i'm fucking losing it here!
the goddamn postal service is incompetent and completely fucking worthless!!
how do we get rid of these overpaid lazy assholes and go 100% private sector for delivery of mail?

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Calm down schizo

Second Amendment
Useless postal service
Shoot all postal services

Have you ever actually tried mailing something? Flat rate fee, faggot. If it fits, it ships.

you don't know what it means to hate the jews before you used OUR post office

Shipping has such a high cost of entry that if ISPs left it would 100% turn into an oligopoly.

>the federal government sends an employee to your door once every deliver bills and advertising

and no one even notices

they have one job and they cant get that right.
delivered my amazon packages to a mailbox three blocks from my house on a different street. argued with me when i called and complained and after a giant bitch session they figured it out. oops, sorry was the answer.
next week they didnt even bother to deliver until i called and raised holy hell and again i had to argue with some stupid cunt.
then last week they managed to lose a registered priority mail envelope that costs a lot of money to mail. again, bitching and arguing about where the fuck it was. it showed up two days late and it was mangled.
then , just now i found out that a package that i ordered was recieved by them yesterday and didnt get actually get on the road until almost midnight tonight causing it to take an extra day to get here. my seller sent me an email telling me it was shipped yesterday morning and it didnt leave the post office until almost midnight so i wont have it until friday instead of thursday.
wtf is wrong with these fucking assholes!
dont they get enough pay, they make twice what i do and it seems like they have off every other week for some fucking stupid holiday.
i want all mail delivered by a private sector shipper.
if this was the case i would have my order within a day or two instead of taking a fucking week and it wouldnt be mangled when i get it.
the federal government is getting worse with their service by the minute and they answer to nobody even though we are forced to pay their ridiculous bloated salaries.
less government!!!!!!
its not just me, everyone in my town has complaints about their mail service constantly.
how do we get rid of them for good!!!


thats their claim and they ake the money with promises of guaranteed delivery dates and then the shit never shows on time.
maybe i should just start telling my sellers that i am not buying from them ever again if they us usps.

Imagine haggling over the price of a stamp

kek. thanks 4 posting.
ordered stamps 7 days ago. just emailed that they "shipped". which will take another 7 days to get here. shits retarded

i've had issues in Georgia and now here in Virginia. Packages too big for the box crammed into it because the lazy fucks don't want to walk it to the door. Crammed to the point it's taken me 5 minutes to get it out and damaged my mailbox in the process. One guy refused to shut the door to my mailbox. When i filed a complaint i caught him beating on the door in a fit of rage. Filed another complaint about that and he tenderly gently closed it being smarmy and actually kissed his hand and then patted it. Fucking childish behavior. The best one though was we ordered dog food. Admittedly the package is a little heavy, but i watched this cunt literally roll it off the back of her mail truck into the middle of my driveway and then leave it. This is also the cunt who drive around wearing earbuds, which is illegal. Fuck the USPS, you have no redress with these people. They are a government entity and know they are beyond reach and can do basically whatever they want with no risk of being terminated.

>imagine not investing in "forever" stamps 20 years ago

you could be a millionaire right now, bro

They didn't bring your anime pillow on time?

We all lack some ancap lads

it's a fucking joke.
they take your money and then screw you and when you complain they tell you it's your fault and that they are awesome and you are just stupid and overreacting.
you should have seen the look on that guys face when i went down there bitching and they had to tell me that the carrier who supposedly scanned my mail at my address actually delivered my merch to someone else.
how do they fuck that up?
i've complained online and on the phone and nothing is being done.
they have to go.
the postal service is nothing but a huge waste of money.

it was my cock pump but what if it was my schizo meds?

Niggers have infested the USPS. That's why it's inefficient.

seriously, post all your horror stories.
get everyone pissed so we can get rid of these fuckers.

that doesnt surprise me a bit since the whole gov is infested with them and is dysfunctional.

The USPS here only hires military veterans.

i track my shit until it gets here and i watched a package arrive in chicago from china and then make its way all the way up to maryland and spend a couple days there and then back to chicago and then finally to wisconsin.
it's unreal.

Fuck UPS too bunch of niggers and robots

>Be retarded
Order stuff from a postal service without knowing how mail works.
>Retards think its that simple.

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More like everyone on the fucking planet is a potato except me.
>Muhhhh eggo's

they set minimum price control through (((surepost)))
most of the economy should be nationalised but nothing like usps

your post made zero sense.
do you work for usps?


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Lel, wait until everyone in this thread realizes that their mail costs so much to ship things in order to provide severely cheap postage for china.

i paid ten bucks shipping for something that fits in a little padded envelope and weighs ten grams.
fucking thieves.