Pushy climate activists get called Hitler Youth and get offended


is this the way to counter climate activists?
why dont they care about real environmental issues like overfishing?

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seems someone else had the idea first and it's super effective

>hitler killed thousands of jews
Oy vey


here is the prelude from the day earlier

this actually happened a decade ago

oh how people forget about the whole Al Gore bs.

zoomers will lap up the climate propaganda and theres 2.2 billion of them, gotta change that before they can vote

*drops mic*


why does 'hitler youth' trigger people so much?

*based Nigel fucks roasties and kills nigger*
Entirely based


>6:10 "I'm really offended by that. Most of my handlers are Jewish. I might be a shape-shifting reptile myself!"

Lmao that soi Jew was unimpressive as fuck. Nigel’s gotta storm the office building if he’s gonna make headway

I have a new hero.

he's a great man

They have no shame. Their arrogant, pushy female's arguments fails and literally out of the ether the Jew handler materializes, and it's all about the lolocost and him and his evil tribe and no thought given to those damn White Goyim, according to their own historical myths, who gave him life by making the mistake, imo, of saving his grand-parents from the Gas.


watch the blackfellahs face as soon as basedboomer mentions says "for 9 of those 10 years " he realizes he has been conned

Based, looks like his brain has expanded so much its pushing his eyes out.



>If what you're saying is true, we should be seeing a scientific consensus...

Fucking hell I hate these people.

its his advanced liar spotting system

Last 20 years that I’ve been alive? It’s a settled science
You just know they don’t actually read publications

You ridin the glass harley mate?

No just weed and caffeine

>Climate change activists are the real Nazis

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>10 fucking years ago

Yikes, Jow Forums sure needs a happening soon.

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Yeah look at how they’re forcing diversity onto us and preventing free speech, they’re nigger nazis

10 years ago, ecofascists weren't so vocal and hysterical, you could say he is a prophet of our time.

that's an insult to the Hitler Youth.

all these damn jews that 'escaped' the nazis ffs, really makes one almost hate the nazis

Hitler youth didn't do any damage to the poor though

Aren't the climate activist pawns of the globohomos?

>Then he called our Jewish Communications Director
>Jewish Communications Director
Of course the kikes are behind this climate change bullshit

Hitler believed us Muttoids to be inferior. I don’t agree

still relevant
they have to be stopped every 10 years


Lord Christopher Monckton explains why we shouldn't fear climate change

What i meant was so little is happening that we need to discuss a 10 year old video.
Which is why we need a happening to shitpost about.

nothing is happening?! you sent a little gremlin to america to brainwash another generation of useful idiots

>Great Thunberg
>H A B B E N I N G

Nah, i mean something really exciting.

she is a weird, fascinnating phenomenon, user. That speech yesterday. and most people actually think she's just normal and right. really seems like an end of days happening.

Monkton is absolutely wrong. They are far more like Chinese Red Guards than Hitler Youth.

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Also, he needs to take his thyroid meds.

funny how they take offense to being called nazi’s

>why dont they care about real environmental issues like overfishing
They only care about CO2 becuase that's arguably the only pollution rich and white countries are producing through industry. We have laws against overfishing, laws about waste, laws for recycling and tons of other shit.
Shitholes like China, Pakistan and Inda doesn't but because the west has industry their fault

It's just another thing they're trying to pin on the white man

laws do not matter when they don't work or when people break them

what should be done to stop overfishing?



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>what should be done to stop overfishing?
shoot them

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>muh kids, dont liken them to Nazis!!! WTF is wrong with you??????? Shes only 16 you faggot!

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did you see it before?

Bonus points for maximum keking:
After a while calling them nazis and them denying it, say they are actually right because Hitler youths were way better well behaved and reasonable.

>the Jew handler
Whew commie. Maybe it's time to do some self analysis.

heil greta.


>not wanting to go extinct is literally hitler

I think a better way is to say.

>no thanks im an athiest.

Then when they ask what do you mean you say you dont believe in indulgences (carbon credits) or the tribulation (all dead in 7 years) you dont follow false prophets (thurnberg) and you dont believe in original sin (humans are inherently evil for polluting)

Then tell her you dont want to join her cult

You can tell that mouth breathing nigger has a room temperature IQ and just wants white women. I'm sure his niggardly ass is on some scholarship too.

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Climate enthusiasts should kill themselves to stop their carbon footprint from continuing.

unfair, he was actually listening and pondering what was said, unlike the others


That guy’s eyeballs are distracting

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Also, refer to them as warmists. It enrages them

I would not even be offended. Own the label, whatever it is, absorb it like a black hole. These people are all spineless cunts


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>is this the way to counter climate activists?
*sigh* Yes, it is, unfortunately.
Please forgive us, Senpai.
>Judge a man's character by how he treats his fellow creatures.

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