Baked alaska's bodyguard stabbed 9 times

dailystormer dot name/baked-alaskas-bodyguard-a-member-of-the-oath-keepers-gets-parking-lot-stabbed-ba-says-racially-motivated/

Pic related is him.

This happened in 2017. Does anyone know what has happened since?
The ginger obviously lived, but what happened to the armenians who stabbed him? Did they go to trial yet? Were they convicted and sentenced?
I saw an archived version of the fundraiser to pay the ginger's medical bills. The fundraiser hadn't ended yet, but it didn't look like much was being donated. Does anyone know if the ginger was able to pay his medical bills?

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he died actually.


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What's crazy is that the beaner cop, Lt. Rodriguez, says it's not a hate crime. If they had chosen a white cop to speak to the media, would he have been able to say the same thing?
Santa Monica is a white city. The population is two thirds white. Somehow, white people are a minority of Santa Monica Police Department employees. We can't enforce the law or justice in our own communities, and we are getting stabbed because of it.

It was unrelated though. He choked on a black dick.

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What does that mean?


>Based gangmembers

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Baked Alaska is an ice cream dessert, it has nothing to do with ginger seth rogan?

>baked alaska
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>White man stabbed 9 times in white neighborhood for being white
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>oath keepers
Arent they the ones that chokehold you when you critisize israel?
Good riddance hope he shits in a bag from now on.

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Can any of you idiots answer the question?

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>baked alaska

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>e-celeb follower injured years ago
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Just answer the question so I can end the thread.

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25 replies and still nobody has answered the question. Why do I even try?

At least my country doesn't send men off to die for kikes

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