EU collapse accelerating

>EU like stooges are in the process of inviting more dindu nuffins and forcing redistribution to previously uncolonised parts of the EU
>German economy tanking faster than the Titanic and about to drag the entire Eurozone to hell
>Much of the economic collapse is blamed on EU anti-combustion engine green regulation
>Merkel about to introduce more Greta/Green style taxes on cars and exhausts to gibs me dat more for coons
>normies will openly blame the EU and Merkel for the collapse
I’m getting my popcorn ready to watch the entire shit show implode boys.

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What is their end game?

Any predictions of time?
I'm placing my bets on end of October.

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Is he okay?

>>German economy tanking faster
their national debt is constantly shrinking so it's frustrating when country that fails as much as germany 'justifies' it's fuckups by profits (even though they get profit by mooching from other countries through €uro, not from their own work)

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did he died?

Best solution to the problem. If you can, profit from it too.
I'm hoping but wouldn't like to bet. Never rely on an Anglo.

>what is their end game?
genocide my fren

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economy will crash late 2020 / early 2021

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If prophecy is accurate then it should happen some time in Fall this year and hearing all about these economical problems all of a sudden seems to be strong indicator that it might be time.

>EU collapse accelerating
one can only hope
for some reason i'm not that optimistic

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>never rely on anglos
checked brother

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chek em

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>what’s their end game
They lost control and I think some are still hopeful they can salvage the project. Merkel’s shaking at the national anthem is making a lot of sense now. She is scared at what’s about to happen to all the EU stooges.
>any predictions this time
I think we will get an exponential acceleration that will move us from a state of 0-100 so quickly all our heads will be spinning. I don’t have a date, but I assume it will be at some event in the future where some powerful EU leaders lose power suddenly. One of the key things I’m watching for is Merkel’s permanent retirement, perhaps due to the panic/fear attacks that she gets. Her retreat should put the fear of god into the rest of the kike puppets. As the EU loses grip over information and money supply it will just accelerate like a Bugatti on a street covered in oil.
>Germany mooching of the Euro
Sadly that’s the doing of the leaders. However, thanks to this it’s a good enough reason for all non-German Europeans to want to see the Euro fail. Their greed and arrogance is our saving grace from the nigger hordes.
>If you can, profit from it too.
I have positioned myself about 3 years ago to profit from this and I already am. After this shitshow is over and if I live I will be one of the richest men left here. Can’t wait for all the German loli pussy, for marriage of course.
Yes, this is their goal, but it looks like we have a short window of opportunity to escape. If we don’t take it now we will never get another chance again.

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I blame the spamjannybot for making me remove a "c"

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got the wrong one i am very sorry the thumbnail fooled me

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What happens after that though. Say you go all the way to the end, all white people are gone, then what. The world would be a much more dangerous place, technological progress would be crippled. It doesn't make sense. Who benefits from this?

Yes, but the thing is, Mutt economy needs to collapse (S&P500, Dow, etc) for a global recession. Brexit may or may not be the cataclyst and Trump is too much of a pussy to start a war with Iran. Sooner or later it's going to pop even without a specific event if it's going to drag much longer.

Where do you get these? There was a thread looong ago about it but there was no source.

>normies will openly blame the EU and Merkel for the collapse
No they'll just blame it on racism and try to be even more diverse

One thing you are wrong about:
Europe will not collapse now. Not yet. We're at least one (but more likely 2) election cycles away from a collapse.
We might get a 1929 now.

If the EU collapses the USD will go through the roof

well too bad 90% of people want euro so they don't have to go to banks to change their money once a year for their holidays

EU won't collapse (now), it barely reached the bottom a couple of years ago. It is a lot more likely to go up than down now.

>Yes, this is their goal, but it looks like we have a short window of opportunity to escape. If we don’t take it now we will never get another chance again
day x my fren, very soon
>What happens after that though. Who benefits from this?
Jews. We Germanics are the descendants of the Amalek, the arch enemy of the jew. They want to establish a second Israel here:

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>hearing about the economic problems
Yes I am so surprised. Even the normies are talking about things like the big reset. I talked about this years ago and people called me crazy, but today even normies are aware of this concept and what it means.
Yes many talking heads on tv are also calling 2020 as the apocalypse date. Trump has started positioning himself so that the blame will land on the heads of the Fed. Problem is, he replaced a lot of the Fed kikes with good goys. Maybe the Jews are trying to avert blame for the economic collapse?
Kek, love the creativity of the anons

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wtf happened here? Do Germans realize the Vatican archive release is in March?

Also, USD has been ready to TANK HARD since the beginning of this fucking year. But again, Trump just doesn't want to go to war so he's basically just prolonging the inevitable. The longer this lasts, the faster it will tank later.

i have non unfortunately, just have the pics on my hdd
but a quick search shows some sites that sell them:

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>"this 5G fast af yo!"

>Yes I am so surprised. Even the normies are talking about things like the big reset. I talked about this years ago and people called me crazy, but today even normies are aware of this concept and what it means.
user i heard the phrase "Wir brauchen mal wieder 'nen Krieg" = "We need another war" since i can remember

is that a fetus in the upper right?

This is the answer, Jews are as retarded as they are cunning.
They don't care that the planet will go extinct, that the only functional societied will disappear for the next 10,000 years and they will starve to death, as long as there is nobody smarter than them :-)

I'd bet in time for Trump's re-election in November 2020, so they can be sure of its defeat.

It's not going to tank until there's a viable reserve currency alternative. The Euro isn't and neither are any of the BRICS meme currencies let alone some other shitcoin.

People here are starting to say we need to shoot immigrants, only in this past year has this been acceptable, and as zoomers who grew up around Morrocoons get older it will only get better.

Für alle Deutschen welche an Prophetien/Schauungen/Visionen Interesse finden:
>Der dritte Weltkrieg kommt!
>- Die Prophezeiungen der Maria S. -

>Prophezeiungen zum Dritten Weltkrieg

>Chronologie des III. Weltkrieges

Thanks fren

ugh, i think it is.

Being anti-EU is being anti-Europe. Reform, not abolition. All the retards who want to play medieval kings and have a patchwork of 200 european states at war with each other are exactly that - retards.

Precisely this. True freedom can only be found in obedience to the foreign policy goals of the German state.

There will be a lot of time to think about alternative when everything is in shit.
Also if there was an obvious alternative now, USA would fight a war with that country.

I agree, it's too early. And the EU at the moment is doubling down on everything, pushing for more 'reforms', more immigrants, more thoughts controls and censorship, and taking out all opponents by backroom deals, soft coups, and media/international pressure.
See the handling of Brexit, Salvini, Gilet Jaunes.

The point is that the problems are still there, and every time there's a vote they are at risk. So they'll try to stop or postpone all voting.

he made a full recovery

>2 election cycles with collapse date about 10 years away
I personally think events outside of the control of the EU will usher in the end in the next 5 years
>90% of people want Europe for holidays
I’m not so sure. It depends if the people get the right info, that is to say, if they know that the Euro is making them poorer.
>won’t collapse now, barely reached the bottom
Can you elaborate?
You mean normies have been calling for war ironically for years?

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>I’m getting my popcorn ready to watch the entire shit show implode boys.

Make sure you ask Opa where he buried the K98 before shit kicks off

Agree to this.
United Europe has no competitors. Divided Europeans are vassals to others

Inferior brown nation occupying lowest ranking in EU would like to get more gibs from federal goverment. Color me surprised.

>And the EU at the moment is doubling down on everything
That's why I'm happy when I see this shit in the news. It gives me joy because there will be a fucking happening.

They are actually so stupid that they don't want to boil the frog slowly. Or are they smart? Either way, war is upon us boys.

>Being anti-EU is being anti-Europe.
"om nom nom nom delicious boot"

>United Europe has no competitors
Except like America on its own
And like China on its own
They're definitely number 3 though, which is good because Eurocucks are cumbrains

>You mean normies have been calling for war ironically for years?
i'm saying that many normies (not the Berlin gender studis kind of course) know perfectly well that the people in this nation are too comfy to stand up
a state of apathy which can only be lifted again if people's lives are in danger

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Hard Brexit won’t help.

How did you position yourself?

t. divide&conquer vatnik

t. colonial shit

This is a general rule. Not only in Germany

>Can you elaborate?
Actually no, information like this is worth a lot of money and I'm not just giving it away.
Point is, you will just have to wait, it'll get a lot worse before it'll even start to get better.

Bulgar wants EU fed because theu are already mutts. Arrived from turkic steppe, muttified with dinarics and slavs. Muttified with turks. Ofcourse they wouldn't mind further muttifying of EU. Bulgarians, romanians, albanians, bosniaks are the niggers of europe. Discard their oppinions.

Mutts can't compete with European economy Chang.
And we don't have military because half of Europe is still occupied since WW2.

These psychopaths in our elite honestly don't care. At all. They'll be ruling forever over the ash of the old world, as far as they care they have won.

They would rather have 100% of nothing than 10% of something.
You really have to accept this and realize that not everybody is trying to go along to get along and be reasonable like you are being. They have all the money they could ever want? Who cares, now they want yours. Your house, your clothes, your bed, your soul, they want it all. They'll do it to whites, asians and everybody else.

There are twisted, evil people out there who look at 1984 as a good guide rather than a warning.

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I am no russian you half cigani filth. I don't want free movement of brown unwashed gibsmedat masses.

Based aussie

As long as there's no alternative people will buy US bonds and normies will stock up on USD for security, this drives the value up whatever else happens

You have no chance of reforming it. It was created by central bankers, hence Liberals are the major power and all right wing groups are kosher Conservatives. It is easy for you to preach how great it is as a net beneficiary. Why should Britain Germany and France pay for you? Why should our economies get flooded with cheap labour, stagnating our people's wage growth? The EU does nothing but benefit Boomers.

user, you are the albino unwashed gibsmedat masses. If there's any place in Europe I don't want talking shit to me, its Russia's swamp.

Expanding markets benefits producers. Economies of scale benefit consumers. Basically you can imagine why a bigger EU is better for literally everyone involved, if you gave it 2 minutes of thought. Which you will, in a decade, when it becomes hard to ignore.

fuck merkel and her eu kikes
we want our emperor back!

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Late 2020.

It was supposed to occur during this summer, in July, but things did not go as planned.
Anti-terrorism did their jobs in europe, more than 200 high-casualty events were stopped.
The jews are trying their best to instigate a big casualty event, but the police forces in europe are working double-time.
Saudi has been bleeding money, their IPO company failed, their IPO company's resurgence was foiled, and now 50% of their output has been crippled.
They are breeding money and they want to create a new crisis epicenter in europe to expedite their long-term plans, vassal europe.

The US and Russia have taken steps to reach energy autarchy and autonomy. Fracking, new pipelines, nuclear plants - both countries are taking sure steps into isolationism.

Europe is the only entity that is confused and flailing - the saudis want it - that translates into the saudis want europe a muslim continent.

The jews want it - that translates into a europe of barely cognizant, mongrelized debt slaves, the america project 2.0.

They've been stalling for a while now. The jews and their shabbos goyim have been bailing out insolvent banks for years now, they can't keep it up for much longer. The police is strained and they can't keep capturing islamist terrorists before they massacre people forever.
The people themselves are slowly realizing the end is nigh - the islamists are coming into their neighborhoods and they hardly see their own people anymore. The lower castes experience it the most.

It's a powderkeg.

>As long as there's no alternative
As long as there is trust in USA people will buy USD. Apparently there's trust in Trumps semi-wars he's fighting now. And that's not because he's winning, it's because he's (still) not losing them.
He will lose though, and that's because of one simple fact: he has too many fronts opened at the same time. Iran, China, EU, Japan, Korea, N Korea, Venezuela, ...

Ok larper

Wages have stagnated in Britain for the working class since allowing Eastern European workers in (so Boomers could get cheaper labour + stretch the property bubble). The EU has stated wage inflation is being kept down as if we want that ffs. I don't want to pay taxes to an empire that redistributes money to other European countries. Stand on your own feet.

Oh, fucking shut it. Markets this and that, all the kike rhetorics coming out of of tobacconigger. Kikes have acquired new golem.

There's a fucking fetus in the picture, what the fuck happened here


nerve gas

Wages have stagnated throughout all of Europe since China got a middle class, and Africa/India started producing shit. You are barking at the wrong tree. Or do you think the American wage stagnation is because of Bulgarian farmers too?

>Reform, not abolition

Hurr durr I know the Soviet Union's leadership has been corrupt and inept since it's formation, but we can reform it
Hurr durr I know the American Empire's leadership has been corrupt and inept for the past 100 years, but it can be reformed
Hurr durr I know the Austro-Hungarian Empire is incoherent and rife with ineptitude, but it can be reformed
Hurr durr I know Weimar Germany has been shit since it started, but we can reform it........

Literally all Bulgaria does is scam the EU out of money. I'm fine with that since its a sham to begin with. That being said the people that founded this thing have been hell bent on erasing the native Europeans from the outset.
You aren't going to "reform" any organization that has an unelected "council" that makes all the real decisions with a rubber stamp "parliament" that's there for show

The fit is also unnatural. If any measure of unity is to be achieved there should be a med union, a northern union, and a slav union. Military cooperation and defensive pacts a la NATO minus burgers and the roaches signed between the 3

Lovely thread.
But EU has alfeady collapsed friends.
1,0 dollar = 1,0 eur
Euro currency is just for winter paper firestarter.

If it rids us of the parasites from africa & asia then so be it.

This. So much this.

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>1,0 dollar = 1,0 eur
What are you talking about buddy?

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The second currency of the world is in FREEFALL but its not even mentioned in the news.
Think about it.

no mexicans in the low end and chinese and indians in the upper end

I see 1,0
THERE IS 1,00000000009 YIKESSS

Yeah, and Indians are absolutely totally and exclusively an american thing, and don't exist in England. Its those damned balkanites.


You can see the dead fetus on the corner

would electing far-right parties even help at this point, or is everything in Europe controlled by (((bureaucrats)))?

Come back when it's actually at 1,00000 to 1,00000 and not 1,00000 to 1,09907

>would electing far-right parties even help at this point
>voting ever did anything

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There is no frefall here economically illiterate dumbass. Pic related is a bullish wedge.
EUR/USD would have bottomed out months ago if those Anglocunts decided what they want and fucked off already.

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Far-right and any right are jews.
Every single of them!
Prove me wrong if you dare.

it is not reformable unity is important but we should find another way

national parliaments are almost non sovereign already, it doesn't matter
democracy is just a jewish meme
however, rallying around identitarian groups is never a bad thing for when the collapse hits

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Are you fucking kidding me. Dont be such a nigger the slovenian is right.
Your economy is tanking and there is nothing to do to save it. When you go. We go. and the boogaloo will commence.

People are waking up
1% growth per month on average
This is gonna be great

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There's not much trust in the US but there's no other option.