How do we stop China's polluting spree?

How do we stop China's polluting spree?

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Car crashes.

Stop buying their cheap shit.
>pro tip: you won't.

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Send to greta

So-called "plastic in the ocean" is a myth cobbled together by neoliberal think-tanks to create politically-exploitable hysteria and to stifle the American economy. Fuck off shill we believe in science here.

Nuclear weapons

More than half of that is simply because america is heavily buying from china.

Generated in 2010, i have bad news for you... that shit is 10 years old, now do me a favor go grab ur first amendment gun and shoot yourself with it.

So you're saying China wouldn't be #1 on this list today? Bullshit.

Before anyone says shit i know that the right to bear arms is second amendment so no need for retarded (you)'s

Go back in time and help the Axis win WWII.

How much of that plastic was shipped by the West?

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Ban oversea ownership of companies.

That's correct, because India is not even on that list and i assure you they dump more shit in the river than any Chinese combined.

Check this

Lobby for the construction of more escalators and elevators.

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squinty eyed manlet eurasiantiger

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>export all your garbage and toxic waste to China

If only you could get rid of your mental problems by sending them to the third world, too.

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You mean East Africa. However, China still produces more trash than both Africa and India (which they send to Africa), but Africa and India doesn't properly dispose of their trash.

>How do we stop China's polluting spree?

don't buy the shit they make

Teach them about personal responsibility

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By stop moving the factories there?

move the factories back the homeland, and problem of pollution in china is solved.

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The poor people living in trash swamps aren't the ones creating the trash. Its the upper-cast people send the trash down and demand the poor people do the work.
"Trickle-down feconomics."

honestly can't tell if this is serious or not