How can we get First World nations to act more like India?

How can we get First World nations to act more like India?

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By stopping to use toilets and shove our dead directly into the river nearby doe

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My fellow Jewish people need to open their borders and accept diversity.


Make more musicals where wealthy men fall in love with gals working as farm hands but who later turn out to be the long lost daughter of so other wealthy man.

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Funny how by keeping the insects out we kept a high standard of living, it wasn't very complicated.

>1.7 of itself
>earth exists right this very second being exactly 1.0 of itself

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Destroy all toilets.

>living like india
you mean living in piss and shit like sweatshop rats stacked on top of each other?

>We need 1.7 earths to live like the world

How the fuck are we alive then nigger?

Least u wont be hugless virgin

The fuck are they doing in Aus

India isn't a developed nation for the most part.

give it some time and that 0.6 will grow to me personally.

Eat the bugs, goy.

>Be India
>Hardly eat any problematic beef

>Be Australia
>Be country whose population is most gluttonous for meat

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They get to live in stacks? I know a lot of Americans who can't afford a stack and have to sleep behind the 7-11.


6,000 members on the Jow Forums server. I can't remember if I started that one or someone else did.

If I did it was an extreme Jow Forums joke. since Jow Forums has / had the perfect psychology for that one to work extremely well alone that is at least.

it's Jow Forums (joking / trolling / being dumb / fun / stupid) and/or etc.

I might of started that joke, but I can't recall who did or I used something from it that is.

It's like when you post the secret link on how to get on the server to that is.

private video that is. only certain people can see it.


Yeet your dead into the river and remove plumbing.

Dude, also this.

Where the fuck did this come from

I get it now the autistic actress said something about we can't constantly expect growth. so is she saying we will have our 1.7 earths shrink back down to 1.2 earths we had in the middle ages? but any fool knows that during the cambrium era we had atleast 2.3 earths.

would of made more sense if it was /b/, but that went down hill years ago or whatever. I can't recall on this one correctly alone to as well. /b/ has been down for like 5+ years if not longer. it just slowly started to turn into full sex / lust / porn type stuff if I'm remembering the correctly place correctly that is.

pretend he's singing about a server to as well.

like in this video with basshunter - anna boten - singing about a server / robot or whatever.

telling someone Jow Forums is a place to find information about stuff. infopol is what it's actually called.

can you tell me more about this video?

I need info on it.

but it's actually me writing it (obviously).

San Francisco is doing a fine job of emulating India. There isn't a street not covered in shit.

lmao. non-aussies BTFO. I have a 80 acre property i got for 100k (70k US) now im farmin and living the comfy life.

because they assume the worlds population balances it
what i don't get is how the fuck did they got india to that place, ffs they need like 3 more indias because they already fucked the one they're living now

if we weren't so poor, we'd be in first place there. We'd eat asado every day if we could

I don't know about that. Fact is that the Chinks will eventually try to overtake your country. So it's not all that comfy in the long run.

Speech by comrade Chi Haotian vice chairman December 2005

What is the US pacific fleet? When that is no longer we'll be armed to the teeth with fourth generation nukes faster than you can say Hindenburg.

>someone actually made this and thought it made sense

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It's just cause of how full we are

This lol why is every indian film like this? and don't forget *video where woman declines his advances but clearly swoons for the cock with a dramatic chorus*

It means 1.7 earths can handle how the whole world is currently operating

It is not taking into account the mining & exporting rare earth resources to places like china, Japan & America. Really that should be shared with those nations that use the resource.