When Globohomo hits East Asia.. Korea will be the first to Fall

Why is it with Asian Boss and their stupid Half Black Half Asian videos lately?? Are they trying to guilt trip us for not accepting niggers into our society? Why do they always make asians look like the boogie man for preferring their own kind instead of Shitskins.. And why the fuck is it always women that race mix with shit skins all the goddamn time? I thought all Women will only choose the Top 20% of men in terms of Face, Money & Status?? What does a shitskin man has to offer that is appealing and worthy of women?? Seriously man, you guys are always saying that East Asia is the last hope of homogeneous Nations on Earth, but videos like this and the increasing sight of niggers in asian society prove otherwise.

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Not surprising Women with a half black child is and always be..... a single mother..... seriously what's going in the mind of roasties that made them want to choose this path of life?? What do they truly see in niggers or shitskin to be worthy of bearing their children? If you look at pic related you could see the regret and sadness in her face.. along with the host feeling sorry for her.. But I bet the host will also want to have some BBC fun for the sake of Diversity and Social Justice just to virtue signal

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Asians are shitskins.

why would jews care about east asia?

>being this triggered over an interracial child

Absolute Y I K E S

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They literally made a video about half black japanese girl, fuck Asian Boss

I think the channel name Asian Boss sounds gay and retarded so I don't watch those videos at all.

oh no half black japanese girl, impossible, i thought all japanese are 100% jomon purebloods

The worst Korea will be liberated by the Best Korea. The glorious radiant Best Korea will liberate the southern brothers from the imperialist capitalist niggu piggu.

it would become easier for them if you lowered your sanctions first

kike shill

>being this triggered over an interracial child
imagine you live in a city where every morning you wake up & go out to the streets and only see your own people doing their daily activities in life, their religion, their food, their entertainment and the way they speak and behave is very similar to you and makes you feel homely, wholesome and relaxing. Then suddenly a massive imports of foreigners came into your city, they dont speak your language, dont eat the same food, dont practice the same religion, different ethics, different principles, and different behavior. Then suddenly they breed your own people and pop out a Mutt that is not loved by either side, the Shitskin Father does not appreciates your city's culture and abandons its offspring so that he wouldn't take any responsibility for the child. The Mutt grew up without the feeling of belonging in your city and starts demanding you change your city's culture so that it could suit the Mutt by promoting more Miscegenation so that the Mutt could get to be with people that look just like it.. Why are Mongrels so Insufferable??

triggered snowflake, go to the_donald if you need your safe space ;)

We got to fuse to defeat Majin Juu

>I thought all Women will only choose the Top 20% of men in terms of Face, Money & Status??
>Why do they keep glorifying niggers in the media???
You answered your own question, retard.
Without TV and media no woman would even dare touching a nigger.

thats what happened when Soviets came pretty much, good thing that retarded dictatorship dissolved

I’ve seen your kike ass on another thread before keep seething

yeah? and i will always come here to trigger snowflakes like you :)

They don't wanna lose to china

>Without TV and media no woman would even dare touching a nigger.

In order to get a women you must have the Holy Trinity of LMS


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They're exotic

yo Korea Bro. You need a fucking revolution to change your government mate.. Your leaders are sucking up to the Jews and doing whatever they are told.

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There are 4 billion of them, how are they exotic.

Ok, don’t care :)

Women can’t math

No amount of redpills are gonna change our people. At least we're getting tired of feminist bs so that's a step forward.

Yeah. Koreans have been getting jewed by pop culture for a couple decades. That softens them for feminism. That softens them for globohomo. They need some samurai.

Why don’t you make anime? It helped the Japs


It helped the japs? In what way?


They didn’t niggertize

Why would they make anime when they can import it rather?

Idk dude. Gooks kinda suck at making anime.

“I think there’s a resurgence of antiamericanism because at this point in time Korea has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonne be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Korea has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Korea is not going to be the monolithic society that it once was in the last century. Americans are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Korea to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Americans will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Korea will not survive.”

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Ninja Scroll

if east asia dosnt accept african and arab migrants, east asia will not survive

Isnt that japanese?

Lmao bro you really wanna go that far and be the big bad boss and get slain over and over for all eternity, classic!

I don't really watch K-Drama or Kpop, but I heard there are Little to No Niggers.. which is good but I do heard some news trying to star Sam Okyre in the New Drama.. ffs. what you need is to have a Korean version of Jow Forums that preach nationalism and conservative values to preserve korean culture.. Just like us now because of bilibili (popular chinese media) we are able to revive a Hanfu Movement that is even approved and promoted by the CCP to revive and re-live Han Culture. that's a great thing.

Not the same
TOTALLY the same thing

>Korean version of Jow Forums
there is, its called ilbe
also sam okyre is based

Listen memeflag

we don't give a fuck if nonwhites mix with nonwhites, thats their problem
our problem is the massive swarm of niggers, asians and sandniggers storming our borders and the billions more ready to do the same

>"She wasn't able to get any love from her father." the Korean mother forlornley declared about her mixed race daughter when discussing her black father.
Tip-Top lads!

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we're already past the point of no return in USA and europe, the plans are in motion and are unstoppable. makes sense to move on to another theater and start laying down the groundwork.

Shouldn’t you focus on the Middle East and work your way past India like Old Times? You’re getting over-zealous moishe

>preach nationalism and conservative values.
I doubt it would work here. Most people think we're still conservative(which we kinda are cuz korean parents would mostly prohibit race mixed marriage) and have to be more progressive.

Ilbe doesn't spread nationalism tho.

Wouldn’t you want an anime from Japan for greater authenticity rather than from Korea?

Based qt smug hat kid

we already have india

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Depends on if they’re good at anime

Koreans love hip-hop nigger culture, she's probably a goddess over there. They're so desperate to be Western trash, it's disgusting.

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I’m talkin Pakistan and Palestine smuck.
Iran and Iraq. Afghanistan and Arabia

How would a half-Korean half-Latvian be accepted in Latvia?

hey jew.. you may feel cheeky an' all high and mighty now because of big daddy America protection, But I'll have you know that if you keep pushing your luck too much your gonna pay a hefty price. When Amerimutt crumbles, we will be the first to start an East Reich to gas everyone of your kind.. and ohh please don't think we will be as nice as papa Hitler because we will make him look like a Saint compared to us Chinks, as you know we lack the empathy and won't feel the remorse while we torture the fuck out of you kikes. We will torture you in the worse and painful ways while you slowly die in agony. We gonna make Auschwitz look like Disneyland to you. So watch yourself Kike or should I Say (((Mark Kogan))) Jew

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with no problem, especially if a girl, we would just assume he/she is kazakh russian or something

i've never heard of palestine but the rest are on the timetable.


You...can’t be serious

Why does it seem like there is a big push to have place people everywhere? Is it because they are breeding like crazy in Africa, and will soon start swarming out from their like rats escaping a sinking ship?

They’re willing to throw it all away to the desert winds and return to their desert God in a heaping blaze. You’ve been at each other’s throats for over a thousand years. Give it a rest lad. Be normal

Even when it comes to the topic of Race-mixing... I wouldn't object it if its Korean-Chinese or Korean-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese Vice Versa.. as it is one of the most significant interracial marriage in East Asia now. We share similar culture since the Tang Dynasty, but we behave very differently now due to the change of social-political environment. Heck I wouldn't even mind if its White-Asian Mixed.

No they are not multikulti in a sense of very accepting of all races and shit like that. We are a host country for a hundred thousand Koreans and they still distance themselves from the brownies. They're just talking to you because you are money to them.

t. Chang

who the fuck are you talking about ?

By "place" I mean "black". Oops.

Race mixing with other asians doesnt sound as bad as race mixing with a nig. But people(especially boomers) are still negative about it.

>White-Asian mixed

nope fuck outta here, have you not seen those threads here where the Eurasian couldn't find replacement organs if they got sick? Mixing outside of your Race or subrace at least is a genetic dead end.

>trying to trigger me with the nigger
>trying to show me that he's swimming in asian pussy.

Get Buttfucked Kike, the nigger came to korea just trying to score some K-pussies but failed because deep down many of us resent niggers. Oh Look He's got himself a Latina Roastie from Paraguay that is studying in Korea. LUUUL kike looks like you still need more works on your propaganda to convince us to race mix with nigger.

There arent any niggers or kikes in japan and korea

Go buy a plane ticket and see

Kill yourself, Viesturs.

Only a matter of time if you Amis don't stop cucking to them

They make a ton of anime, just not korean. Both americans and japanese outsource their animation to korean slaves.

The day Best Korea liberates kike korea will be a glorious one. I for one am looking forward to Se*ul getting shelled out of existence.

haha. Its kinda funny how the Boomers here are the direct opposite of the Boomers in the West.. My mom hates niggers and islam and she never even mention about it until I ask her what's her opinions on those shitskins. Neither of my parents have taught me to be racist and yet I hate shitskins with a passion, I think its in our blood to resent dark-skinned people.. hmm

>getting triggered over an african guy having success
pēc tevis pāķi :)

Says the zoomer from Liepāja.

nah, Riga bvll here, lived here my whole life and im not russian dont worry :)

With this post, hope that some part of your nation is actually a sane place that will resist the Jew is restored.

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>Drug resistant HIV

As opposed to? They're still fucked either way. I hope it flushes out the fag and their progressive allies once and for all.