Chinese cops in Serbia now

Chinese cops in Serbia now

our president has the Chinese cock so far up his ass it almost bursts out of his mouth

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Servia YES

How do we deal with the Servian Question?
>gypsy niggers of Southeast Europe
>hated by everyone
>ZOG puppets
>backstabbers and traitors
>Africa-tier cities and infrastructure
>constant source of instability in the Balkans
>Dinarid subhumans at best, when their DNA is not ruined by gypsy, greek and turkish shit

Serbs have been genocided by EVERYONE who's ever had contact with them - Croats, Bosnians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Albanians, Italians, Germans, Turks, Austrians... the list goes on. They're like the Jews - backstabbing all their neighbors, being expelled in retaliation, and then crying victim.

I'll give you a short cliffnotes on their Jewry through history

>Stole Vojvodina from Hungary
>Stole Macedonia from Bulgaria
>Still oppress Vlachs in Banat
>Declared war on Slovenia for no reason
>Tried to steal Krajina from Croatia
>Tried to annex Montenegro

It's only a matter of time until the gloves come off and these subhumans are dealt with for the final time - but how can we come to a non-violent solution?

I suggest deportation to India and Turkey where they belong.

I get Turkey but why India as well?

>gypsy niggers

I probably have more Slavic blood than you
Go back to licking shit from the Clintons' toilet

>Slavic blood
Is what you drink during chentik gay orgies. Serbia is one of the few nations in Europe without its own culture, a rogue state of the balkans

>spent almost all of its medieval existence as a vassal of byzant sandnigs without any notable achievements
>entire medieval heraldry borrowed from raperoach byzant
>'''''their'''' cyrillic script was created and spread by Bulgarians
>had an '''''''''empire'''''''' that didn't even last a single generation, left no notable traces or built anything of significance
>medieval core of the Serbian state formerly known as Raška now more popularly known as Sandžak, given its name by turks
>medieval core of Serbian state is now majority muslim
>betrayed each other at the battle of Kosovo
>betrayed crusaders in crusade of Varna at a key moment in battle against turks dooming the entire balkan peninsula
>later fought extensively on the side of the turks
>230.000 registered muslims in Serbia (excluding Kosovo)
>150.000 registered gypsies in Serbia, much more gypsy-admixed mongrels
>spent half a millenia under turkish occupation
>over 8.000 turkish words in Serbian lang
>got rid of the turkish occupaiton only after centuries of internal strife inside the ottoman empire and with extensive help from other countries
>first “Serbian” dictionary came to existence only in the 19th century - copies from Croatian
>chimped out 4 times in the 90's larping as crusaders, manage to lose each war
>kill a few thousand muslims but still lose Kosovo to them, another center of Medieval Serbia
>destroyed and looted over 300 catholic religious objects in the wars of the 90s throughout Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia including monasteries, graveyards, churches that survived the ottoman invasions
>have to act as Russian cockholders and use them as leverage for politics because they have made enemies from everyone in Europe

Serbs are the niggers and villains of the balkans

LOL those fucking manlets


Based vucic better have chinese cops than eu faggots patroling our street.

You're not typing, you're pasting
How much tax money do you get paid to write this shit?

EU are jewish prostitutes but China is a huge threat to what little freedom we have left in this shithole

It's all fun and games until the commissar starts busting down your door

Reported to Xi.

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Personally hired for 100$ a post by the Nazis Archbishops of Zagreb, Washington lizards, UCK warlords, Saudi agents in Sarajevo and Israelis to keep shithole Serbia down

Ni hao, motherfuckers. Can't wait to roll into Brussels on a tank with our Chinese brethren. Wouldn't even need to fight them at this point, just install Huawei 5G. "Muzzies in camps, whites in mass graves." -old Chinkoserbian proverb
-1 social credit

It took you 5 seconds to respond before but now it takes you a couple of minutes for a single sentence?
Did you have to call your supervisor to ask them what is the protocol for when your shilling is discovered?


Are the Mainland Chinese in Serbia, outwardly decent shopkeepers but really money laundering, loan-sharking, prostitution and gambling den operating conmen who peddle fake goods in Serbia?

They're everywhere in Novi Sad. Not a day goes by that I don't see at least one Chinese group of people around. And they always travel in groups. Never seen less than 2 at once. At first I thought they were tourists but then...

Everyone hates because we have been the only dumbassed for not telling you churkas to fuck off, now the people are brainwashed and russia has a huge presence. Also death to commie chinks

> Serbia
> avergae IQ 72
I am glad my parents left that 3rd world shit-hole.

People are welcoming the most murderous Communist dictatorship that the Planet has ever seen. And no one is asking questions.

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There's a lot of shops here but I never noticed anything unusual about them
My guess is it's just Chinese people that came here looking for business

Death to commie chinks indeed, zemljace

Good on them
NATO should've finished the job back in 1999

You can't deny it. Your balkanoid blood boils once you see ancient brethren finally reunited, Klaus Popovich. You want to come home and become the man you were always meant to be.

ako si negde u blizini limana aj na buksnu


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Jesam blizu, stari grad na keju. No, moram do javnog izvrsitelja uskoro, tuzi me drzavni aparat posto nisam redovno placao informatiku. (taxation is theft)

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Can a slav post the meme of Serbia becoming smaller and smaller over the years until it's just some guys yard, then an atom, then a proton?

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Jebem im mater svinjsku, samo cekam da gledam kad budu visili sa jarbola izvrsnog veca
Uzdravlje rodjace

Teško. Srbi vole i komunizam ako je protiv amerike i natoa, nikad neće naučiti topkek

ocu ja na buksnu

well at least Chinese occupation is better than african and nafri occupation like in western Europe

>Chinese cops in Serbia now
been a thing here for a while

Better start learning Mandarin faggot!

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They were invited to help with Chinese tourists who are 99% monolingual
This is due to a massive boom from Chinese tourism

lot of green text

And don't even come back you fucking diasposhit
The Chinks helped us more then any Western country did in the last 30 years
Chinks and Russians are here building bridges, highways and pipelines while Westerners are still trying to carve out more land from us and shove more faggot parades down our throats
There were invited in the 90s to make an equivalent of dollar stores, they were invaluable to many during the various economic turmoils

He's a retarded Nordicist, and spams every thread with his nonsense
His dream is to disembowl Russia to just St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod and create muh pure ethnostate

aj buraz gde oces da se nadjemo

True, I've been saying for a while now better to have asians come in than muslims

Hah, da oderace me ko svinju sa troskovima procesa i kaznom. Aj uzdravlje!

Because 90% of their blood is either Gypsy or Turkish.

That's how it starts

Xianbei-Sino master alliance is formed, the whiteoids tremble

You have to go back crypto turk

Sve se vraca, sve se placa
Sticice njih sve to

> muh free gibs from Comrade Putin and Xi
Serbian education everyone, Nothing is free you nigger

It's a genetic problem that Serbians are poor and stupid, vast amounts of the population have very Low IQ

With a population this stupid (majority has IQ 72) there will never be prosperity in Serbia, education and universities are already 3rd class, most parts of the countryside still have no sewage.

Serbia is basically Africa with Electricity.

So what? Wouldn't you rather be Chinese than Gypsy-Turk that you are?

Other Euro countries already did this, so idk why theres screeching about Serbia
In the early 2000s we allowed NATO goons into our military bases, to oversee the dismantling of our army
And the key difference between China and the US is that the Chinese do not export their ideology, they just want to make money

Not exactly Africa, they fool people by being able to write, unlike niggers. They are literally a mix of poos and Turks speaking a slavic language.

> They were invited to help with Chinese tourists who are 99% monolingual
I've met an old couple who couldn't even speak english, they were trying to ask me for directions. Why the fuck would anyone go to a different coutnry with no means of communication?

But he's not wrong.

Oh no! Colleagues from other nations exchange knowledge tips, better sound the alarm.

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te mrzi da predjes most do parka?

>muh free gibs
Did I say it was free you retarded nigger
>It's a genetic problem that Serbians are poor
We are poor because we spent 40 years in a Communist dictatorship then 10 years getting sanctioned out the ass and getting bombed, massacred and having our territory carved out by wise and generous Westerners
>Serbia is basically Africa with Electricity
Germany will soon be actual Africa, we are making sure they get a safe passage through the Balkans to your land of prosperity, enjoy it faggot

They hire guides to do it for them

He's not, but due to having a non argument like what he wrote being pasted from somewhere, their orc IQ is high enough to reply to him, but they would never reply to me, because I'm telling an objective truth they can't refute.

That's Gypsy-Turks for you.

God is truly a Serb.


>We are poor because we spent 40 years in a Communist dictatorship then...

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From my experience with Slavs living under communist regime, they have a very US boomer like way of thinking.

Shut up hohol. Or what evet balkan buthurt german slave you are.

>We are poor because we spent 40 years in a Communist dictatorship then 10 years getting sanctioned out the ass and getting bombed, massacred and having our territory carved out by wise and generous Westerners
No, you are poor because your IQ is lower than 80 on the average. This is a fact. Germans suffered even worse, and look where they are now compared to you. Your president is literally accepting rapefugees to increase your IQ.

Sadly serbs have a nostalgic view on communism because muh hohol churkas liberated from muh nazis. Vatniks get the rope

aj kod merkatora

It is a fact that the vast majority Serbs do not have Turkish origins
The most comprehensive tracing of Serb DNA is the Proeklo DNA Project
The most prevalent Haplogroup is I2a, which is native to the Balkans
Serbs on average are 7 to 9 cm taller then Turks, futher proving my point

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Found the vatnik

Germans got billions of Americans gibs after World War 2 and didn't get bombed and dismembered in the 90s
Nice non-argument
Had the Nazis won we would've had even less territory then now, ideally Tito would've gotten killed and Draza would've cut some sort of Finnland type deal with Stalin

How will you deal with the LGBT PM, the politicians who condone it and cut deals with the Jews in the banks and the EU?
Are Chinese resented for taking jobs from Serbs?

>let's trust a Serbia. genetic study
lol no, all other studies and historians agree that ancient Serbs don't exist anymore.

Why am I a Vatnik?


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>Are Chinese resented for taking jobs from Serbs?
>How will you deal with the LGBT PM
She was a smart move, now the EU cannot use "evil homophobes" propaganda against us, and made the liberoid opposition shut the fuck up
The PM wields no power anymore, so I'm not concerned
>condone it and cut deals with the Jews in the banks and the EU
We are a Western satrap, there is no choice on these matters, we got to dodge the migrant invasion tho (they pass through Serbia but don't stay)

cekam drugara da bane pa ne mogu do grada bas da se cimam, aj ispod mosta za po sata il kod izvora u parku ako znas de je

This is why everyone hates diasposhits

aj daj diskord ili tako nesto da ne pricamo na tredu

Nah guys it's ok, what can a little bit of slant eyed tourists do anyway.
I heard many times all private armies and securities train in Montenegro and around, cause balkan strong.

You guys should show them some training grounds in Kosovo if you know what i mean.

Also please show some balkan hospitality to the EU visitors from Turkey, coming thru Bihać and below.

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nem nista od tih sranja, aj samo banes za po sata ispod mosta

Post them then
Every single map I find shows I2 as the dominant group in the Western Balkans, with secondary R1a

Historians also agree that after the Balkan wars there was a massive exodus of the Turkish population to Anatolia, some towns in the Balkans were severely depopulated from this

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ne znam te moramo negde civilizovano
napravi jednokratni mejl da pricamo il diskord to ti je dva minuta

Serbian minister is gay 100% and all his party members...and vojvodina is either indep or hungary...

show flag fag

(((Western))). Politicians, banks, mass media, education. Even the police and army is globohomo and arrests, redflags and lets refugees and minorities gets ahead.
A smart move can also be a double-edged sword. It signs the signal for Jewish globohomo funders to set up faggots and child molester syndicates in your country, they are of course, the tolerance and hate speech activists.
As far as power structures are concerned, your PM being less powerful and relevant is inverse to us with PM more powerful and relevant than President

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ggggkkkk na jednokratni

Our current President used to be PM, during his time the PM had a lot more power, then he switched to President and some rules got changed
He's now a much more authoritarian figure, though less then some of our previous Governments (notably the socialist one)
We have to play pretend with the EU that we care about their bullshit values in order to get better trade deals, they are our biggest investors after all
The Chinese and Russians together try to balance it out but it's still a long way to go

We are currently in a similar position to what we had in the Cold War, stuck between two blocs, and if we levarage it right we could do well for ourselves

He is literally a wannabe Tito.

you're that discord-tranny fucker aren't you?

>>Hated by everyone

I'm not sure, there's been a growing anti-Yugoslav sentiment recently, which is good
I think he wants to be a mini-Putin, fitting since they call us mini-Russians in the West
The best comparison is probably Orban, and Hungary is the neighbour he put the most effort in forming good relations with, he even attends the Demographic conferences to find ideas to increase the birthrate

I pity the serbs, first turks and now chinks.

Yet they pretend to be badasses on the internet.

More like mini-Erdogan desu

But he is using a lot of Tito's recipes, like "Tišina tamo".


It's pretty ironic for a russian to say this since serbs would jump through hoop to defend ruskies.

Go back to /sg/, vietnigger

I can see why Serbs might be non-hostile or friendly towards China, in the sense that they might replace the EU as largest investors, and that they will not try to push LGBT, feminism or values that conflict with Orthodox Church and Serb traditional culture.
>There is a risk of tick-borne encephalitis, a viral disease that affects the central nervous system, in Serbia.
>There is a high risk of measles in Serbia. See your doctor for advice on appropriate vaccinations before you travel. Take precautions against insect bites. Purchase comprehensive travel insurance before departure.

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I thought you don't browse le outer/pol/?

its not a russian, its a shiptar larping as a bavarian living in russia

ahaha this is your prime minister!
A liberal lesbian who wan't to bring back communism with help from China.
You guys are even worse than Sweden!

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