I've been a psychologist for 12 years and I've rarely seen a footage like this...

I've been a psychologist for 12 years and I've rarely seen a footage like this. That poor girl is completely mentally ill, period. Why is everybody acting like it's "edgy but cool" or "autist" behavior? Can't people see she's clearly unconscious in her multiple personalities? The moment she speaks "I shouldn't even be here" with the scare in her eyes might actually be the most sincere and true statement from her ever.

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She's lisa Simpson on crack

Psychology is a jew pseudoscience field.
Mental Illness doesn't exist.
Aspergers isn't a mental illness either, it's a neurological defect.

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I've been a psycho archivist for a dozen earth rotations and I ain't neva seen no shiet liek that

Where the link you buttwhore skank

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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who wrote her stupid speech?

So what is transgenderism then?


A fetish

She is acting, this aint her true personality. Thats why she has more personalities. She aint herself at all, wich is perfectly normal for a young girl participating in such fields.

I always said giving a child her age that kind of platform is abusive

I have been a misogynist for 12 years and I can confirm this cracka ass bitch kray kray but that's creepy ass crackas for you

Kek. Fpbp. For once the leaf was not a fag.

She looks like Damien from The Omen.


mental trauma. wouldnt consider it an "illness" like diabetes or the flu, but it is pretty close to being a mental illness

There's something wrong with her. That's for damn sure.

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Where did she even come from? One day I've never heard of her the next day she's addressing the UN

She is stunning, powerful and brave. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for stealing her childhood.

It's the parents' fault. Life gave them a potato, and they made potato salad. By selling the little tuber to the UN to be a mouthpiece.

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Satanic agenda implemented through man-hating society and autogynephilia.

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She'll be locked up in laughing school in a few years.

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Yeah I've never seen footage like this, it's really bad acting. It's the worst acting I've seen since Sharknado.

If noone posts a link I going to be bretty disappoint.

Its either a fetish or PTSD from daddy touching you where he shouldnt.
Either way, its curable, either thriugh electroshocks or force the person into the military to grow some balls.

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I just thought it was terrible acting. Her parents must be earning a fortune

>Can't people see she's clearly unconscious in her multiple personalities

desu why would anyone care?

I mean this from psychological view point.

No, they wouldn't care. They would commend her future accomplishments.

You must be the poor man psychologist...

Maybe you guys are wrong (like usual). At some point this board has to realise how below average intelligence it really is. This board literally believed Trump would save white people.

A fetish developed by sexual abuse that ends after surgery. Go ahead, and look how many regret the surgery for this very reason. They lose all sex drive, and motivation to find attention from "potential mates", and go into full suicide pill. GO AHEAD.

When you're sold to globohomo UN pederists, by your parents at the ripe age of 10 to be systematically brainwashed taken unaccompanied across open waters on a yacht to be used as their personal sock puppet, you can get a little weird.
You can see the ticks on her face as she goes through this recurring trauma

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>"I shouldn't even be here" with the scare in her eyes
MKultra programming, original repressed personality showing up.

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Just watched it.
I expected it to be bad, and it was worse than I thought.

Nah, but he was better than that Clinton beach

>I borrowed it from a friend!
>Uh.....my parents did too!

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She looks seriously bugged out in this webm, I know she’s kind of spergy but this is unusual. It takes one to know one and I think a lot of /pop/ innately realizes she’s not simply an autist.

Would it be immoral to create deepfakes of her or shoop her head on nudes ?


Unironically no, he wasn't

Yeah it kind of takes you off guard how shit she is at acting. 'Cause at first you might just think "hey this girl might be genuinely upset", but then you realize it's just a retard trying to act annoyed.



>force the person into the military to grow some balls
>clapistani forces are full of trannies

"I've been a psychologist for 12 years"

user pls, we know you are a stupid corporation cuck, you don't need to lie to us.
Listen and let the young save the world, they do it for themselves AND for you.

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A self-perpetuating delusion.
MTF's tend to have a profoundly negative idea of what a masculine role entails - I talked to an MTF on here who said they tried to be a man, but couldn't handle "acting like an asshole all the time".

The implication being that they believed that in order to be considered a legitimate man, they HAD to act in a belligerent, predatory way.

This stereotype didn't come from traditional morality, to be sure.
Take the idealized gentleman for instance; he is polite, kindly and well-heeled, but fierce if provoked.
This idea of masculinity as being profoundly negative and predicated on aggression and tyranny is one promoted by Feminists and "progressive" types.
Being exposed to such a profoundly negative concept thereof, it's small wonder the misinformed choose to reject their own genitals and become hideous surgically altered homonculi.

What is your eval on me? Out of curiosity...

>with the scare in her eyes might actually be the most sincere and true statement from her ever.

I think that proves that lefties are manipulating her and using her as a TOOL of the left. Seems to me that was a "woke" moment. She might do well to be "red pilled" especially about that CLIMATE CHANGE BULLSHIT...

wouldn't it be FUN to win her over to OUR side, see her apologize for falling for the lefty BULLSHIT, and UNLOAD everything she knows and who was behind it all???

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Listen fellow pasta.
Se sei un coglione o un ritardato di merda va anche bene, ma almeno sii grato che qualcuno porti attenzione ad un problema banalissimo che viene ignorato da anni.

Non c'è bisogno di fare le passerine triggerine ed insultare una ragazzina, quando lei si sta battendo e sta facendo qualcosa anche per il tuo culo ritardato e pigro come la merda.

Sii grato che qualcuno faccia qualcosa anche per te.

My thoughts exactly. I feel sorry for her. Imagine having illusions and paranoia like she has.

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I have asburgers and been around other spergs since childhood, this is not normal behaviour for someone like that. That speech was the cringies shit I've ever seen in the past years

Totally mentally damaged, she's resemble a rape or kidnapping victim with permanent mental disorders. Totally MKULTRA'D, damaged and lobotomized by the jewish freemasonic kaabalistic and satanic elites on a masonic lodge next door, used as a toy, as a doll to promote lies and poverty, to prevent developing countries to grow, to stop South Asia, South America and Africa economies, to make poor people across the world stay poor forever. That's what the false global warming is about, THEY DON'T WANT TO LOSE POWER AND THEIR POSITION AS THE ONLY RICH GROUPS.

This acting and monologue by this kid was a freak, bizarre, satanic and even peadophile show by the fallen entites and powers from the abyss that mislead mankind since the begining of times.


When that person is being manipulated into doing and saying the wrong thing - why would you be grateful towards them?
Instead, you should pity them, and try to free them from the people who are manipulating them.


She is beeing told what to say by her puppet masters
Her mom who is an actor instigated this for fame and selling her book

> She is fighting for you.

Kek, do you think such a person would be allowed to give a speech in front of UN drones?


she's adorable

>While acknowledging that her diagnosis "has limited me before", she does not view her autism as an illness and has instead called it her "superpower".
>Essayist Steve Silberman, writing in Vox, points out that being on the autism spectrum enables Thunberg to be fearless in her rhetoric.


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Sicuramente te sei un pentastellato cornuto. Che cazzo fa quella ragazza per noi? Cerca di farci vergognare per gli errori dei nostri antenati e non propone nessuna soluzione. Se non è un'attrice pagata e fottuta dalle Nazioni Unite allora è una ragazzina stupida che non regge. Lascia che gli adulti trovino una vera soluzione, non sputtanare la gente di fronte a una telecamera per far finta di lottare per il pianeta.

I don't "feel sorry" for her at all. She's choosing all of this, no doubt. But at 16 you OFTEN make STUPID choices. This was one of them.

Could be worse, she could bear George Soros' love child...

(I saw a photo of her with Soros recently, can't seem to locate it - maybe I forgot to save it)

(pic indcates what she needs right now)

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wait 2 years then you can legally COOM in her


Lol, translate that nigger blabbing


i have heard rumor about a pizza video of Gretas mother.
anyone has a link?

this shit happened countless times already, liberal media picks up a "girl" and pushes her to the max hype, remember the girl that addressed Andropov to not get into a nuclear war and then she died shortly in some """accident"""? remember Malalah who is nothing but an islamist little bitch herself who was all over the news 4 or 5 years ago?


The girl doesn't understand what she's talking about, in fact she doesn't even care despite all the edgy acting she's been doing. She should study something useful and become somebody and after 20 or 30 years from now, maybe we should listen to what she will have to say, but only in here scope of experience and knowledge

Hew a based leaf, it must really be the end times. Might as well pickup a ban then.

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Let's meme the Methane out of her

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i can SEE the co2.

I wonder how she would react if someone whipped out a tuned vw toureg v10tdi and started rolling coal.

A child of ten whoring herself for "the sake of climate" doesn't have to be fearless, she has nothing to fear. She can climb up on that stage and say practically whatever the fuck she wants because she gets a free-pass because she's a retard, because she's a girl, because she's young or because she fights for the earth. What the fuck are they on about.

>I've been a psychologist for 12 years
so what?
you think you know shit, no you don't

>let the young save the world, they do it for themselves AND for you.
No, fuck them, fuck the shitskins future and fuck you

I broke up with a girl after an argument we had about this precocious little fuck. I mean, it was already on the cards but I'd finally had enough of her champagne socialist faggotry which was revealed in full to me.

it's a funny speech, she has to look angry, even as she looks down to find the next thing to say

Yeah, like you.

Decades of corporation lies for what?
Climate change is real, scientist are all in but you and your retarded friend don't listen to them.
You listen to McDonald's, to Trump,and to who knows what megacorporation is affected financially.

Everyday you smile and ridicule others because "kek i'm smart", but in reality what exactly you do?
You believe the most basic lie coming from the status quo.

"Nah, climate change is a hoax, don't worry" said the CEO of a company who pays 0 taxes.

epstein? no, ur deat

this is some brainlet level caption making

Holy shit spot on. Methhead Lisa Simpson

>I've rarely seen a footage like this
>no videos,no links
Homosexual & Negroid

Interesting take.

Don't complain they could find a girl that is capable.

embitterment disorder on top of all her other issues

>Manipulated little girl
>Doing thing FOR US
>Not for the people sponsoring her and behind "clean" energy and related shit
Bel meme

Wrong. Psychology is the most exact of sciences. It is applied precisely to you and only you as an individual. You are the scientist.

Ultimately, this. And row boat back to Europe.

I've been an exorcist for 12 years and I've rarely seen a footage like this. That poor girl is completely demented, period. Why is everybody acting like it's "edgy but cool" or "autist" behavior? Can't people see she's clearly possessed by multiple demons? The moment she speaks "I shouldn't even be here" with the scare in her eyes might actually be the most sincere and true statement from her ever.

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She's nothing more than the presentable, cute mascot of a movement. Her personal handler is Luisa-Marie Neubauer of the influential Reemtsma family dynasty who's being backed by all these globohomo rich people like Bill Gates and Bono.


>satanic agenda
>nothing satanic about it
Neck yourself dipshit

Yup. Doing that little trip of hers cost the planet more than my last holidays by plane, why the fuck does she have to physically be there to insult people if she thinks it's so damned important to save the fucking planet?

> back to school

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Da bravo italiano dimmerda come sei ovviamente mi dai del pentastellato, manco fosse una cosa da ritardati cinquestelle volere che il mondo non vada in merda.

Lei è una ragazzina porco dio, non ha soluzioni ed è ovvio che non le abbia.
Come non le posso avere io e come non le puoi avere te.

Quello di buono che sta facendo però è dire a tutti di ascoltare I FOTTUTI SCIENZIATI.
Non è molto, non è complicato.

Solo che gente di merda come te e gli altri utenti qua dentro, non so per quale motivo sinceramente, continuate a negare che sia tutto vero.

Grazie al cazzo che i conservatori e tutto il branco di ricchi di merda vanno contro Greta e non vogliono regolamentazioni.
Son vecchi di merda che non vogliono rinunciare a niente.
Ma per gente come te, me e gli altri stronzi qui dentro, che senso ha?

Sul serio, serve una ragazzina di merda a dirvi una cosa così ovvia?
Per forza che vi triggerate, se pure un 16enne vi viene a fare la morale su una cosa ccosì ovvia.

No perchè su questo pianeta ci vivi anche te coglione, se non te ne sei accorto.

That’s a good one ^^

I'm hoping its bait but plenty of people are that retarded.