Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong here?

Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong here?

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The people who own ((tech companies)) sought control an pushed a fresh market of buyers into thinking that they were entitled to everything. That an the slow decay of traditional values and you got yourself a generation of weak men an ((empowered)) women.

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War on terror
2008 financial crisis
Identity politics
Kony 2012
Mass immigration
Social media

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jewish social constructs

Raised at the end of a society where you could make a living working at Blockbuster, promised that new technology would make life easier, still niggers everywhere.

Participation trophies and unearned self-esteem

Millenials are carbon copies of boomers. As much as they hate them they were raised by them. Their constant need to be different and prove themselves is just a slight twist on the narcissism that they inherited from their parents.


Raised on television and lies among the lines of follow your heart and xyz will follow with no intention of prepping them longterm of the horrors of life

I don’t know really? I am one and I love Hitler, guns, European cultures etc.

Boomer. Boomers raised them.

Look, boomers presided over the biggest increase in debt in the history of the word ever. I cite this example because it is QUANTIFIABLE. Maths demonstrates boomers FAILED. So if you take that epic failure and extrapolate, boomers aren't going to do a good job elsewhere.

EVERYTHING has failed because of boomers and millennials have inherited that failure. Thats why millennials are so shit.

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Participation trophies are an American thing, and self-esteem is not something that millennials have in abundance. Quite the opposite

Zoomers are turning 18 now. It's only getting worse.

Arent millenials like 30 years old by now

Gen X was edgy to counter the boomer's traditional beliefs, millennials are socjus hipsters to counter the edge, now zoomers are all alt-right shitposters to counter the socjus. Every generation hates the one before it and acts the exact opposite, this is just common knowledge.

>what went wrong here?

a) participation trophies
b) outcome-based education
c) focus on socialist BULLSHIT in schools, instead of Reading Writing Arithmetic, and Science
d) snowflake 'safe spaces' where they can engage in primal screams when Trump gets elected


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24 to 39 years old

unfiltered water

They were raised being force-fed boomer propaganda about education, tolerance, and diversity. Now the world is falling apart and most of them are too old to be adjust to the red pill.

Socialism. (((Safety nets))). (((Public Schools))).

i think its the not ever working. i wa dum millenial up until 25. were fucking lazy


The lack of WW3.

Hi, zoomed here, they’re like boomers but worse somehow

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You are all on screens rn too you fucking retards!


their the natural offspring of hippie boomers and leftist gen xers.

Late millenials are pretty redpilled

Gen x is way more cringe

cause that's what we want; a family comedy show about a disgusting mutt family with ronald macdonald hair.

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Lazy little cunts nowhere near as clever as they think they are

How has the dust settled?
They are barely out of college. Less than 10 years ago in some cases.

Nothing has gone wrong except the shitshow we got handed

lack of both mother and father presence during childhood
TV setting norms for social interaction and behavior
being encouraged and praised while never actually accomplishing anything
and toss in a deteriorating economy that was already largely made up of busywork bullshit and wasn't made any better by fly-by-night and fad niche businesses
the millennials were built to be slaves under the noses of our placated parents, and that is what we are
but at this point we're so used to the idea of living in squalor from video games that irradiated water and radroach meat almost seems natural
but like all slaves and vermin it'll probably be us who live on while softer creatures die out

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everything began when the internet became widely accesible

>tech companies saw the huge potential that an uncontrolled internet could have
>they use jewish tactics to lure in unsuspecting younglings
>make them use the web, create a sense of connection
>start using mass media(through ads, sponsors) to control what they understand
>this is a capitalist 1989
>we have a generation of retards left in a state worse than their predecessors since they were even more retarded

TL;DR Uncontrolled internet propaganda and jewish thought control strategies used by big companies have fucked us

By dust settling, I mean that back in 2014-2017 people wouldn't shut the fuck up about millennials on the media, internet, Jow Forums, etc. But now by 2019, usage of the term millennial has dropped dramatically compared to previous years, indicating their relevance is almost up.

>Late millenials are pretty redpilled

Late millennials (born 94-96) were the ones who started the SJW craze in 2014-2015 moron

Quantitative easing.

this, kinda. Decades of almost nonstop QE is the reason for the whole "profits are increasing but wages are stagnant!!!!" situation. Any business that exports pretty much anything does better. Small, domestic businesses don't.
QE is the ultimate tool of globalization

Boomer hate story incoming:
My parents got their first house for like 20 grand in the early 1980s. Eventually they got bought out for above market value by a real estate developer and then moved to a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood. The new house was about 80 grand.
In the end, (a few years ago) they ended up selling that house for about 280 grand. But here's the real kicker- they still owed 240 grand on it. Because they just kept remortgaging it and remortgaging it to sate their shameless self indulgence and when they hit the bottom of their home equity barrel they charged up tens of thousands of dollars in high interest credit card debt. So they basically sold it to buy a new house, pay down their high interest debt and start over as if they were fucking kids.

According to my calculations they'll be making mortgage payments until the age of 75.

My dad would always brag about how he used to have all kinds of money saved up but then one day his co-worker asked him "Well what's the good in all that money being saved if you were to suddenly die?". And that was the retarded dipshit philosophy my dad lived by when I was growing up. He believes that we (siblings and I) were spoiled just because he bought himself all kinds of fancy stereos and shit that none of us ever asked for. I was content going outside and kicking a ball around, or riding my bike. And honestly I don't feel spoiled at all because I'd have rather had family fishing trips than a fucking nintendo.

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Anyone born from 2004 to 1980 is a millennial

>worst generation has worse offspring

Big surprise.

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>seething NEET realizes the gravy train is going to come to an end soon

Where's your wagie meme now, kek?

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neck yourself faggot boomer. I work my ass off for a living. The one good thing out of having shitty boomer parents was that they provided the perfect blueprint for success. All I had to do was do the exact opposite of what they would have done. I would unironically support the forced euthanasia of everybody over the age of 60 right now.

Boomers got everything handed to them and were only focused on gaining and maintaining wealth rather than raising competent children. They just plopped them in front of the telavivision and let them do whatever.

holy shit. LIke it just hit me how fucking retarded you are. You reply to my shit and didn't even fucking read it because I even specifically mentioned examples of how I had absolutely no desire for material indulgence
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>NEETs and wagies will be in the same boat when this all goes to shit

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>NEET realizes the gravy train
who got bailed out again? All those millennial owned banks?

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Baby boomer parents and their complete blind eyeing towards the marxist takeover of our institutions

Daily reminder that baby boomers didn't let women vote.

We were a generation literally shield from our own mistakes. I lost $20 when I was 12. My dad gave them to me so I wouldn't be sad. Instead of just realize that it was harsh life lesson the world was providing me. I could go on.

im a fucking millenial and when I try telling my parents housing is too much and shouldnt be 12 times a normal income they say it's a good thing cause they can sell and go on vacation in Africa costing 40k. I fucking hate what boomers allowed to happen to the housing market.

Boomers really deserve the bullet.

I was gonna say, I'm an early millennial born in 85 and I hate my liberal generation.

What boomers fall to understand about the housing market is it only went higher and higher because of a population boom of white people, aka what boomers are fucking named after. They think that because their whole lives real estate has gone up and up because of boomers that it must keep doing so. Even when they failed to provide even replacement numbers.

So to keep the real estate market high they keep importing spics who have no problem living 6 to a 2 bedroom apartment (next door to my apartment).

19th amendment


Millennial here born in 1988, which is pretty much peak millennial. Born early enough to know what early millennial life was like and born late enough to know what late millennial life was like. Somebody born in 1982 is more Gen X than millennial.

>born in 90% white working class town
>early childhood was playing outside from a very young age of 4
>started playing my dad's NES around this time
>6-7 years old early 90s still, more NES, SNES, Gensis more playing outside would spend all day in the woods by myself or with other kids
>8-10 years old, mid to late 90s, family got first computer in 1996 in the living room with internet access, 28.8k dial up modem, 166mhz Pentium 1 CPU, 1 GB hard drive, got really into computers and the internet, still played outside all day
>late 90s still, town is starting to turn to shit, diversity is creeping in, all the kids I played with moved, withdraw into computers and video games
>2000, 12 years old, in middle school, have psx really into it, still on dial up but have 56k modem, don't really play outside anymore. most of my time is spent with computers of video games, or emulating SNES and NES games
>early to mid 00s, mostly in high school, get DSL briefly and my own computer, a laptop when I was 13, laptop breaks, go back to dial up, use either my sister's computer or family computer, upgraded to cable internet, buy my own computer after painting houses with a friend during the peak of the real estate boom
>2006, met a girl on the internet from UK, graduate high school town is half white and half non white, leave country to go live in UK with my internet girlfriend
>spend a couple years in UK, 2008, go back to America didn't work out with girl, in a shitty university there but don't really attend classes, get back town is unrecognizable, drugs, gangs everywhere
>parents are tired of houses being robbed in the neighborhood, they move
>start college proper in 2009
Checked the demographic data on my home town, it's 30% white now

That's outdated. No fucking way people born in 1984 or 1994 are the same generation as those born in 2004.

>friendly reminder that your parents would rather retire in comfort then pay for your lazy basement-living ass into your forties

Seethe harder.

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We were raised by the eternal Boomer.
Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

Imma 30yr boomer and never felt like I belonged in the millenials, can you Zoomers adopt me?

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Cutoff is usually around 1996 now. Including up through 2004 makes no sense

You didn't mention the schools.
Millenials were explicitly taught to avoid maturing and growing into adulthood. Ultimately, we millenials are still at fault for going along with it. But the ones who primed my generation to be this way are far from innocent.