Asian guys on suicide watch

Asian guys on suicide watch.

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Sick, shes a mermaid. Luring you into the depths with her beauty.

>tfw no chinese gf that pays you to sex her

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>chinese girl
this is weird bait

>people will think this image is real

You might want to double check the names there

When Asian "men" spam (((blacked))) on Jow Forums 24/7 then they think there women will turn around and love them for doing such a "manly" thing of spamming (((blacked))) on Jow Forums and then they will call themselves r/aznmasculinity.

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I wouldn't fuck a gook bitch coz when I see what gook "men" are like I could never risk perpetuating such faggot dna.

who spams this shit and why?

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Stick a rubber on it Bruce

lel tencent is gonna pay it in 2 dimes.

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I work as a "white bull" for asian couples in Sydney AMA

every culture give their precious women one step down

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post the proof cunt then post funny stories

Can't really post proof but I have lots of stories.

Asian women for white men, white women for black man. What will black women and Asian men do?

Nice made up story bro.

>can't really post proof
do your best, and just start posting stories faggot. fuck amas give us fun greentext, and stop acting like a cuck.

Pls tell me this isn't true because that is the most ridiculous fucking that I have ever heard.

Asian men will devour the black women because they're not above eating wild animals.

Chinese source please Satoshi

There's no way a guy with that tummy would use a shirtless pic along with that post.

>Asian guys
There is no such thing as asian guy.
They are all different kind of women.

most jew-loving, refugee-importing, feminist and lgbt-pushing country of Nordia, you just signed your own boipucci destruction warrant.

Redheads are the master race
Start watching and supporting girls who actually game or have value.

Here's one I found that is having a bad day and doesn't e thot. The game is rigged. Show her support and make ger smile. She's based.

> taking money from a woman
Humiliating, unless you're a teenager and it's your mom or aunt.

Except getting paid to fuck women, that's peak chad

he would

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Asian women are no different than any other woman.

Pic related made $500k a year and his wife still left him with their son

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> being a male prostitute
> chad

Based techbro poster, I visit g sometimes myself

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Hey now, remember we're talking about fantasy scenarios where it's only hot babes buying sex, not how it is in reality.

>I lost my wife to a bus driver in Germany
top fucking kek

God i wish white men didnt exist. I am so fucking tired of dealing with the bleach meme. Its like the blacked thing except its actually true. Noodle whores are race traitors that should be burned at the stake.
Imagine living your life constantly emasculated by even the soiboys of white people. Its soooooo fucking cancer aaaaaaaaahahhahahhahaaaaa

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And because of cases like this i stopped giving a shit.

T. white guy.

Why can't something like this ever happen to me?

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>no source

this is a lie

Not male prostitution, but just a guy that gets paid by females to have sex with them
Its rare that the male is the object of desire to an extend where a female would be able to pay to have sex with him
Assuming that's her, she's not ugly or anyhing

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What agency is she with?

Does anyone know how the guy looks like?

I was for japan for work and girls would offer to pay for dinner and gave me compliments like "you look handsome".

Is this normal? I don't even look american.

B-b-but I thought they was good house wives a-a-a-nd were all trad n submissive n shit YOU LIED Jow Forums WOMEN ARE WHORES EVERYWHERE

she wasn't a golddigger then. how is this bad?

seems that a woman can't want:
1) Chad dick
2) betabux

so what can she want according to you lumps

>When Asian "men" spam (((blacked))) on Jow Forums 24/7

Yes the asians did this

Who gets the niggers?

>italian flag
>I don't even look american.
Since when have italians been considering themselves less handsome than the burgers?

>Not male prostitution, but just a guy that gets paid by females to have sex with them
Read that slowly.

You are not larping, right Mario?
Everything that is exotic is exciting, you don't have to look good as beauty standards are vastly different there, unless you are visually repelling
They simply don't know what looks good for a italian male, that's why you get the interest and attention.

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Never. But i thought asians had american fever cos they got nuked.

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they dont know what they want, they think there's always something better.
hypergamy has destroyed the relations of the sexes

>so what can she want according to you lumps
Beta dick.

we are basically niggers to gooks, what niggers are to us. not something to be proud of . whites for whites, gooks for gooks.

Plot twist: The German bus driver was a turk.

thought so

everything at once, which is what the government allows.

beta bux and chad dick all at once

That analogy fails because we created modernity, dominated them historically while niggers were always inferior.

Reminder that there will be 100 Million Chinese men without a gf/wife.
War in Asia is unavoidable.

they know what they want. you fuckers call them whores and golddiggers for it AND don't provid3va positive alternative besides the obvious TAKE ME ... ME!!!

Nah, they got no specific American-fever, if you ask me (2 years in Insectopia) they like euros better than burgers.

unfortunately nobody has american fever

maybe aussies or brits, canadians sometimes but jesus christ i cant stand them

this ancient meme...

Nah gaming is stopping young men from becoming violent when denied their basic instinct.
Look at how big it is in china.
They are all addicts to cope.

Financial security from the state, chad fuckers when she feels horny those couple of days in her cycle, then just common attention from everyone when she's not feeling horny, but still wants to be the most important person in the world.

except they steal everything about western white culture, dress western, etc. they love everything about western culture because they are copycat creative-less people

lolno, stfu kike, gooks and niggers are the same tier to whites, whites are not niggers to gooks, whites enslaved and colonized gooks just like niggers and everyone else.

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cause u got zucked by the emus

Yea, I'm aware but as long as this is not your main income / profession I wouldn't call the male a prostitute.
For a guy its different than for a female, as for the genders have a different value / role assigned to sex.
I wouldn't call the instance described in op male prostitution, it's just two responsible adults having intercourse while the female chooses to reward the male for his efforts .

> civil war is unavoidable in china.
anywhere outside the major coastal cities is still poverty stricken.

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also this kek

This is fake news.

>Not male prostitution, but just a guy that gets paid by females to have sex with them
>Its rare that the male is the object of desire to an extend where a female would be able to pay to have sex with him

I've done it before. I've even pimped out a friend to a middle-aged woman before. (he was drunk and she offered me a couple hundred bucks)


so why does aznidentity simultaneously think white men are wasting time creating images like op just to "boost their ego" because apparently they need it yet also they're stealing all the asian women?

which is it, ricedicks?

btw going to s. korea and then china soon. going to be posting some bull images. watch out for them, ricedicks

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Don't they have whore houses available there?

Andrew Anglin taking another trip on suckers bitcoin.

I'd love to see the face of the white incel that wrote this up

why would i user whore houses when i get 100 matches on tinder/tantan in like 10 minutes

not alt-right, not a neonazi. just hate aznidentity, and hate korean supremacists/bitch boys

alot of disgusting slant eyes always have alot of make up to cover up what yellow paste they have

not chad

The cope in this thread is shamefur dispray

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So a german?

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i dont hate asians, i found aznidentity and saw how their entire mission is directly to denigrate white male sexual value, and then i started hating these groups of asian incels. but not really asians in general. it's hard not to hate them completely though cause of shit like this.

Bleached is created and pushed by Asians cucks. It's obvious.

I can feel my dick shrink, merely by reading that subreddit

Same side of the coin it wouldn't surprising if we spited them etc. Also stop browsing on reddit faggot

>100 matches on tinder/tantan in like 10 minutes
sure you did