Impeachment of Trump!!!

Dems are going to meet at 4 pm to decide on whether to impeach President Trump. What if they go ahead? Will the right march the streets or will they just take in lying down? I am worried for our nation Jow Forums

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What for? Because they don't like him?

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the Ukraine affair

Oh you just wait until Friday. MOAH is coming.

He'll be executed for treason on Thursday. You lost, scumbag

So when Biden's son broke the law. It's breaking the law to ask for a foreign investigation?

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You're Q tier.

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They have nothing. They never had anything. They will lose in 2020

Withholding military aid in order to induce Ukrainians to pursue Biden's son is sort of sketchy.

>Democrats impeach in the House
>Senate doesn't convict
>Dems completely BTFO
>Republican landslide in 2020
That would be hilarious

Biden is done and Trump will survive. He has been playing Dems at every turn. When will they learn?

Do it.

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If it's not illegal, it's not illegal. However Bibi's wife embezzling money is illegal.

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>Withholding military aid in order to induce Ukrainians to pursue Biden's son is sort of sketchy.

Is there any actual proof of this?

God I hope so. The Jewish cocksucking is getting out of control. I'm ready for President Pence.

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Dem establishment wants Biden to be the nominee. Warren and the assorted whackjobs to the left of Biden would be a disaster for them and they know it.

I'm not even sure what he's alleged to have done.
Are the Democrats?

In all honesty, the Dems are falling apart, it would be kinder to wait 'til they're all gathered in one place, barricade them in, and put fire to the building.

No American with two brain-cells to rub together should be a Democrat at this point.
Supporting them is tacit admission that you support your nation's dissolution.

Same with Labour over here; their politics are 100% grievance based, and they only care about you if you're a "minority", even if your minority interests are directly opposed to that of another; say, Gays and Muslims.

Kill Leftism, cut out it's heart and offer it up, steaming and dripping on the altar of the Nation-State.

John Bolton is going around saying that he argued with Trump about this and got fired. So my guess is that Bolton is the whistleblower.

I look forward to electric boogaloo

Biden is senile though.

Trump didn't do anything except sell out the American people for more spics while lying about it. Too bad thee Democrats are too pussy to impeach him for that.

That isn't illegal. What is illegal is getting a Ukranian prosecutor fired because they might find evidence that Biden's son is guilty of money laundering or extortion. Do you really believe this shit, kike?

Thats how they want it- its the handlers that run the show.

the Deep State glowies always win. They were waiting for Trump to slip up.

They're going for full deep-state coup.

But is he controllable?

i wont march for trump. not after he schlonged us on internet speech, russian sanctions, war with iran, 2nd amendment, julian assange, birthright citizenship AND israeli foreign aid

let them impeach. i dont care. we dont have a dog in the fight

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Biden is actually cool. Its the creeps that he brings with him to the white house that worries me.

He didn't slip up.

He slipped up by hiring that backstabbing jew John Bolton

Reagan went out like that.

Its not good behaviour for the potus either you spastic

Sorry bud but that's A) Not illegal & B) Not what happened
Get fucked nigger, we can withhold military aid for literally any fucking reason

Dems have the votes faggot


are you telling me that bolton is aiding in pushing this?

so you shills are on the side of pelosi, AOC, bolton, biden, and others like them? holy fuck

Not in the senate bitch

but from there you need the senate.

also if the republicans turn on trump then i will know trump is in the right and it will truly become a shitstorm and trump will become more popular than ever.

it will fundamentally destroy faith in the institution of the republican and democrat parties. the happenings will be incredible. the more they push the more shit will get leaked, the worse the swamp will look, the more we know and te more everything accelerates.

the bigger the build up the bigger the fall.

dont be a goddamn fucking idiot

they already tried with the slimy deepstate fuck Mueller and they couldn't do jack shit with it

Senate convicts, retard

your IQ is far too for this board. fuck off back to plebbit simpleton

If those Biden allegations are true, then the whole democrat party is delegated to typical eastern-europe corrupt political party tier.

no wonder they even claim that Trump should be killed for treason

suck my circumsized cock bitch

Nancy i playing with fire merely by entertaining this notion. Her gambit is to calm the waters and mend the rift between the progressives and liberals but this will only make one side hate the other depending on the outcome. Truly a virgin move

pffft try harder shill rat

Ukraine doesn't need military aid. Providing it to them is pretty much directly waging war against Russia. In otherwords:
>Russia bad!
>Why you no fight Russia?
>Who cares about corruption, fight Russia!
>Orange man bad!
>Impeach orange man!

those worm tongues in the democrat party will outwit the GOP hayseeds and country bumpkins. you watch.

wait wait wait so is bolton part of this attempt in undermining trump?

multiple republicans making cluckin noises, acting jittery, like backstabbers. dems trying to find any reason to impeach the president.

if tey push tis, trump will become more powerful than ever. can anyone

so this is just about bolton being salty he didnt get to send young americans to die for israel like all his other predecessors?