Yeah, new report says self-discipline and willpower has nothing to do with obesity

I mean, come on, we all knew that. You could have an extremely self-disciplined person who would just eat an exact amount of max 2600 kcal and do lots and lots of sport... and he would balloon to 350kg within a year! It’s just completely random, a disease anyone could catch.

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Get off the internet Muhammad

Having been dragged through the rigmarole of therapy from childhood into my teenage years, I can categorically say that psychologists are the last people anybody should listen to.

Their industry is predicated on getting people, or the government to pay you indefinitely for pretending to mitigate your personal neuroses.

Bullshit. You are fat because of the way you eat.

Here is your fcking link, Burger. Happy now?

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true, i knew a fat guy that worked 16-18 hours everyday

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What's the spin here, has anyone read the study?
Did they redefine willingness to reject a milkshake and forcing yourself to drink a kale smoothie instead?

Never believed in psychologists. They seem like the snake oil salesmen of the 20th/21st century

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I started to get fat, but my will told me to put the fucking cookies down.
Not that hard.

Well if eating the same amount as what a skinny person eats make you fat because of genetics you should eat less than what a skinny person eats. You can't get fat off eating nothing unless you have some kind of perpetual fat making machine.

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“The people who are most likely to be an unhealthy weight are those who have a high genetic risk of developing obesity and whose lives are also shaped by work, school and social environments that promote overeating and inactivity," it says.
"People who live in deprived areas often experience high levels of stress, including major life challenges and trauma, often their neighbourhoods offer few opportunities and incentives for physical activity and options for accessing affordable healthy food are limited."

Ok so we won't blame them for being fat. They're still fat. It'll still probably send them to an early grave and degrade their whole lifespan. How does our opinion of them change those facts?

Didn’t ya read? The PoVERTY is to blame. We got to change da POVERTY, redistribution of wealth, mate, we need to do it more.

All the addictive food stuffs in today's processed items, such as glucose and caffeine, doesn't help at all. Yeah it has to do with willpower, but it's like getting surprised someone who starts taking a drug suddenly can't consuming more of it. Honestly, it should be illegal to have anything but cane sugar in food - no glucose, no aspartme, no hfcs - and have a certain caffeine by volume; say, 1 - 3% max. That would require a license to consume same as alcohol as well.

Maybe it is. What about all the fatties who are going to die before we can change that though?

Yeah, not believing that bullshit.

you didnt even read the article you retarded sheep

HEADLINES! REACTING! you are incapable of thinking beyond your own biases

having shit willpower means you are prone to over consumption and other negative habits, as in if you had more will power you wouldn't constantly crave needless sensory pleasure. you did NOT read the article, you reacted to a headline

you people are so fucking stupid lmao

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I can't talk about my weight loss with anyone but my mom anymore because everyone goes full retard on me with fat logic.

psychologists' opinions don't matter

>Woke up this morning, look at phone to see time, dumb enough to google news.
>See This
>Go back to sleep and dream of a world that isn't retarded

Cane sugar is basically just as addicting and bad for you as high fructose corn syrup, the difference is marginal

As far as artificial 0 calorie sweeteners, idk what the health risks are but I find them disgusting and pointless anyway, easier to just eat and drink unsweetened things.

Have the opposite problem. Since getting a Juul I often forget to eat. Rapidly becoming a little faggot

I mean they're kind of right. The foods americans eat are full of high-fructose corn syrup, basedbean oil, wheat, corn, and other highly inflammatory substances

>It's another one of these (((professionals))) undermining common sense


>Cane sugar is basically just as addicting and bad for you as high fructose corn syrup, the difference is marginal
It literally isn't though. Cane sugar is quiet literally "dirty sugar" and isn't concentrated like 100% glucose is (that is what's used in processed foods). HFCS on the other hand is oil from pressed corn; that's neither natural nor particularly safe to consume - and in fact, only exists because of excess corn crops from farmers, same as how deodorants and body sprays were originally came about due to excess industrial runoff that corporations had sitting around and had no idea how to get rid off. Now should you start eating spoonfulls of cane sugar as a food source, of course not, but the amount that are used in more organic products makes any worries about it being as harmful as what's used in human feed is negligible.

>often their neighbourhoods offer few opportunities and incentives for physical activity

I have seen many of the typical overweight US burger living and working in the countryside and still fat as only a burger can.

for example the machinist "Abom79" he's one of the best on jewtube , he does a lot of manual labor and he lives in a suburb but hes just the typical fat burger.

It’s funny how ripped I am considering I only practice sports everyday...

This can actually be true. The way you think of will power is one way, but it's actually two seperate things. There are people who have no problem doing things and there are people who have no problem not doing things. For example, you tell me to do something, good fucking luck... I'll probably never get around to do it. But tell me not to do something? no fucking problem. So you could have will power to do things, just no ability to stop your self when the goal is not doing something.

Article written by a fat landwhale feminist

Fat people suck

>obesity is leading issue in western health
>(((psychologists))) try to define it as a mental health issue so they get more business telling fat people they're fine
>writing prescriptions for gateaux

Its not that hard to lose weight you fat fucks. Just stop shoving food into your mouth. Is it that hard?

Or you could be competent and get it right the first time

Psychologists are pseudoscientific to begin with so their opinions should always be taken with a grain of salt, but there's a truth to the fact that environmental factors cannot be removed from any equation.
When the majority of available food contains highs level of sugar, sodium, HFC, onions is an rediculously common filler (regardless of the testosterone scare, it's really bad for your digestion and turns into insulin very easily), it's no wonder that average people living in modern nations of any race are far more predisposed to obesity.

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on pure technical level people get fat, because every type they can buy is pumped with sugar of some sort, and when you eat 4000 calories per day, you better work like a miner or steel worker. But they work at office or some other place with zero movment, and to makes matters worse they think if they go to the gym and work out for 30 min, everything is going to be okey. And it is for that 9% of population that burn through food like crazy and never get fat.

how could you say such a thing Chaim

“And stress caused by fat shaming - being made to feel bad about one's weight - by public health campaigns, GPs, nurses and policymakers, often leads to increased eating and more weight gain.”


you know what is funny, every civilisation that based its food supply on cron production sooner or later went crazy and died out. Olmecs, Zapotec, Pueblo Culture, Purepech and Mayans. All went insane and all ate mostly cron products. And you know what is the most "fun" part about corn. Mamels can't really it and not get sick. We have to pump animals with antibiotics or perform surgeries, so they don't die from corn feed.

>hit em with the ol cron and pron, moishe

the thing is that what the article says is actually partially right. Stress can promote overeating as a way to calm yourself down. The thing is, it probably would not be such a problem if people were overeating natural, whole foods as opposed to processed garbage.

fat people are generally absolutely insufferable, because they are unwilling to change their habits. My lardass mother has been a sweet-tooth, a coffee drinker, a smoker and sedentary for most of her life. She will probably die guzzling fruit juices, "because it's healthy, m-muh vitamins". Some of these people cannot be fucking fixed.

Nobody should eat any of the "processed foods". And cane sugar isn't any good either. It's still inflammation promoting, teeth-rotting, insulin-spiking empty calories.

chances are, if you forget to eat, you do not need to eat. You sure as hell aren't gonna fucking starve to death that way.

oh, sod off, what you're doing is like saying "b-but see, morphine isn't so bad, because we have fentanyl now, which is way worse". Refined sugar isn't good for you. The main reason fruit isn't as bad is cause the absorbtion of the sugar from it is slowed down by the fiber.

cursed image

Well am not smart enough to judge that. But when you see a list of advanced, for their time, civilisations, all of them dead and they go over 10, and all of them go slowly insane with human sacrifice and then die out. Well then it is rather bogus when the one thing income they have is living in the same place and corn.

who fucking knows, maybe it is the corn bread that is making mexicans think that nailing human skins on the door of court house is a good way to live.

I really don't even the US, the moment you went from normal sugur to replacing everything with corn syrop, and then pumping it in to everything. You kind of a started doing those wierd things in your country. Again am not judging, for that am not smart enough, but it looks kind of a sad.

I mean just think about it. I live in a shit hole, huge emigration. Historicaly most went to the US(or at least tried). Now no one wants to go to the US. They go only if they get a non emigrant job or to visit your universtities for a degree.

archive it, pussy

Of course people do eat when they are hungry. Specially when it is culturaly ingrained in to them, that if your female+feel bad=eat 1kg of ice, followed by why am I getting fat.

Here we deal with stress by drinking(which by the way also makes you fat, but mostly because new generations drink vodka with cola or sugar heavy fruit juice.)

So is cultural. And asian will just fap/beat wife or work more to deal with stress.

Because he's eating like a pig.

Wrong, even if you were near poverty levels you could set up something akin to intermittent fasting and use the rest of your remaining willpower to do some sort of cardio on a regular basis, assuming you couldn't afford any thermogenics or performance enhancers as long as you stayed away from booze, lots of carbs, and refined sugars you'd never be overweight. Literally impossible to stay fat, as long as you have the right mindset your body is already in a calorie negative state every day you wake up in the morning. If you're fat it's because you're too comfortable, don't care, or are too lazy.

what I was trying to say is that for some people, cutting out the stressors can help. Probably due to the whole rest&digest response. A lot of these issues do stem from culture, I can agree with that, though. If people around you are eating till they get fat, you're gonna be more likely to get fat cause it's "normal".

Or in your area food consists of lard, potatoes, marinated cabbage, onions, vodka, shrooms of different types, berries of different types, sodas , bread and sweet buns.

>fat only because too comfortable, uncaring or lazy
Don't forget the addiction component. Sugar's addictive. Also, agreeing about the whole low carb + fasting thing.

In summary.
>Willpower alone can't make you lose weight.
>A lot of factors go into weight gain
>Learned behavior like overeating
>Lifestyles that discourage activity
>economics - junk is cheaper than healthy
>psychological factors akin to addiction

That is possible, maybe when your rich or at least with a very balanced life(but those people aren't fat in the first place). Where I live to not be stressed by cutting out the stressful stuff, you would have to kill yourself. Life is grey and long, and full of shit, just like toilet paper, as local saying goes here.

>“The people who are most likely to be an unhealthy weight are those who have a high genetic risk of developing obesity
Imagine thinking every fat being has thyroid issues.

err, Pawel, the only bad thing about lard is that it is usually high in omega 6 fatty acids, literally the only. It's the carbs that generally fuck with your satiety signals and make you overeat. It's built in so that we'd pig out on fruit when we find it in the wild and get fat for winter. We didn;t evolve to have stores around us, though, so naturally we'd fast a lot of that gained fat off during winter. You can gain some weight if you eat a ton of fat but keep the carbs low, but, from personal experience, you will never gain as much fat as you would if you ate carbs.

If you stick to fresh greens, non-sweet fruits, and limit your carbs and wheat/bread intake to 1-3 times per week you will not be fat. Unless you live an absolutely sedentary lifestyle. Which for anyone would mean get out of the house, even if it's a few laps around the block. I've dealt with bad diet my whole life and it's taken 20+ years to find the solution. But honestly it was so simple I could have literally thought it up in my sleep. Fat is not bad for your body it tells your body it doesn't have to retain fat. As long as it's not processed or artificial, starches are complicated in that they act like carbs when your metabolism is low, alcohol slows the break down of fat and should be avoided, the most important fruits are those like black and raspberries that will help you accelerate metabolism instead of slow it down, avocados are amazing in this regard. Stay away from anything with more than 10g of carbs, it's probably artificially sweetened if it's on a label, if you're eating at an eatery then make sure you understand the ingredients. It's not hard.

I'm far from rich. I'm a fucking migrant from Latvia, for fucks sake. Half of my paycheck gets eaten up by rent, about a third of it goes for food (I try to eat as healthy as I can to not get fat again, as well as because health is top prio for me), so I am far from rich. Getting away from those shitty -20 degrees winters kinda helped with being less stressed, though.

Fuck off and die with your propaganda you disgusting fat ass whale
Reminder that people in the street view fat people as subhumans and no amount of propaganda will ever change that because you are subhuman like all fattys

We need to start spreading the meme that obesity is not a self inflicted condition but a contagious disease.

You need to remedy your situation by first making sure that all of your expenses never reach a 1/3 of your total income this may be hard at first and I understand your struggle but try to get as close as you can. Make sure you're saving for emergencies and a rainy day, ensure that you have a diversified investment structure, something that will make you money in the long run with low risk. Honestly the best thing you could do is make sure you eat 1-2 times a day separated by 20-18 hours, and maybe walk or traverse a few long distances without putting too much stress on your system. Remember healthy means that your body need what it wants but also responds as it's supposed to. You are the ruler, but make sure the mind doesn't shut out the body, it'll tell you what you need.

Which is a matter of willpower

I can agree with some things, but disagree with others. Generally, I would stay away from most processed foods. Fuck the wheat/bread and cereals. Gives me bloating anytime I eat that shit, is nutritionally deficient and provides no value, I'd rather eat fucking straight up butter for calories. Fruit's alright when it's in season and if you moderate it. We sure as fuck aren't meant to have it year-round imo. I generally eat tons of meat (including organ meats) and fat, no vegetables at all, and some fruit as dessert these days. Usually OMAD. I'm generally in favor of animal foods over plant foods. There seem to be way more drawbacks to plant foods than benefits. The only actual benefit to fruit I can think of is the pleasure you get from eating it. Nutrient wise all plant foods pale in comparison to animal foods, especially organ meats.

The headline is a complete non sequitur based on two statements the psychologists actually said.
>People who live in deprived areas often experience high levels of stress, including major life challenges and trauma, often their neighbourhoods offer few opportunities and incentives for physical activity and options for accessing affordable healthy food are limited
>You might have the best willpower in the world, but if you don't have access to the right food, the right environment, the best start in life... it will be tough.
You can't combine those two statements into "Obesity not caused by lack of willpower" without deliberately misrepresenting what was said. BBC gonna BBC, that is lie through their teeth in an ideologically motivated way while being funded by your public license fees.

YouTube commercials are pushing this nonsense.
“You’re not fat because of lack ofvwill power. Now go pay your doctor for an expensive subscription, surgery or therapy sessions.”.

Exercise be racist

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Post one overweight holocaust survivor circa 1945 who couldn't lose weight because of their thyroid or something.

Why is it so hard to just stop eating so much? Fast god dammit.

The 2000 calorie bullshit is just that, bullshit. You dont NEED to eat everyday. You dont need 2000 calories if you only burn 1000.

>Muh genetics

Fuck off. This adds 20-30lbs, max. Completely manageable, and able to turn into nice warm coating.

>Muh metabolism

Dont eat as much! Simple, right? Fucking hell. This is ridiculous. EVERYONE benefits from intermittent fasting. Women, men, niggers, beans, zips, whatever. Its how our bodies are designed to work. The whoke 3 squares a day deal is for factory workers and farmers who are slaving away all day. Burning 3000+ calories a day. Mass majority STRUGGLE to burn 1500.

>Muh fatness

Its all on you. No excuses. Stop looking for them. Fast. Get your body into ketosis. If it doesn't correct itself, guess what? Your defective and should be sterilized.

>your expenses never reach 1/3 of your total income
Literally impossible until I move out of London, which I'm thinking of doing next year, as I still have to take care of a few things before I can leave this city. My food budget is never going to be sacrificed. You are what you eat. I will keep picking quality animal foods when I can afford them. I could cut the costs down a bit by eating more organ meats and less muscle meat, would be healthier to do so, too.
IF is good, extended fasting even better, aye. I bike to work, so I get at least a bit of movement most days.

Fucking marketing tricks in everything. People just dont know they're being fooled, and refuse to see it. Even when presented all evidence.

Reminded me of Cole. You're right with what you say, though.

/fpbp thread

it's just that people rather pick the easier option than build discipline and willpower. Combine that with our natural predisposition to becoming addicted and an environment that actively exploits that mechanism, and you get trouble.

It's psychobabble. They're trying to redefine the causes of obesity for political reasons, and profit. The article blames poverty for obesity, because of "muh stress", instead of the real factors - which they do actually mention:
"Psychological experiences also play a big role, the report says, with up to half of adults attending specialist obesity services having experienced difficulties in childhood."
Just watching My 600 Lb Life shows you that people that size are mentally ill, or were abused.

Don't want fatties? STOP FUCKING KIDS.

And, it's the British Psychological Society, not actual nutritionists or biologists. So it's them trying to create new "issues' to pretend to treat, and prescribe happy pills for.

I love the "We just can't figure out why they're getting fat all of a sudden!" - have they correlated the rise of anti-depressants and ADHD drugs among young people?

>the right food
These retards need to check out Mark Haub's Twinkie diet. It's not about what, it's about how much

That's a whole lots of words to say "niggers".

why don't you just buy my books

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>it's not about what
not my experience, doc. I can easily gain weight the more carbs I add. Not to mention that the foods high in carbs are not exactly rich in vitamins and minerals.

>mfw when have an actual glandular problem and having another surgery to remove more parts and will have to take even more medication for life
> have no face

Yea what does matters, but intake is the true factor for loss or gain of weight. I lost 60lbs just by controlling my diet. I did also cut out sugar and carbs as much as possible just to make sure the calories I got were doing my body good.

But you can lose weight eating Oreos if you get the daily calorie count way down

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> you can lose weight eating oreos
Probably true, but I bet you already know that it's easier to do with cutting out carbs.

The only artificial sweetener that seems to have the least impact is stevia, but the problem is most stevia products are blends, which add in shit that's not good for you. And, most of it's coming out of China, so who knows what's really in it.
Just get off the sugar tit. Same for salt. learn what food really tastes like.

The headline is fully consistent with the report. You're taking the quotes from people they interviewed and acting like those are what the articles on, when those are only supplementary to the report. First fucking paragraph:
>the British Psychological Society report, which concludes it "is not simply down to an individual's lack of willpower".
And what the fuck do you think this is saying?
>>You might have the best willpower in the world, but if you don't have access to the right food, the right environment, the best start in life... it will be tough.

The report is ridiculous and political: they don't deny that following correct eating habits will prevent obesity in the majority of cases. They don't deny that changes in behavior have caused the increase in obesity.

Psychology is pseudoscience. Like other "soft sciences", it's mostly just leftist politics. What are they saying here? Typical leftist narrative: disgusting people with disgusting problems are victims of society, dey need more money for dem programs. It's not that having poor self-control and bad decisionmaking makes you both poor and fat, it's that being poor makes you fat.

Yea bread and sugar don't satisfy you. So it's like hard mode. if you were to eat white bread exclusively you would be hungry constantly.

A typical running club has a group of landwhales and each and every one of them will say "I've never felt better, never thought I'd be committed to something like I am to this" (before they get injured and lose the willpower). The people at the gym, the most committed are often former obese cunts who have sworn to themselves never to go back. Psychologists are nothing more than a media meme to reassure facebook users

I've never seen anyone claim their psychologist fixed their life.

Monkfruit sweetener is bad ass

This is more social engineering. An obstacle that can be overcome. I blame my parents for getting me addicted to fast food. But it became my responsibility to fix it. Sure, ill agree there are outside forces or whatever, influencing behaviors. However, it is still the user's responsibility to see through this shit.

Ive known plenty of poor, rough lives, struggling through existence, but arent fat.

Poor people who are fat as fuck, are poor because theyre fat.

>your not weak willed, its everyone else fault (possbile trump and brexit)
das rite

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Cane sugar isn't refined sugar you moron.

>But you can lose weight eating Oreos if you get the daily calorie count way down
Maybe, if you're not a fatty with a fucked body. Once you get to a certain size, your insulin resistance kicks in, and everything you eat is basically stored as fat immediately, which then makes the fatty even more hungry, because the "satiated" signal isn't sent to the brain. Oreos have some nutrition, but these days they're loaded with fructose, they don't even use lard for the filling now, it's basically fructose syrup and filler. So they're nice effective bombs on your blood sugar, which promotes diabetes and a host of other health issues. Even a skinny person who's in shape will start getting fucked up off eating nothing but sugar cookies after a while. It's not just calories, it's what effect the cookies have on you. Our bodies are complex chemical factories, and throwing that much sugar and trans fats into it every day is just a bad idea, nutritionally. CICO is real, but what the calories are from do matter. 1200 calories from fresh vegetables and lean protein will have a profoundly different impact on the body than 1200 calories from cookies or chocolate.

there is a sort of snowball effect with diet, the better you eat for longer, the easier it is to eat clean. i bet fatties need sugary blood 24/7 just to not feel like a zombie. i kinda agree with article

Neck yourself.

It has to do with what you’re physically doing too though

Someone eating 2000 calories while sitting around all day will get fat but someone doing hard physical labor all day may genuinely need to eat that much and won’t get fat

Yes, it is, retard. Refined sugar or white table sugar is brown sugar that's been processed to remove the molasses. What, you think they cut open a stalk of cane sugar, and powdered sugar pours out?

Who does REiki? Crystals? Meditate to keep your MAGA straight

Yeah it's true.
It's a hormonal response to stress.
Most Westerners eat the exact same pos diet. Some get fucking gross and fat. Others stay within normal weight.

Yeah. I remember seeing some youtuber eat 4000kcals worth of clean food a day and he gained weight.

When your stressed, and can't think straight which two crystals (towers or sixpoints or even tumbled) do you grab for meditation?

I have a VAAAST ARRAY of stones.

But which would YOU pick for stress?