Would women get any political power if men didn't feel sorry for them?


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would women get any political power if they didn't exist or were wild animals?

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They have sex as their main political advantage. If the sexbots get good enough, its over for them

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If men held all the power back when this country was founded, then men must also be responsible for womens rights. Same with niggers.
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You should be ashamed of yourself for you ridiculous and baseless blanket assertions

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>Would women get any political power if men didn't feel sorry for them?

Some women would for respectable reasons, because some women would actually deserve it because they have had to actually face adversity and therefore have actually developed real character and intelligence, unlike most females.

You mustn't lump all people of a given demographic together -- because while there are definitely population averages, there are always deviants of the norm who are deviant in the more positive direction.

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You know you're not allowed to post racism outside of /b/, right?

This really triggers my inner Coomer.

Only way women get political power is when spineless men give it to them

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Men are no better then, if it just comes down to feelings.

Basically, this. Women make men feel sorry for them. Then men give away their power.

Female manipulation.

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This girl is 14

Political power stems from your capacity to do violence. Every study in the history of the science indicates that men are more violent, therefore, men have more political power. Women rarely obtain power thru shows of force, instead they gain it by manipulating men into using their violence for the women's gain.

Of course they would. Sometimes it happens because they stand their ground and the men involved risk being humiliated.

political power is the one of the only powers they've ever had user.

stop fetishizing children, i.n.c.e.l.

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Looks Australian.

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