Islam Is Right About Women

This is the best idea Jow Forums had in months: Print this message that triggers the double think of the modern destructive left.

While they know that Islam considers women inferior, contrary to their idea of the "stronk independet woman", their slavish subjugation to Islam and

goat-fucking third world immigrants is preventing them from calling Islam a problem.

They cannot call out that they either reject the Islamic stance on woman, or that they support the subjugation of women. Their double think – holding

two contradictory ideas at the same time – is brought to light, something that makes them feel very uneasy.

NPCs are already disturbed by the cognitive dissonance it evoked:






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Its an obviously flawed idea but feminists wont point that out because religion means people can believe what they want , which would likely be their answer if they ever did respond.

more to the point ; Islam is not right about women, and believing what you want is something that offends social media feminists only when it threatens their interests which are to be seen being 'tolerant' on the one hand, and hypocritically brutal toward "all men except muslim men" on the other.

Clementine Ford for example has refused for as long as I can remember to say anything about cultures and religious beliefs that treat women as inferior beings.

Faggot Arab shill with memeflag. Warning this is a slide thread.

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Facebook though, they ban Jow Forums Jow Forums links for hateful content which includes horrendous beliefs about women, but they have offices in the Middle East and no problem with their Muslim users.

All these cringy imitates totally miss the point of the IIRAW.
They are made by people who are too deep in Jow Forums retardation to see that writing any sign with jews or against black people will immediately get discarded as hate speech.
This sign works because it is, in the direct sense, a positive statement, and only indirectly a negative one.
It triggers the dissonance the average follower of the left has with womens' rights and islam.
They have a simple belief that islam and womens' rights are both just good.
The truth is that the matter is more complicated, and aspects of islam are against womens' rights.
This means that one can not simply support all of islam and all of womens' rights without hypocrisy.
Only if one attains a differentiated view on islam (acknowledging the discrimination against women in this cultural sphere) one can resolve this dissonance without giving up womens' rights.
This is why this campaign works and isn't instantly discarded as just racism and hate speech.


And Im saying this as someone who you would probably consider brainwashed leftie.
This is how someone who isn't a retard (not the people that were interviewed) but politically left would analyze this

>he thinks islam is a patriarchy

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Thank you sir. On point.
Best idea on Pol in a long time!

Let's spread that shit

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How many of those signs can you put up in your city?

Your shitty Jew psy ops don't work here anymore it seems. Back to twitter, Neanderthal.

Could someone please make the text into a PDF PNG ,EPS or AI file with 'ISLAM IS RIGHTA BOUT WOMEN' text on it?

Suitable to print on a 1.37 inch / 35mm round sticker

Also a second one of 'Islam is right about homosexuality' if you're so inclined

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unironically speaking, islam is right about women.

Clementine Ford is primarily a pro feminist troll, nothing she says has any real value.


this is such a beautiful idea because it btfos of the left but also btfos out of the cuck-right

the only ones mad about this are woman-serving cucks like tommy rubenstein and juden peterstein

Another vid for the OP

these youtube cucks are in full damage control mode
this is the best counter-psyop Jow Forums did for YEARS, possibly EVER

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This has been going for half a week and no media (apart from the initial report) has stayed completely silent on this.
I declare this gay-op for failed.

can we do this next lads?

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Couldn't we just fax this shit to every known person in he galaxy?

where amm i

NYPA. If you want it done go do it. Be the change you want to see.

> Who
> was
> Ebba
> Akerlund?

Can this at least be a flyer?

Lol what the fuck is an ebba? Eggo my lego?

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häng dig

Great. Another fucking leaflet. Good job guys!

I've tried, SJWs counter by saying that patriarchal attitudes to women are a remnant of pre-Islamic tribal culture.

What's the counter, frens?

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"Stop being a gullible bitch, they stoned a woman for adultery not too long ago, because she was raped. They literally sentenced a woman to death for being raped in an Islamic country, in the current time frame."

Also, one of Muhammad's "wives" was a 9 year old girl. The fuck?
Islam is the religion of pedophiles.

Tommy Robinson was jailed for journalism. He was covering the stories about British girls as young as 6 years old being raped, killed, and fed to locals in sausages and shit. He was literally trying to warn people about Islam, and they put him in jail for it.

You could also show her all the things they do to black people in their countries.
Go take a look at Google Earth.
Take a look at pictures of mid-eastern countries.
Notice anything?
A distinct lack of negroes.

They still have slavery in mid-eastern countries.

Islam is pure degeneracy.
They have nothing but desert, because their policies and care of animals is non-existent.
They massacre dogs because Muhammad said they are unclean animals.
Go ahead and someone, post that thing about the bomb sniffing dogs being killed/abused by Muslims.

They don't fucking care. About anything.

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This is fucking gold

Great idea!
Funny how people are going to call this racist solely because there is racist intent in their eyes. While OK to be white can be called racist implying other races are not okay, I cant wait to see the mind gymnastics needed to frame this one.

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Keep it up lads. I'll be printing it some out soon.

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You fags starting the general threads should have some consistency. Add the Halloween date for mass flyering like the others had.

Jow Forums is now like underground poles in the world wars. think about it. the only difference is, if they find out who you are you lose your job and social life, rather than losing your life altogether.

No it can't.

It's racist because the intent is racist. This is an so called sarcastic joke, implying Islam is wrong about women. This is an act of racism towards 1 billion muslims. This is a so called 'meme' created by the neo nazi forum Jow Forums.

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What do you even mean by this. Poles were the concentration camp guards. It wasn't a crime to be Polish during the war. What the hell kind of media have you been looking at?

What digits are you referring to?

I disagree. Let it keep trickling in. Here a little, there a little. Keep it in the hivemind's conscious for as long as possible.

just the 80208 lmao hype, full numerologist retard mode

poland wasn't on the map before the 1st world war. underground movements organized an uprising.

Thats not how it works here though.

I know, but the slide threads man. Ain't going to beat the slide threads unless someone starts the hype, bumps it, etc..

I know, half the board is Greta spam.

The camel did nothing wrong, kek.

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>$0.02 has been deposited into your account.

The people trying to change it to some cringy Jew shit are shills. The elite know that IIRAW is extremely damaging to the leftist dogma of cultural marxism and so they have hired shills to try and divert the thread.

To everyone else in this thread: don't let the shills fool you. This has potential to be bigger than IOTBW ever was.



>Heaven is under the feet of the mother
Islam is matriarchy in its core and men should protect and serve women, especially matrons.

>Islam is matriarchy in its core

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you absolute fucking newfaggot

It's not newfaggotry if they're being paid to divert and distract.

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Your OK sign looks like the Rabbi rubbing symbol

This one seems interesting. People seem to be offended by the statement about islam. But just 'jews', how do you get offended by that. People will be offended but how?


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It's an inside joke that has sinister intent to begin with.
In other words it's a useless waste of time. This is how far disconnected you idiots are from reality.

>But just 'jews', how do you get offended by that
Agree. Should be "The Jews Exist". Now that is very offensive!

>You fags starting the general threads should have some consistency.
Indeed. The yellow dot warning should be all-caps in OP.