Rambo is racist

>It's stereotypical and xenophobic to portray Mexico as crime infested

sauce: reuters.com/article/us-mexico-violence/murders-in-mexico-rise-by-a-third-in-2018-to-new-record-idUSKCN1PF27J

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I think Rambo 5 was the softest and least brutal Rambo.

Stallone is still starring in films?

>Lots of people getting killing
>Eugenics in overdrive
>Mexico super power by 2024

My legs!

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fucking hell. These spics are animals

Unlike eurofags, our civilization is still masculine and only the strongest mexicans live up to the age of 80

I think he should of killed twice as many mexicans and he should of had a pit bull eat someones nuts off too.

what warrants thi kind of fucking act? seriously why are people like this? what the fuck did this guy do?

he didn't pay his debts

that's nothing, watch the one with the dude who had his face and hands removed while still alive. Probably was just taking out the competition though, the one where the cop and his young son get slowly butchered while next to each others is most savage I've seen. Anyway shitskins are animals, period.

He suggested using WPF instead of WinForms

>they hit him with his own legs

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maybe he talked with police or journalists. Maybe he had debts. Maybe he stole. in the book "Power of the Dog"by Don Winslow a Cartell guy shoots his neighbor because he complains about music being too loud.

Rambo 6.66 Earth's Blood; John Battles Climate Change...

Your country is a shithole, you lead the world in crime rates, murder and human trafficking. Trump should drop a glass dome on Mexico and not let anybody out of there.

your country is open day field for gay pride parades and in 20 years your women will stop having children with you and date people from subsaharian africa while the suicide rates skyrocket

Say what you say but it's clear your globohomo culture failed whereas the "third world" latino culture succeeded

Poland is ethnically homogenous with few shitskins, low crime rates and good economic prospects.

Meanwhile, Mexico is full of dirty spics, crime and corruption.

You tell me where any sane person would prefer to live.

>Poland is ethnically homogenous with few shitskins, low crime rates and good economic prospects.
For now, call me in 20 years Vladimir

What happened to western europe will happen to the slavs too

I don't think that he would be able to pay them death, so either Mexicans are stupid or he was a snitch

What the fuck. That's worse then the dog eating the guys nuts.