If our enemies can brainwash our women

If our enemies can brainwash our women
Why shouldn't we brainwash them back?

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Our enemies are deamoness...

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I don't understand this shit. Just do crowfunding, hire some jews and tell them to fix everything back. Easy!

Kikes are master tricksters. Just take their money and power away, then they are weak.

The whole point in them brainwashing the women is so they’re not loyal to their race, and we all already know wogs are not loyal to their race.
Dum dum

Because by the time you've brainwashed them back, they've got more miles on them than a 57 Chevy. They're also likely single mothers. And desu, I'm too busy working my ass off to keep a roof over my head to play surrogate daddy to some cunt who hates me for imaginary reasons like she was a six year old.

No you don't understand idiot. I mean brainwash women.

It seemed like you were implying nonwhite women though.

I could imagine Ben sitting in a corner watching tyrones and chads run a train on her

hmmmm i really wonder what would a 21st century woman prefer between 2 talking points
>marriage with looksmatch, loyalty, responsibility, morals and motherhood
>sexual liberation, abortions, orbiting from numales and life on tutorial mode provided to you by state
the only thing you would get by telling a woman today to be mother is her calling you a backwards close minded misogynist

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I think it is perfectly viable to brainwash women into obediant rightwing sexy housewives using subtle memes and brainwashing methods.
They won't even notice.
And yes sexy because the idea is to make being a good woman sexy and naughty.

>our women

Stop thinking that women are Disney Princesses.
They are just as big of an asshole like every other men, they just carry their balls higher.

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Got access to major social media platforms?
Got access to major television networks?
Got access to magazines?

Stiff competition to jump in the game now. Better off cutting your losses and settling down with an Amish girl, or be lucky enough to have settled down already.

Because they brainwashed us too.

you literally made me laugh with this post. i took a lot of cbd oil recently as well.

>our women
What women you complete idiot?

We are. Brainwashing a population is a generational project. It takes on the order of 20-25 years, minimum.

I'm actively red pilling my hot gf she wants to get married and become impregnated.

Spot on mate thats the spirit.

Do you have power over the movie, tv, music, and news industry? All jew controlled.

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This is why they hate the church, they can't control it.