Swedes are the master ra-
Nordicists on suicide watch.
Reminder that medniggers are the creator of civilization.
Based greekniggers.
Neo Roman empire when?

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Israel is one of the few VPN locations that work

>israel flag
>why do they persecute me so?

based israel btfo'ing n*rdcucks

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Varg nigger on sudoku watch

I love this fecal alcohol syndrome freak. She makes even my normie friends absolute HATE Swedes. Obnoxious little cunt aint she?
>Swedes are the master ra-
who ever said something so ridicules?

Who dafuc is this cunt?

>our economical buffer is big enough for retards
>b-but youre not b-based

Cope harder, stinky mednigger.

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>fpbp his own post
Absolute mad man

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Yes, I do consider myself the master race. Now get of the internet rabbi.

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Remember what's hannukah, kike.

Other than that, the posts are factual. Snowniggers are the ultimate shabbos goyim and destroyers of the continent.

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Damn it, stop trying to change the subject. She was crying.

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yes he seems like a juvenile kike who does not have a good grasp or your tricks... can you please teach him?

True. Lets get to back to talk about her cute stinky pussy. I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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You sick fucking potato farmer.

Get off rabbi

I would plow that field, if you know what I mean.


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Fire up that Cult of Mithras boys, we're putting the legion back together. It's time for underground parties, slaying the bull, handshakes, and frens.

Snowniggers out

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Hmmm of course it's the kikes behind this d&c bullshit.

The civilization is literally an african invention.

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