>"If Donald Trump is elected to the White House, he shall reduce the country to total chaos!" ~Jeb Bush, 2016
>The Fishy Joe Biden excuse is a LARP.
>Red Herring Fallacy (fishy story)
>Allegations now being levied accuse Trump of promising monetary rewards and compensation to Ukraine, in exchange for their helping his campaign smear Joe Biden's campaign.
>Trump aid says money earmarked for Ukraine was put on hold by Trump prior to the phone call:
>Rolling Stone rehashes the gathering storm for Trump
>Trump's relationship with Ukraine is a strained one, they are not friends…
>Jeb told you so! (Later speech)

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>At this point, citing Executive Privilege, the president, Atty Gen Barr, and Rudy Guilianni are on borrowed time.
The ODNI testimony testimony looms Thursday, and the unofficial delegation of impeachment assignments begin to be handed to their respective Representatives.
>Republican leaders are demanding a private hearing of the evidence in the case.
>Fed law states that the complaint was supposed to be released to Congress, already, and OLC (office of legal counsel, in link), acting under Trump, Guiliani's, and Barr's orders, violated the Whistleblower Act by intervening in the legal process.
Meanwhile, R Senators are slowly beginning to distance themselves from Trump...

>Claims Trump witheld funds for Ukraine aid in an act of intimidation…

>Republican Senate leaders begin circling wagons..

•Almost no devices remain in place to sustain the journey down the Impeachment Trail. The best thing Trump could do for himself, and for the country, is to resign while the Republican Party can still mount a ticket that can 1) distance itself from Trump's crimes, as well as 2) possibly, beat Joe Biden in the 2020 Election.

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>Behold my megaderp

I’m confused, what did joe Biden do in the first place?

ooooh the republicans better not turn if they do trump will only become more popular. this

also it was to get them to investigate biden. tacking it onto the campaign when biden is dying in front of the camera and dems want him gone is ridiculous.

this will not sink trump. in fact if dems try to impeach trump, the sag in energy of trump voters will tighten right back up and this will be seen as ANOTHER attempt to undermine the choice americans made in 2016

basicaly i hope the dems pull this shit. brin on the happenings. as this internal war in politics breaks out hot once again it will just expose more corruption and accelerate thins so the elites, whoever they hide behind, will get more exposed

Overview of the Impeachment Process
>Impeachment is the official listing of grievances by the House of Representatives, and is voted on as, "Articles of Impeachment" by joint session
>The 8-10 month period of time for this to culminate will be rife with loud Trump accusations, denials, and threats.
>Once the Senate agrees on the consequences for the President's actions, if removal is the result, there is no historic precedent for this action.

>Treasury Agents could be sent to forcibly remove Donald Trump from the White House grounds.
>The control of the military is an issue.
>This is the chaos Jeb Bush warned us to avoid.

>The 25th Amendment says that the VP shall be sworn in upon the Congressional removal of a President, or after he is assassinated.
>This oughtta be fun!

basically pay to play, money laundering, bribery and all sorts of other shit. the stuff they accuse trump of is softball compared to these long time politicians.

Behold: your megaderp

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Joe Biden
The Meme

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Literally no part of your image or post makes any sense at all

Literally your tears are amusing the fuck out of me right now!

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what is this image trying to convey?

Pizza gate

There is a power, a force in this Universe, one that can make us, or break us.

What Drumpfowiscz did to Julian Assange is one of the saddest examples of manhood I have ever seen in my life....except for the NuPol faggots still pushing that Shit for Brains on this board.

>Fuck all traitors to the cause
>Fuck NuPol

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Look at all this credible bullshit.

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>Trump is caught
(Unless you're seriously full welfare nigatational)

>Muh (fill in the media source of your liking) is fake news
Get a life pal

Your shilling is bad and you should feel bad, nazi

Your tears..... They are simply marvelous...
>He will be impeached.
(Let me get a bucket...?)

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The monster that hunts this board, and the earth, is named, "Karma", and he will not stop until Assange is free...
NuPol is in the way....

>Biden could commit crimes in Ukraine that in any way, ever, in this Galaxy, or any other, require the conflicted illegal interests of the President of the United States....

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Trump doesn't smoke.

Seriously none of this makes any sense, completely incoherent