It's Time we Talked : Don't Get Triggered

The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school all had smartphones with them in classrooms. This is a public school .gov

1. smartphones are not required for academic learning

2. geolocation and internal algorithm targetting were all fully active the day Nicholas Cruz killed over 30 people

3. Nicholas had been encouraged to do so on Instagram and was known to be autistic with a range of mental health problems.

4. Students in the classroom filmed the scene during and after he shot people.

5. Nicholas faces the death penalty.

6. Nicholas was highly praised for his shooting abilities in his recruitment program. Picture is of Nicholas wearing his uniform.

How many things are wrong with this picture and why?

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Cruz was on the ROTC shooting team, but everyone pretends never met this kid or he was some weirdo loner. They always say the same shit about patsies.

when Cruz went to the mcdonalds he immeditaly sat down and talked to Maddy Wilfords brother.

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You know, I honestly didnt pay much attention to this shooting.. anyone care to give me a quick rundown?

he was hardwired into his phone with the skills to back it up.

Didnt one of his foster parents work for military intel?

Standard affair. Jewish kid with a rifle went into his high school and started blasting. Killed like 20 I think? Mostly jewish school, bunch of douchebags.

nick honey it was actually me, sort of. the internet got us wired up all wrong. will be in a concrete 'cell' soon but we're opening the window up to let in all the light. i got my sights set on the bait shop.

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not sure. but they were too old to adopt. his mother had also died recently.

apparently he had his phone since he was 14.

He did what he was told and that's good enough.

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>he only has the star
lmao what a fag I got the wreath his unit must be shit

Also I live in polk county and his shooting team is shit we went up against them but Cruz wasn't on at that time he's a fucking faggot

thanks for your comment but there's more to it than that...

>He did what he was told


yea James Snead. This is the weirdest part. for SOME reason this family just decides to take him in.

Unless Cruz was like BEST FRIENDS with their son, I cant figure out why they would take him in

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>>He did what he was told

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I'll hold my reservations. Are you suggesting that smart phones connected to the internet were used as the psychological trigger?

>smart phones connected to the internet were used as the psychological trigger


He was being rewarded for the idea, is one element of the problem.

It's very likely and possible

goblina bullied the shit out of him

they all did. some of them even joked about him 'shooting up the school one day'. to an autist, thats a green light.

Like being given positive reinforcement with AI algorithms for having bad/negative thoughts? My question would be then the theory would work because we know what happens with pavlov. How exactly would you reinforce the behavior in the first place?

something happens to him. Look at his movements after the shooting. He goes to the walmart, gets a soda. Then he travels south the mcdonalds. Sits down talks to Maddy Wilfords brother. asks if can catch ride with the brothers's mom.

then leaves the mcdonalds and wanders south into some secluded neighborhood. Now if you watch arrest videos you can easily tell there is something wrong with him. He can barely keep his head up

fake shooting, mind-controlled patsy

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>being given positive reinforcement with

likes. verbal encouragement and suggestion...

>AI algorithms
as well

>How exactly would you reinforce the behavior in the first place?

with Likes.

here is a map. the little diamond is where he gets arrested

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So this wouldn't really be about one person then rather a group of people being given positive reinforcement for negative behavior and this individual was conditioned to channel his negative thoughts into psychical violence by the people he trusted?

>>>He did what he was told

and yet, he faces the death penalty or life imprisonment.

who belongs in jail instead?

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interesting thanks.

>given positive reinforcement for negative behavior and this individual was conditioned to channel his negative thoughts into psychical violence by the people he trusted?

an autist, yes.

Alright you have my almonds activated. This already actually exists with current technology and could be weaponized.


Yes, in my opinion it already is.

hidden in plain sight

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Is there any proof besides it could be though? Everyone should be able to grasp that advertisements work and it could be used in many ambiguous ways from inane to dubious. Like an organization or bread crumb besides google and facebook algorithms? Kind of hard to prove it without access to what they're legally allowed to hide.

He was an mk-ultra orphan. Pic related is a screen shot of Nick being sold at the age of seven by One World Adoptions (they had a human trafficking app). He was tricked into showing up at the school and later he was zapped with amnesia. The pros that run these ops would never depend on a patsy like Nicholas Cruz to do any actual shooting. Way too much risk.

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>Derren Brown
He's a known liar and obfuscation of truth. I understand it's possible but, I'd never take truth from one of the methods used for implementation and programming.

what about sirhan sirhan

Nicholas Cruz is hot

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his foster parents Roger and Lynda Cruz were probably part of some network. Not sure about the screenshot though.

I'm not arguing the possibility of a Manchurian candidate. I'm saying one can't be created for the purposes of cheap televised gimmicks and it's easier to pay a kid to act like a shooter than it is to create one.

Go on?

Nik Cruz foster dad Roger P Cruz died in 2004
President of Robert Mark Enterprise, Inc.

June 5, 1988, Section WC, Page 12 NYT
>But now, Irwin Weiner of Eastchester (Dr. I) will be presiding over the 15th annual Dr. I Fund Foundation dinner. It will be staged June 18 at the Rye Town Hilton.
>''People think that because you're in business in Westchester, you're not doing well. I do a $40-million-a-year printing business. Some people I meet in sports think, gee, I must be going out of business. Why else would I be in Westchester?''
>The major business is the huge commercial printing company called Robert Mark Enterprises (a son of his partner, Roger Cruz, is named Robert while one of Mr. Weiner's four sons is Mark). Mr. Weiner's daughter, Ellen, is his secretary and another son, Jeffrey, is in the business. The firm is in the Westchester Tower, where it has a complete floor.
>Mr. Weiner, who will be 55 years old next month, has a varied array of activities that includes serving as a trustee of New York Medical College in Valhalla. He also did a four-year stint as Police Commissioner of Eastchester.

Roger Cruz was in business with this guy Irwin Weiner. sounds like a mossad front

He claimed to have heard voices that told him to carry out this attack. Cohencidentally, about a year later it was made public that there's technology to transmit audio into directly into someone's ear ( It has been claimed that this technology can only be used in a relatively short range, but if """new""" technology (especially tech that can be used for military purposes) is made public, then you can be damn sure that in reality they've advanced it much further than they would like us to believe. I suspect that the CIA chose this kid for his mental instability and has used this tech to make him carry out the attack.

Sirhan Sirhan is a somewhat different animal. He was mind-controlled, he showed up with a gun, and he wildly fired off his revolver at the Ambassador. At the same time, Thane Eugene Cesar shot RFK at almost point blank range from behind. Sirhan Sirhan remembers events before and after the shooting, but nothing about the shooting itself. This parallels exactly the circumstances of Mark David Chapman in the John Lennon killing.

obvious crisis-actor trannies are obvious. THOSE ARE MEN, BABY

Weiner died in 2001. This guy was quiet the jew
>President and founder of Irwin Weiner Sports Enterprises. President and founder of Dr. I Fund Foundation, Trustee New York Medical College, Board Member of the Rachmiel Levine Diabetes Foundation, The Maurice Stokes Foundation, The Lautenberg Center at Hebrew University, Hospital for Joint Disease Orthopedic Institute, Former Chairman Westchester Holocaust Commission, Recipient of the Terrance Cardinal Cooke Medal, The Torch of Learning Award from American Friends of Hebrew University, and Westchester County Humanitarian Award. Donations in lieu of flowers in memory of Irwin Weiner Scholarship Fund, NY Medical College, Valhalla, NY

look into the names in pic related

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nah they are just mormons. Her dad looks like CIA or military

The real problems were with faggot leftist polices that allowed him to continue to be a student even though he threatened people for years. Everyone knew he was the most likely person to shoot up the school. The reason for these policies were to juke the stats. It's what inner city police dept. do. They had a policy where you needed to have 3 misdemeanors bf they even reported it to the police to keep reports down.

I know all about that guy. This whole operation was orcestrated by jews. Just like Boston Bombing, just like sandy hook, just like Poway, ect. Big influencial Jews & their families behind the scenes

happens internally first, then on the ground by default : smartphones being the plug-in to the assault grid > social media.

maybe it actually happened, i dont care to know anymore. all that matters is that many of them did not happen.
if it did happen, the kids shouldve just blocked the bullets with their hands, like this girl did

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1. Same adress had TWO Nicolas Cruz's

2. Older is military personal

3. Younger was contacted 39 times by the FBI

4. Broward County had stopped prosecuting juveniles, something which ALL local gangs immediately took advantage of

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>1. Same address had TWO Nicolas Cruz's
>2. Older is military personal

and what does this do to him internally

His name is Nicholas Jacob Cruz but the media insisted on calling him Nicholas Jesús Cruz. I assumed this was because it couldn't resist taking a swipe at Christianity, but maybe those were two different people.

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what address?

thats the mystery house.

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Fake and gay staged by jews lik e all fake shootings. All actors

David Hogg is Michael Douglas grandson or something.. The bald latino looking bitch is his cousin or sister or something, can't remember

Take a look at how many mass shootings/false flags had two people of the exact same name.

I can think of the Charlottesville driver off the top of my head.

yea that address always puzzled me. the only thing I could think of. That is where he lived with his mother after she sold their old house in 2017 (I think 2017)

There was another address where Cruz supposedly lived--right next door to the Chabad.

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They said the same thing to me too but i didn´t do something like that or intend to. I would understand his hatred towards those people. But there´s also a chance that he became the victim of an experiment.

>they bully the shit out of the kid
>kid fights back
>kid is arrested and bullies rise to celebrity status

yea thats the Sneads house. Going by the timeline. His mother died Nov, 1st. He was living here then he stays with Roxanne Deschamps for a little while. Maybe till December? Then he shacked up with the sneads for a little while, but it couldnt have been that long

all this time his brother is never mentioned. Did that kid even go to school?

Another huge surprise about Parkland is that the shooting happened during a drill. Oh, and here's some interesting info regarding the GAS MASK Cruz was wearing...

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Stupid Greenbergs :D

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>Is there any proof besides it could be though?
Get into Cicada 3301 and they will give you a demo.

That link is 404, you got another one user? I wanna spread this in redpill threads.

the interesting thing I remeber when they talked about the smoke grenades & they said there were no smoke grenades, but if you read the accounts of the poeple in the building during the shooting, there were smoke grenades going off.

2 teachers on the 3rd floor said the gunman had a mask on. The police viewing the security footage comment that he may be wearing a gas maks as he runs down to the 2nd floor.

but Cruz was never wearing a gas mask

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there is that florida connection

The fact that one of the teachers has been repeatedly stating that she locked herself in a classroom and noted that there were more than one shooter, dressed in armor, capping off students.

Oh I don't think he was wearing a gas mask, or even inside the school building during the shooting. I do think it's odd that another Parkland student's father--a volunteer cop--bought a rifle and a gas mask in the month before the shooting. And then his son tried to milk the shooting for political gain himself...until Hogg elbowed him out.

I have theory that possibly maybe there 2 events going on. 1 was a drill. maybe Cruz was part of that. then the police move in start the real damage. or something. becuase peoples stories are not aligning.

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Recruitment drives and secret societes have never really interested me. Too many rituals and hoops to jump through before you find out it's time to train the new guys.

It creeped me out. Not interested in what they are doing any more, I don't like the freaky shit.

Very possible. Another weird aspect that I've never figured out is the Chinese ROTC supposedly dead kid's dad was involved in some kind of espionage ring.

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But I heard he receives lots of fangirl mail.

Weren't there roasties mailing him about how hot he was and etc. So what if that's a way to keep him from breaking character. Positive reinforcement for negative behavior

My wife went to Columbine High school and the locals there swear ul and down that a lot of the kids killed were shot by cops. The girl "who was shot cause she believed in jesus" used to babysit my wife.

I always felt like there was some connection with the ROTC.

peter wang was one that got my attention. Cause he was missing for awhile. Actually come to think of it. Quiet a few kids were missing for a while

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Killed 17, injured 17.

Yeah the missing kids were being replaced by the celebrities that got to be on CNN

connected internally to military..

this wouldnt suprise me one bit. As a recent example that Dayton Ohio shooting. The cops shot 2 people. Same with the Sante Fe shooting

If you’re claiming there weren’t photos there were. I saw the initial photos with slumped over kids on the floor and pools of blood

yea if you got back to the follow days after the shooting. you can see they already had their little circle of kids picked out. mostly jewish. They're all in the theater and AV programs.

oh yea and the token blacks just so it doesnt look too obvious

t. Shlomo

are you talking about those low res, shaky phone cam videos?

>>they bully the shit out of the kid

then he's rewarded online and encouraged = "they like me now"

Why isn't Instagram being shut down for promoting this kind of hateful behavior towards a genius with his own weird quirks like many geniuses have?

all we need is the coordinates, his phone number, date of birth, and his facebook account number..

where are the sources for all this information?
if you want me to buy your bullshit, you have to tell me how you know what you know

here is another thing to keep in mind. they released this propganda horse crap a year after the shooting. gotta nail that official narrative into everyones head.

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he had a bunch of instragram accounts. All that shit is long gone though.