Would an end to womens suffrage solve all our problems?

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No. The problems are many. How will you remove kebab? War?

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democrats would never win again

why are these sluts praying without covering their heads? i swear all women are whores and christians are a joke who dont take their religion seriously at all.

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No, only Islam would do that as we would quickly deal with the spineless men who gave them rights.

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no, they take it way too far alone at times.

once they get past age 16/18 alone it's a huge hassle and/or game in many situations to as well. manipulate / lie / cheat and/or screw up to even learning to jew men alone at that point then.

remembering it takes two to tango.


sex / lust / desire and/or etc and it corrupts over time alone.


Ignore the shills. the answer is yes. It would solve most of it. Without women's retarded votes the Jew loses his most precious golems.

yes, we require a return to the mean.

Once the cities are rebuilt after the collapse and subsequent nuclear war just remember what women did when they had unfettered and un checked privileges, as soon as they start whining about rights and privileges do what pic related don't make the same mistake again or you'll have a country full of niggers again

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Couldn’t hurt

Imagine being such a fucking idiot

you believed that they take your vote seriously, man or woman



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Because we wouldn't be restricted by emotional decision makers.

White Sharia would.

What are your problems?

Why are they worshipping a puppet on a bed? Wtf christcucks.

it would be step in the right direction. But how can you reverse it? How can you ever roll back a right once it has been doled out?

you forgot to change the flag there kike

Time, when society collapses as it always does, then religion will be huge.

The only way is violence. As soon as civilization collapses women go back to being totally dependent on men.

Yeah, Christcucks. Imagine worshiping a Jew on a stick.



>Take away the power of women to vote, and the degradation stops. The paltry population of male feminists, who are likely suffering from low testosterone due to environmental plastics, would offer no barrier in stopping the return to patriarchal normalcy. Women, helpless at enacting political change, would just whine and nag endlessly, and when they tire themselves out, they’d complete their protest by buying dildos or cats. Consider that no Democratic candidate for President since Jimmy Carter would have likely won if women were not allowed to vote. Upon repeal of women’s suffrage, a new party to the right of Republicans would be created as conservative men seek true conservatism and tradition.

>Remove a woman’s right to vote and within just one national election, every single leftist party would be crushed. Within two elections, politicians would speak directly to men and their innate interest for patriarchy, economic success, stable families, and an equitable distribution of females among society. More than half of the candidates running for office would already be more conservative than Donald Trump, who is still liberal on social issues like equality and gay marriage.

>Within three elections, the entirety of the liberal platform of the past 50 years would be rolled back, and the only living audience a woman can gain for her political opinions is from her feline friends. Within four elections, the global elite would be forced to retrench while sitting on billions of capital with no direct path of influence except sponsoring color revolutions and coups that can be defeated in the name of patriotic national defense. By then, the power of NGOs, media outlets, and day care universities will have declined. Within five elections, cultural standards would have tamed the sexual marketplace, and birth rates would rise once more as both women and men see the incentive in spending their free time building families instead of endlessly trying to secure a sex partner for the fleeting moment.

>Repealing women’s suffrage would also diminish other dissident movements whose solutions can only bring temporary success as long as women have the right to vote. Men will automatically push laws that account for men’s rights. They will automatically regulate the sexual marketplace to make it more fair, diminishing MGTOW. They will automatically regulate immigration and replace it with a policy of natalism, diminishing the alt right. And they will automatically have high standards for citizenship, diminishing the alt lite.

>Even the concept of masculinity will be built into the crust of society where only men have a political voice and not women. My game guides would no longer be needed, allowing me to buy land and operate a real farm instead of a content farm where most of my life has been spent pushing back the harmful effects that were unleashed after allowing women to vote. There will be no need for counter-cultural movements of men when those in charge of national politics only need to cater to male votes. If women’s suffrage is repealed, the most reviled dissident today would even be able to easily attain political office.

This but unironically, staging a photo op of yourself praying is the literal opposite of what the Bible says to do

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>Would an end to womens suffrage solve all our problems?
Yes. All problems can be traced back to the 1 source: Women's rights.

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We need white Sharia now.

No. Only an end to all suffrage would.

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No, but it might be a step in the good direction. And it might not even be that hard to accomplish... youtu.be/kQJQ--T4U0c