As nordic country like to give imkportance to brown and black people

as nordic country like to give imkportance to brown and black people

the most important woman in italy ever lived is of nordic stock

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I cant really understand what you say based Pastaman. The most important Italy is of Nordic stock? And?

Mamma Mia Parla in English, porca miseria.

Thats an Atlanto Mediterranean with minor alpine influence(VERY common italian phenotype) with dyed blonde hair. Her natural hair is brunette.

Stop this nordic cuckoldry. Our peoples are beautiful as they are.

she has natural blonde hair
kek even his blog is called the blonde salad

>our peoples
there are litteraly no realtion beetween gayreeks and germanic nothern italians

Show your real flag, moshe.

I'm from the north (french actually) and let me tell you how wrong you are

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nothern italy is wide therm
the cities are full of terroni

no way we looks like spanidiard
they looks borderline arabs

Browner than wogs gtfo

Are you drunk?
Are you a fucking kike with a proxy?
Why must you bring shame to our country and shitaly posters with your broken english?
You fucking retarded faggot cunt, learn english before trying to communicate.
Or just give up and go fuck yourself in some alley with your giggino friends, you fucking terrone.
I can smell your napolecane stink through the fucking screen.
Neck yourself.

I'm sorry but spaniards did a good job with his reconquista unlike you italians... and his genetic is more european that yours like this map show us (have a black beard and a tan skin doesn't make you a arab. autist)

>romanians white as french
this map is retarded
kys this is not my country
and southerners aren't my people

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>the woman on the left
Looks like Ciri.


>this is not my country
Then fucking leave.

French are way less Germanic than Northern Italians.
True they are named after the Germanic tribe of Franks but they were just a ruling elite and made up a few % of the population. Northern Italy on the other hand have been a cross road and final destination for many central and northern European tribes.
There is a reason the Germans called themselves the "Holy Roman Empire" and that the Scandinavians copied everything they could from the old Italians.

who are you? let me guess a retarded australian with some raper irish ancestor?

i am from bergamo
litteraly most of people i see have light hair(not all blonde)

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Well a retarded from north don't know what sun light really means, about your blond hair

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Only jew talk like this.

>Scania of Southern Sweden
this is all so tiresome.... fuck Swedes and their disgusting love of Arabs. Scania of southern Sweden was Danish ancestral homeland and they turned it into little middle east.

oh come on, read some north italy DNA results

keep coping
still light features are worshiped in italy
like i said in OP

etnostate when?

You know what is not funny humiliate someone who is a autistic. (you)

Nah the Irish went for abos

>we despise you northern barbaryans so hard, we even make pictures of your wifes!!!1!!

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Sick bastard.

Svear are slant eyed cucks. Skåne back to denmark when?

ma che cazzo dici ritardato la ferragni è tinta ahahaha

wtf are you saying fucking subhuman there is no germanic blood in us

scum of the earth


You mad brown boi?

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lmao the cope

she is natural btw as many likes here in the north

fucking mudshit

Stop larping, rabbi.
Get off the proxy and fuck off back to israel.

Go back to your mafia shithole and leave this based man alone.

Che thread del cazzo...

unfortunately never based pastabro.
I wouldnt touch Skåne with a stick if you put a gun to my skull. Only thing that Skåne and the southlands of Sweden are useful for is as an nuclear graveyard.

How can it be so btw? This area is between 2 ultra-blond areas, is there a mistake on this map? I mean, you can't see anything like this in Russia, for example, blondness gradually decreases from north to south, the way how it should be, there are no enclaves of dark hair in the north.

But its swedens bread basket and I dunno a better way to starve the cucks.

we instead have lived with arabs for more than 200 years by now

you are lucky to be in an etnostate

Btw yes, you can easily find London on this map because it is a brown dot in the sea of blond, seems like they counted not only natives but also shitskins.

Russia is not an ethnostate, we are sort of an empire and all our colonies are on the same landmass as the metropoly, Russians+Ukranians+Belarusians are only 85% of our population, but Central Russia(our ancestral lands) is 97-98% Slavic(excluding Moscow, too many churkas there)

Spesso sono quelli di sinistra di Jow Forums che fanno il raid. Io li vorrei gassare (unironically).

>How can it be so btw?
because the area is about 45% immigrants and most of those are from northern Africa and the middle east.
Not even joking.
well feel free to take it if you want. I aint touching that turd without thick gloves.

Yes, I understood this after finding London on this map which has the same problem. Is it illegal to fight in the streets in Sweden btw? I'm planning a trip through Scandinavia next summer(because for some reason I've never been there despite being a native Petersburger), and I want to beat some arabs or niggers when I get shitfaced on vodka, will the police look in other direction if I try to do this?

>Is it illegal to fight in the streets in Sweden btw?
depends on who you are fighting. Drunk Danes and Swedish right wing is perfectly acceptable. Lay a hand on one of the chosen browns and its game over.
>I'm planning a trip through Scandinavia next summer
Dont come. Dont waste your money. Traveling in Scandinavia is a waste of time and resources.
Also you are going to end up in the urban areas and then you might as well be in Syria.
>will the police look in other direction if I try to do this?
no they will beat you and throw you in jail. Then you will be deport or even punished with prison up to 5 years. Dont do something stupid like that Russian bro.

Redheads have systematically been exterminated throughout history and have very rare dna characteristics.
Support non e thots

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God I wish I lived in northern scotland or iceland.

My friend visited Norway last year, he said that it was expensive(food, housing etc) but fjords were beautiful, we don't really have anything like that here in Russia, and I've already been pretty much everywhere in Europe during my childhood/teen years, the only place left to visit is Fennoscandia. Ok I got your point, but anyway those niggers are loud and rather violent from what I've seen on jewtube, and I am obviouly a tourist so they will probably try to attack me, that's why I was asking about street fights.

gisele bundchen isn't nordic

Blonde hair are a sign of nobility
non blonde peasants should be gassed

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WTF does it mean brainlet. Hey look, northern italians are southern european and cluster with spanish and portugues
>guess I'm the most stupid person on earth.

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What is she then?
And don't say Brazilian

Wog cunt.


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the girl on the right is brazilian

>Gisele Caroline Bündchen[1] (Brazilian Portuguese: [ʒiˈzɛli ˈbĩtʃẽ], German: [ˈbʏntçn̩], born 20 July 1980)[5] is a Brazilian model, actress and environmentalist.

she is of "german descent" but so are her parents, which are also brazilians.

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Things are just gonna get more mixed, sadly

Soon we'll have a German Caliphate, a Islamist France, a dicatorship Poland, Sweden's majority being dirty middle eastern and god knows what the britcunts are gonna be

All thanks to cuckoldery from unloved politicians and bribed idiots.
Don't get me started wit the nigs, they're whole different bag of shit to talk about


Ok, Luigi Gottfredo.

I know who Gisele is, and I know she's Brazilian, but Brazilian is like Canadian. It's not a real ethnicity


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