Québec thread

Québec thread. Tell me about my people.

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The most based province, we need to split from Cucknada ASAP and let the Anglo subhumans die
Fellow Leafs, vote Bernier

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PAY UP!!! I need new pair of CPUs for my Mac Pro!!!

So are these like canadian french colonists that the british conquered?


your women are fat and have small tits

Vive la i’sle Royale! take back what the Anglo took from you. Vive la l’acadie! Why can’t Gatineau all the way too Newfoundland just be New France?

I want to move to Quebec. I'm planning to get a Canadian PR soon. How difficult is it to learn French?

No that’s the acadiens we got cucked hard. Quebecois basically just got sold off and we got deported lol

Go fuck yourself shitskim

They are accepting Diversity as planned, even if it isn't "official". We just need to teach the niggers French and they line up for the BBC.

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I like my version better
Most of history is realy lame and just boils down to people jewing each other for shekels


Fort Edward was a mistake you come from mule corpsmen kys


So wrong, the French abandoned their colonies and Britain offered to take Québec under its wing
Look up the Quebec Act of 1774
It is one of the reason the American Revolutionary War happened, because we were able to keep our culture, language and religion which angered the American Colonies

Fuck off ,we're full, we hate Pajeets like you more than chinks and as much as nigger. French is for high IQ people

Fuck off liar, we have elected Legault for a reason
Go to Ontario or BC

They seem to be resisting Diversity except in the English speaking cities like Montreal.

They won't like you like the Anglo world

French Canada is the best Canada.

No you're not. There is plenty of room for new immigrants

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Fuck off, you are not entitled to White's land, fuck off

Or, plenty of room for the Canadian population to grow, parasite.

The fact that you even know how too find eastern Canada on the map fucking scares me. Fucking India cape breton university nigger

It's not a matter of need or not

Fuck off, we are full
Stay in India, help your own people
Socialism will ruin you

Just ignore him and if he does come he can get caught up in the genocide when Whites revolt after economic collapse.

But you're not full that is what I'm trying to tell you


Yes retard come too Canada too work a shitjob and get yelled at by rabid quebecois, acadiens and gaels

Yeah, his problem

eat shit, asshole

>implying i care what white druggies and queerbois think

Then why the fuck do you wanna live by us lmfao

Coz I can. Land is extremely cheap in Canada and PR/citizenship is almost free. Land is expensive in India

Like I said, all that needs to be done is teaching them to speak French and they line up for the BBC. But you fools desperately try to ignore and hide that fact. It's over. Canada has no culture.

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What the flying fuck could your streetshitting expertise get done with an acre of land in Canada ? You probably couldn’t even bu8ld an outhouse

they get BILLIONS every year from other provinces in equalization payments...WHY???

the Maritimes, i understand, territories, too...but why Quebec??

All that land is for the natives and God's creatures, not for people who are the same colour as SHIT to crap all over.

I'll hire a whiteboi to build one

Stay out poos are not welcome

Imagine thinking a white person would do any contract work for you. You’d get pogey crackheads who would literally build your cabin just to party in when you’re not there ahaha and they’d yeet all the copper you spent a fucktonne on

In Quebec our new gov want to makes it so you have to learn French, do Quebec cultural values tests and maintain a job or you get sent the fuck back

>we need to split from Cucknada ASAP and let the Anglo subhumans die
>Fellow Leafs

You're not a Leaf, you're only a Quebecker.

>quebec getting trolled by an indian who can barely speak english
You're lucky you have alberta to mooch off of, you can barely handle a single pajeet

Soon jews like you will be in the Lake of Fire, tortured.

That's not very nice Canada. I thought white people were nice

Immigration is federal. Nobody cares what your govt thinks

The nice only goes as far as orleans everyone east of there hates you people

>Immigration is federal

Not when this man gets in office

Also, Quebec never ratified the constitution so fuck what the federal thinks

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But not a subhuman Anglo
Care about your cuntry? Vote Bernier

He has no chance of winning and I'll get my citizenship before that

Ahh the great stab in the back. The last straw for the quebecois


>Tell me about my people
Everything about us is awesome except our predilection for tyrannical government laws that violate both our privacy and rights

Pajeet can't even handle his own insides

Are Jews still considered impure wool? Or have all the muddy french immigrants turned them white? Quebec is the world in microcosm.

Maybe, but you will never get the ones in charge. Your children will be eating bugs and goybeans incapable of carrying on. We will win. You will lose.

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>Maybe, but you will never get the ones in charge.
What are you talking about?

would i, as an eastern european, be welcomed in gaspé?

Gaspe is a sick place like living in the clouds fuck knows though

how sick it is compared to montréal or sept-iles?

What's with all these fucking immigrants? This thread is suppose to be about Québec not shit smelling immigrants.

Is there something wrong with your homeland?

Canada is my homeland now. There's lots of things wrong with it including racism in this thread, which were gonna fix

You're a funny poo

Vive le Québec libre !

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I was in Gaspé and it’s an Antifa infested shithole complete with hairy dreadlocked moldylocks types

Je suis venu pour poster ceci

stay out pajeet, we don't like indians here.

We are full, we don't need more shitskin, stay in your shitty river.

Lots of retarded highschooler, they mellow out when they reach adulthood.

Pidgin French is easy to learn. Learning correct French is harder. Learning joual (Québecois) is impossible unless you're born into it. I've spoken QC French for 40+ years and they still can tell my accent even though I can't.

Still, in Montreal you can get by OK. Your kids will be fine. But ici on parle Français.

If your nation was declared independent, what form of government would it take?

Is there still some monarchist support in Quebec?

By monarchy I don't mean the British royal family, rather the ones that were discarded in France.

North France

why would anyone would willingly live in fucking montreal ?

Immigration is Federal, except to QC. You can look it up - QC controls its own immigration. Distinct society FTW. Still, if you get the points and speak the language, you will get in.

Would take same form as now, just remove the federal gov. There is 0 support for monarchy, we never had any.

There’s a club in Quebec were niggers and whites separate and are only allowed on the first and second floor respectively. Now, clubs are degenerate, but it’s interesting to see how much better it is like that.

Bros, I'm afraid... My gf may get a job in Montreal, and I may have to go with her. How bad is it there? On a scale from 0 to Toronoto.

If you can't enjoy yourself in Montreal you are dead.

They're a bunch of poutine loving faggots. They're Canada's retarded stepdaughter. We keep them in case they hurt themselves.

We don't want to be part of Quebec. Newfoundland was fucked enough by Quebec.

Go to Quebec. Poos in loos > les tabernacs

No. Theres no love for the monarchy here. The french monarchs pretty much opposed settling Quebec every step of the way and literally abandoned us to the English in the end.

Here's your (you). Fuck off molesting kids or whatever Queerbeckers do

6/10 where Toronto is 10.

Less crowded (still a big city though), much cheaper, lots of festivals and something for everyone. Montréal is underrated. In winter take a weekender up to Québec City, smoke some cones and walk around the walled downtown in the snow. Skate and ski. It's comfy.

>literally abandoned us to the English
Sorry about that.

I'm sorry we took them

It's fine, we carry you dumb anglo in sport, entertainment and culture. Just stay the fuck out, we don,t need more niggers.

Great whores who will do the freakiest of acts without batting an eyelash.

I'm not a nigger. Nor am i a dumb Quebecker. Your people are only good at mental gymnastics and pastries

You are exactly the reason why your brothers in Canada are gonna die soon

You’re full of shit that’s for sure

It’s almost like Indians can’t into 1st world living and now instead of trying to fix it you go to another country and shit it up

JF is cool and the Quebecoise are based

Hey, ici Malaysian bro... Les chums du Québec, comment vous trouvez mon gilet?

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Were full.

based af

They have a university in shitass Cape Breton

Quebec sucks dick and is full of a bunch of leftist faggots, just like real France. No one in Canada likes them and their trash province cant even support themselves

>a bunch of leftist faggots
a bunch of leftist faggots

That's why they elected Legault and are the only province standing up to that pc migrant bs. Bet you're from the maritimes.

>their trash province cant even support themselves

Just like the maritimes....

for loo

Nah not from the maritimes, originally from North Bay but moved out to the northern part of the prairies. At least the maritimes arent total leaches on other provinces are are generally nice people. Stay made you french faggots

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