awesome.

Watch this if you are feeling blackpilled.
And always remember that this is not a hopeless situation the struggle continues.

We've been through worse and survived

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do it fagget

Also, not really a white pill, but don't spend your life meaninglessly. If you must an hero, BE A HERO.

Half Life 3 could be announced just after your death, I wouldn't risk it

I dunno what to tell you. Trump doesn't seem to be getting rid of brown people like he promised. So there is no political solution. If you're brown then I don't care what you do as long as you leave America.

Imagine being insane enough to believe anything will ever change.

Don't be so selfish. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Everyone will know in March. For kicks, if I "wanted" to write an essay for a University, how would I possibly "prove" he shot himself?

That's von Braun's brother in the jpeg and check out the life of Pius here. Wuh oh.

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Fuck that shit. There is no guarantee that we will win but we will have the best view in the house.

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Live stream fag

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What fo u have to live fot

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Yet same shit
Japs know its down hill

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you never finished anything in your fucking life

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>an heroing while we are having so many happenings
god u are stupid

One life honor it

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Gaben is that you?

Dont do it fren

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He will from up there

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Kike, we see you.

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advances in AI will make chobits real and we will all finally be freed from our roastie oppressors

After the "defeat" of the german Führer, Adolf Hitler, in the second world war, a war that was even greater than that of the Mahabharatha, in which the Avatar lost but won, the dominion of the jew has reached its zenith. Although, it has began to decline, without being widely noticed by himself nor the "white traitors". Before they believe it, they will be destroyed by themselves. Their ending will be propitiated by their crimes, their pride and their terrible mistakes. And the power of the Avatar, whose manifestation will increasingly become visible. Because the Avatar has struck the Universe and his Myth has been ablaze, in such a way that today the children are born hitlerists, even in Russia, and no one knows why. Everything that the jews will do in order to make the world forget about Adolf Hitler and his comrade Rudolf Hess, the Prisoner of the Myth, by inventing morbid tales in order to destroy them, won´t have the desired effect, even if they use suggestion and mass hypnotism. Hitlerism will triumph. Its return is inevitable. It will impose itself, supported by the same that the jews do to fight against it. Jehovah and his Golem will destroy each other, in their automatized Universe, along with the society of ants, that they propitiate. It will be the end of the Kaliyuga.

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"just so long my children, as free men and women can find eachother, and live happy full lives, and propagate after this horrid war, I will be content."

Itll be harder an wed be older

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of course everything is downhill with that kind of attitude

The Jews smuggled him out there and congratulated him on a job well done when he arrived.

This. I dont see any pics
Or hes just a low t drama queen cuz only his mom raised him

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Next level shit

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what's it like in real life? AKA Merkel overdrive, this shit is unprecedented and unpredictable, your worst estimations are a fucking pipe dream compared to the real numbers of nigger hordes about to be unleashed on what we will soon call Nowhitemansland, or "Europe" in the old tongue.

Jewnited states i see u
Whats the faggotry that youfe inventing to push on to the world

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HL3 symbol was datamined from a steam update recently, so it's literally going to be announced the day after OP an heros.

Dude dont do it, life has its ups and downs. If its a gf u want start going to bars, go at 8 and leave by 12 those are the decent women depending on the bar. If its a job swallow ur pride and make dat money man, its always easier to find a job when u have one. And if its school go find some more resolve and try again. Anything else simply does not carry the gravity and even these three dont either.

Not amymore

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If you an hero now, you will miss the greatest thing you will ever may witness. You will miss out on the biggest party. The party is when the Lion wakes up and tears all the other animals in the jungle.

Ya change will happen by autists on a cartoon board by guys that struggle to talk to women.
Be realistic.
The gays couldnt be stopped. Nothing gets done here.
Thats the world trend just accept it

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Sounds like an hero sooner is the solution .die happy

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Based. Evropa will rise again. 1488.

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please don't fren, we're all in this together. Watch Hitler speeches, they have saved my life numerous times

its not that its the existence of niggers plz make them go...

Genocide is a viable solution.

black people make me want to kill myself

Things have changed over the last 100 years, and the 1000 before that. A whitepill for OP is that things have arguably changed for the better.

die kike.

Ignore this faggot, OP.

I needed this. Thanks user.

Don't be such a defeatist.

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