Trump 2020

just for the lols

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Trump has roughly a 0% chance of losing in 2020, you're going to be jiggin hard then tosser.

If only to own the liberal migapedes

you sound like the left in 2016

"we cant loose"

I wouldn't be so certain. Dems are making crazy promises, if they run Sanders I think they will win. I think he would have won last time. 45 million people owe student loans, promising to forgive them is like promising someone $30,000 for their vote. That's good enough for me.

>$733-billion defence policy bill (No Wall Funding)
>Illegal immigration at highest levels since Dubya
>No repeal and replace Obamacare
>Trump couldn't stop the caravan
>Trump couldn't end DACA
>Trump couldn't pass the RAISE act
>Trump couldn't end Birthright Citizenship
>Trump couldn't make E-Verify a law
>Trump couldn't defund Planned Parenthood
>Trump couldn't invest $1 trillion to improve national infrastructure
>Trump couldn't pass the travel ban
>Trump couldn't close the Wall Street special interest loopholes
>Trump couldn't put price controls on prescription drugs
>Trump couldn't stop foreign lobbyists from raising money for American election
>Trump couldn't resist bombing Syria
>Trump couldn't pull the U.S out of NATO
>Trump promised to cancel H-1B and H-2B visas.(number of visas doubled)
>Trump promised to end catch and release of illegals. (Catch and release continues.)
>Trump promised to end Sanctuary Cities. (No Action.)
>Anti bds law
>Gave israel 38 billion
>Increased the National debt by $2trillion
>Gave the 1% a tax cut
>Farmers bill
>Omnibus bill
>Amnesty bill
>Crime 'reform' bill *
>Explosion of GMO Farming and GMO Fishing
>No unclassified FISA
>No Awan indictment
>No Uranium One investigation
>No voter fraud investigation
>No Feinstein Chinese spy investigation
>Pedogate has vanished
>55k sealed indictments went nowhere
>Hired a bunch of neocons
>Continued middle eastern wars
>Ramping up for even more wars
>Global LGBT crusade
>Assembles a cabinet of bankers, generals and chickenhawks who precum to the thought of war with Iran.
>'Gives' Israel Jerusalem.
>'Declares' all jewish settlements to be Israeli land.
>pulled out of missile treaties with Russia
>fired McMaster and replaced him with Bolton because McMaster dared to criticize Israel
>the Trump Dept of Education makes it illegal to criticize Israel at public universities as it constitutes 'antisemitism'

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Not to mention he actually wants to support the Rust Belt with specific policies, unlike Trump. Trump won a few of those states with extremely small margins (IIRC, Trump got less than 100k more votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania put together to win those states).

This is some kind of discord tranny bot right, that image doesn't even make sense

>he actually wants to support the Rust Belt with specific policies

Yeah, such policies like amnesty and healthcare for illegals

Sanders would assrape Trump.

But there's no way the DNC will let him get even CLOSE to the nomination.

Trump says we are going to mars.
Bill Cooper predicted it would be a fake.

What's so fucking hard to understand?

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who the fuck his bill cooper? did you take your meds schizo

I can't handle anymore loss. I see loss everywhere I look.

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More like medicare for all, which disproportionately helps those suffering in Trump's economy. Also instead of virtue signalling about MUH COAL, Bernie plans to guarantee five years' salary for laid-off fossil fuel industry workers, and provide education and training assistance to them to help them transition to another industry. Sorry, but Bernie is the real deal. The DNC is a bigger challenge for him than Trump (who would be a lay-up for Sanders in the general election).

I know Taiwanese salaries have been stagnant, but I didn't know your economy was so shit that kikes are paying shills like you to smear a presidential candidate.

make your own memes. stealing memes from MAGA doesnt qualify

>kikes are paying shills like you to another kike

>Y-you too!
Get back to work, Zhang. Gotta put in those extra hours sweeping the factory floor at TSMC.

I’m not supporting a israeli kike for presidency again, shlomo.

>retarded chink doesn’t understand trump is a jewish con man and hasn’t delivered on his promises.
You are not supposed to be on this board retard. Make us more electronics instead

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The real question is will Biden still be alive for the first debate?

trump is gonna run pretty much unopposed
he's raising more money and support then all the others combined

More money not more support

just the truth ping pong.

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Wait until RBG croaks if you think they are insane now!

This was what they were saying about Trump supporters in 2016. It turned out to be projection.

Honestly, who the fuck could compete with Trump? The democrats have no one

Yeah, make fun of Trump supporters all you want, lefties are still melting down from 2016. Yelling and screaming at Trump to do shit that's in their interests while also trying to impeach him, absolutely pathetic how much power they don't have. If Trump does lose, it will look like a hell of a dab, but it still wouldn't be as big of an ass raping the left took in 2016.

first 2020 election thread I've seen, 2016 vet reporting in

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a'ight imma head out

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Kek, moar abstract loss

Their best bet is Joe Biden. Democrats can't win with the radical left alone, they need to get votes from the working folks who went to Trump because of his promise of jobs and focusing on USA first, which he delivered on for the most part. The problem with Joe is Trump's school yard tactics will make him look like a complete moron on stage. If they spent the last 3 years building a solid platform instead of "do whatever goes against Trump" they might've had a chance. But because they circle jerked the same shit from 2016 they really can't campaign on what Trump didn't do and offer their own solutions instead. As in they can't campaign on Trump's failures, because offering solutions to them would be admitting they agree with Trump on something.