Why are British "women" like this?

And what are you doing to fix the woman problem in your country?

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jesus, have you even seen british "woman", who in sane mind would sleep with one of those creatures

>Fanny batter
Women sometimes need to be contained in a biohazard before you touch them.

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British women make Irish women look good. Now those are some harsh words

she sharted in her panties?

they once again stealing your culture america

> accidentally


Looks fake

>What is bacterial vaginosis from unprotected sex?
Why is there even sex ed in school?

she has Chlamydia

Do Brits really say "at the weekend" instead of "on the weekend" or "over the weekend" or is she just retarded?

Also I can stand your cutesy, precious, lingo. "Wheelie bin?" Seriously? Are you a nation of toddlers or something?

Lonk plox

What the fuck is a wheelie bin?

A trash can in toddler vernacular.

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Psst... instead of toast, they say toasties.

I thought British sex ed was just to repeat "God save the Queen" and if someone gets naked you shoot yourself

British women are high tier.

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Libs say there's not enough sex ed and that kids should be exposed to it earlier and more extensively.
They also say sex is still a taboo in society.

Bin with wheels on it.

The English have a weird way of talking about normal, everyday items.

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On the bright side sepsis is always possible. Darwinism for the win

The UK should be nuked. Nothing of value exists there, only hideous slags and beta fags.

>not calling your remote the smibbly bibbly

We should do a raid on bumsnet again.

>Bin on wheels... Wheelie bin!
You are more than welcome to go learn & speak French!

"at the weekend" is casual informal past tense. Example: At the weekend me & the lads went to the pub.

Different thing entirely.

>non-stop fanny batter

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WRONG. Instead of grilled sandwich we say toastie, and it is regrettable I agree.

No, toast is called toast. A "toastie" is specifically a toasted sandwich, and almost no one actually says that anyway.

Ugh and you say our manner of speaking is repuslive, you need a self awareness liscence

toast is bread thats been in the toaster, toasties are bread cooked in a sandwich toaster, usually with cheese and ham in the middle.

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>american picking faults with the English language
Noah Webster was a lazy hack

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It should be "The guys and I went to a bar during the weekend."
And Bongs have the audacity to call Americans stupid. A flashlight isn't a torch, a fag is a degenerate not a cig, learn some proper English.

I lived on these in my first year of Uni, good times

delet this

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I thank god every day for making me a gay boi

>at the weekend
on the weekend. Women are stupid.