IAMA Israeli Communist

>I’m a member of the Communist Party of Israel

>The CPI fights for an Israel that is politically and economically independent from the reliance on the United States and international corporations, and for the integration of Israel in the region.

>In both th e past and the present, the Communist Party of Israel swims against the tide national chauvinism among Jews and Arabs. We reject the ideological roots and the praxis of Zionism, which breed racist attitudes and undermines equality and democracy. We reject the positions of the Arab Reaction. Our position is class struggle and internationalism: we divide the world differently. For us, the meaningful division isn't between Jews and Arabs but between those who have an interest in maintaining the class system and between those whose interest is to change it. That is why we can truly offer a joint Jewish-Arabic politics, instead of politics for Jews and politics for Arabs.
We propose a joint path, based on a minimalist platform, for any who are willing to walk part of the path with us. That was the goal that led us in 1977 to form the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (D.F.P.E.-Hadash), which we see as an embodiment of true joint Jewish- Arabic politics that needs to be strengthened, developed and broadened. The CPI works for the establishment of a wide Jewish-Arabic left front, that could offer both of our People a convincing platform to overcome the current crisis and embark on the path of peace and equality. The CPI strives for wide cooperation with parties, forums and people holding different worldviews based on an agreed-upon platform.
The CPI wishes to be the political home of those striving for fundamental social change in Israel. On the path of change we want to walk together. This path is not an easy one, but it is the path towards a just future that we and our children deserve.

AMA, I will try my best to answer

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Come on, Jow Forums.
You have the chance to talk with an actual Jewish communist.

Why are kikes so shitty?

I'm not gonna ask anything I just came here to laugh derisively at you

Because most of us are zionists who want to dominate the region. Our party wants peace and to end the class discrimination between Jews and Arabs.

I don't care though. Abolish zionist influence in the US. Everything else you have to say is pointless and will not be heard.

lol why are there DSA logos?

anyway, do you really support Gantz or is it just some realpolitik stuff? honestly he seems more fucked up than other Benny, I mean he's a literal general

Capitalist. Communist. The only label you need is Jew. Whatever system you propose has Jews at the top and goyim at the bottom.

Ahem “The CPI fights for an Israel that is politically and economically independent from the reliance on the United States and international corporations”
Slander and untrue.

How can this work in the real world?
Arabs would just drive you out to the sea/outbreed you.
For reels, they hate your guts and no amount of class solidarity would change that, no?

Our party was originally founded in Palestine and when the state of Israel was founded in 1948, we changed our name.

So basically, the party doesn’t share the same history as Israel itself, and there are plenty of Palestinians in it.

why are you trying to destroy the country of the god's chosen people?

I admire your goal, and would support you a %100 if you add giving all Palestinians a right to vote and get a citizenship.
Campaign on changing the country’s name to something both Jews and Arabs would prefer, like the Jerusalem Union Republic. Does not have a racial connotation and both party’s have a significant place for Jerusalem in their culture. A new flag as well. The current flag is very racist, and in a communist utopia, race should not matter.
Try to establish a socialist state in Israel first. Focus internally.

>Giving all Palestinians a right to vote and a citizenship
Of course, that’s included in the plan in the thread under joint Jewish-Arab politics. I agree with everything else you said as well.

It's always da joos, even in Israel they scheme to subvert and destroy the state and the people

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We publish articles too, we’re one of the only Israeli groups that stands for the rights of Palestinians and condemn Zionism


why were you kikes kicked out of all countries in the world (except for india)?
why did you always come back?

We’re anti netanyahu

190 out of the 196 member-states of the UN have signed the international treaty to ban the development, manufacturing and use of chemical weapons. But the state of Israel remains one of the only countries which have yet to ratify this international treaty. According to documents of international human rights organizations, during the “Cast Led” military operation, Israel made use of White Phosphorus in Gaza- which is an illegal chemical weapon. Israel was the first country in the Middle East to develop nuclear weapons, and is one of only four countries in the world which never signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Israel also possesses arsenals of biological weapons.

Therefore, Israel’s government’s hypocrisy cries out to the sky: Netanyahu assumes that Israel has the right to arm itself with any kind of weapon of mass destruction, and refuse to sign international treaties, but other countries in the region – such as Syria and Iran – must be prevented from having these weapons or the ability to manufacture them. Netanyahu is a president of hypocrisy.

I look to the future, not the past. The future is an end to Zionism and an end to Jewish supremacy over the region.

Human rights maki.org.il/en/?tag=human-rights

Economy maki.org.il/en/?tag=economy

Solidarity maki.org.il/en/?tag=solidarity

Education maki.org.il/en/?tag=education

International Relations maki.org.il/en/?tag=cpi-international-relations

Keep asking questions, anons.

Islam and Communism is like oil and water. They will wipe eachother out.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,

Go back to russia

What's your endgame?

kill yourself

If the matter at hand is settled how will you to deal with the terrorists? Is it reasonable to coexist?

no, all forms of communism\socialism are degenerate and anti-human. socialists want poverty breadlines and an end to prosperity

leftists want to capture terrorists and force them to be their bulls and fuck their wives.

nobody on here gives a single fuck about your goddamn middle eastern country, you can have it. you can have jordan too, for that matters.
all we care about is throwing you out of the West once forever.

Thats actually based. Jews were the founders of communism, it only makes sense that israel be the first place to make it work properly, and independence from foreign funding is a good step also.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Just let them do it.

I hope zionists kick your ass. Communist cancer is the same everywhere

Based. Israel is in extreme need of diversity, enrichment and lots of Marxism. Good luck, OP.

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when a civil war breaks, you get the rope first.

why are you so racist? open your borders.

No, that’s what you wants to do. You want to persecute palestinians. You want to continue your warfare against Gaza. You want to blame them for a war you committed the most atrocities in. When a civil war happens, nobody will win because you Zionist pigs would blow the entire earth up before you lose.

Now, does anybody have any actual questions?

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it is true the atrocities are our fault. it is our fault we let the bolsheviks then in power to stop us from exchanging populations, which in the long run would have saved countless lives on both sides. we stuck with short sighted "morals" rather than planning for the future. of course, i don't expect the arabs to plan ahead (had they been clever enough for that, they would have agreed to the UN partition plan and attacked after stabilizing their own country) so yes, i agree its 100% our fault.

yes i have a question
kama hem kiblu ba bhirot?

>israel civil war
Thats might be the most retarded thing i have ever heared on Jow Forums

What can we do to help you? I think I can speak for Jow Forums when I say that we very much endorse your efforts.

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>You want to persecute palestinians. You want to continue your warfare against Gaza.
of course, they're evil terrorists that launch rockets at cities.
>When a civil war happens
all communists will be killed, because you're worse then arabs. atleast arabs are pro-their own people. you want poverty and starvation for your own people under left wing authoritarian dictatorship.

you moron nobody said anytime soon, also etzel vs hagana was close

>They’re evil terrorists that launch rockets at cities
I bet you’ve never stopped to ask why. Also, hamas and Palestinians are not the same thing.

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any pali who lets go of his national rights (can keep human rights) and pledges allegiance to the state of israel with its symbols and anthem is ok.
everyone else out.

Spread awareness to everyone on both the left and the right. The far right will support us because they are against the current Israeli government and Zionism. The left will support us for obvious reason.

dosnt matter why, they made their choice and they chose death.
they are the same thing, hamas are their elected representatives.

I certainly will. Where can we send shekels to assist in the communist overthrow of Tel Aviv?

socialism literally means the government stealing everyone's property and running the economy into the ground so everyone starves.

Do you support open borders for Israel?

tel aviv is already fucking communist.

Are you saying you don't want a bunch of Palestinian commisars marching you into a re-education camp?

if israel becomes communist, will palestinians get special privleges because of the historical injustices against them by jews historically?

im saying these commies will be dead before they can push their shit.
we killed rabin for being an insane fucking leftist and even he wasnt as retarded as OP.

I fully support Israel going full commie. You get em lad.

Special privileges, no. Equal rights, yes.
Asylum maki.org.il/en/?tag=asylum-seekers

Oy vey, Shin Bet needs to do something about you domestic terrorists

theres a conspiracy theory shin bet killed him :^)

Any more real questions?
Israel will be socialist.

You never answered my question about where we can send money to help make Israel a Marxist utopia.

You guys already are. You make sure that the Haredim do absolutely nothing, and have the government pay for everything for them. Plus, you have no gun rights, and your own people live in fear of your police. There's not much more to make it socialist.

Id side with zionist jews if they pushed for all jews to go to israel. Fucking commies always get the rope though.

we do tho, why do you think the birthright shit is done ?
we're had a lot of success lately especially in france.

Im with zionists then. Fuck muslims and fuck commies.

No U

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About time you experienced the wonders of such a Jewish system

Pro white right wing westerners and zionists should team up and btfo these fucking faggots honestly.

the scope of the ZOG and freemasonry goes beyond concerns regarding the state of Israel. I don't have a problem with jewish nationalism. I think these "jewish corporations" controlling the goyim nations are hundred times worse than our aid to Israel

so you just gulag yourself

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we try, with salvini bolsonaro orban etc...
leftists are our common enemy. when they jew us we jew back.

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we're already doing that, we're allies with all the right wingers to BTFO leftism globally

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meant for
you better answer that you larping mutt faggot

Based as fuck. You guys have a group called the jewish defense league and theres some good footage of them fighting lefty shits here in the states. They also clashed with black panthers in the 70’s. I think we need more pro zionist and white nationalist propaganda about us having the same fight and being allies.

kahane was based af (founder of JDL), shame he was mossaded/cia'd but his ideas live on, rest assured

sry for flag i was shitposting here its for humor purposes

My bad. There’s no website to donate to, but I can redirect them with bitcoin. Every bit counts.

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why would we need to propagandize that, everyone knows the american and israeli right go hand in hand.
the left on the other hand is universally antisemetic.

All good lol but why do you say it was Mossad or CIA? I just looked him up and it says an Egyptian terrorist who was also apart of the 1993 trade center bombings.

Anti-Zionism does not equal anti Semitic. Put a sock in it.

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Marx was literally an ashkenazi Jew.

its hard to tell. kahane obviously had many enemies and it would stand to reason an actual muslim actually killed him. however it is known that he was getting major support which went against both the labor and likkud party at the time as well as going against the leftist american jews' own interest so they might have been in on it, though i wouldn't know. obviously i wouldn't say its a fact, just an idea.

it might make sense since we had a lot of leftists in mossad at the time but mossad itself answers to the government which was likud at the time.
and they're generally known to not be corrupt and be very obedient.

Thats true I guess what im trying to say is we (especially us Americans) need to become more vehement and vocal about our beliefs.
Leftists all across the west hate Israel and you want to give palishits equal rights, it seems like you have a death wish.

fuck off, you're the biggest antisemite there is. communism in israel is a completely artificial political movement probably funded by that nazi soros

based jew

Stalin the great

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a leftist ashkenazi jew
you should watch kahane interviews my man. he had the right idea generally speaking.
its hard to tell if hes one of us or not, know what im sayin?

The right thinks the left is a Jewish.
You think it’s anti Semitic.

yea i always thought he was an evil racist but in the recent weeks Jow Forums truthbombed me hard about him.

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Oy gevalt Shlomo! Didn't rabbi taught you to not get high on your own supply?

no one claims the left\right is jewish, obviously theres jews all across the spectrum but the left is also antisemitic regardless of that.

That makes sense, when you gain some power and are a leader you’re bound to have enemies.
Lol i know what you mean
Its a pretty well known fact that most leftists absolutely despise Israel.

Nice fake broken english mutt

by advocating for communism you're advocating for the destruction of the jewish people in israel, same thing the arabs do.

>no one claims communism is Jewish
Look around. This is Jow Forums at least 59% of the alt right argues that it’s jewish.

It’s true, Israel. This man is trying to claim they’re anti Semitic though.