Pan-Western Nationalism WILL work!

Unlike the utopian fever dream of communism, pan-western nationalism is _awesome_. In fact, I think it can define world politics and culture for centuries. Why? Because its human nature. Its superiority to globalism is actually based on one of the most healthy and important parts of life: the preference for a group that supports each other; like a family. Whether we are American, British, Irish, Slavic, Greek, Nordic, or German, at the end of the day we ARE a big white family and we have our western values that kept us at the top for generations. It may be our only chance to prevent Pisslam from destroying the western world. So what do you say? Centuries long prosperity or durka durka jihad?

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Stop talking and start working. We don't care about your dingy nationalism.

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White Racialism is the only thing that will work

Not West vs. East, not petty nationalism, not Europe vs. America

We are all in this fight, we have the same enemies and the same racial origin even though we have branched out and formed unique cultures over thousands of years. Our enemy is global and so our solution must be global in scale. This is what the enemy fears and why they keep talking about "White Supremacist terrorism" extending across national boundaries

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>Pan-Western Nationalism
Thats how it will look like.

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Remember, Jessu is the older sister.

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Go home libtard. The greater the amount of people you try to define as the in group the less that in group have in common. This is the fault in neoliberalism Amerimutts don't understand.

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I don't like the idea that women deserve better treatment than men.

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It is over.

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Hitler shit wasn't a meme, it really appears a tons of times in it in a chapter. But not like "Sieg! Heil!" more like "You judge me like I am Hitler himself".

>Wut do?
Do it from side position.

>Pan-Western Nationalism

it already exists, it's called the EU