People must stop calling Russell Brand white anglo, he is a jew

Russell Brand's family come from the East End of London where there's been a large Jewish community for centuries
Here are some details about his family
Nichols, Bennett, Miller are all common Jewish surnames found in the East End
It's safe to assume he has Jewish ancestry

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>so much cope
okay nigel calm down, you huwhite n shiet

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Shhh! Don't let them know! It's funnier if they don't realise. It's like the whole 'England is overun' malarky we push mate. Everyone here knows it's small enclaves in cities it's just funny to watch the world reee at the Anglo.

Based greek poster

Yea but he's been bleached hes a jew white anglo nigger

Wow, seems that half your population and most of the well known Anglos are Jewish then. Strange

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So are you going to cry or something?

i will tell you a red pill jews are concentrated in Ireland theyre a new group of jews who have no memory that theyre jews

He's still beady as fuck tho

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when did anyone call him white?

Isn't brand literally a greek?

He grew up in Essex which also has a large Jewish population. He himself though identifies as Christian.

Russell brand has a micro penis

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this is why i think he is a wog like a greek wogs have tiny penises.

There are threads about it daily. Welcome to Jow Forums.

There's a thread on page 2 right now.

>he is a jew
Provides a link which doesn't mention Jews at all
>Nichols, Bennett, Miller are all common Jewish surnames found in the East End
...and a lot of Jews are called David, too. WTF, anyone called "Dave" must be a Jew then!

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>darker skin lads have tiny penises


What's the difference?

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I Love bongs deflect everytime someone calls Them out

>Oi guv they are jewish
>Oi guv they are Irish

Bongs are pathetic sociopathic vermin

Brand probably IS a Jew (and he is a confirmed pedo) but the OP offered nothing of substance to back up his case. So how is this "calling me out", memefag?

Was someone using the term white anglo?
I agree they need to stop.

He's also married to a Rothschild.


Well, he could probably hide quarters in his nose, but is that even enough to be considered a jew? I thought you need to be able to fit at the very least a coin value of 1 buck to be considered jewish.

That's an average sized flaccid cock. My girlfriend said he is about 5 inches because a few years ago we met him in a hotel and he took her to the room he was staying in and I wasn't allowed a video recording, just an audio recording of her being used by him.

Still makes me diamonds thinking about it.

>see flag
Story checks out

Most jews are pedos anyway so that would make sense.

See Youtube for his interview with Saville

most greeks are no darker skinned then most other europeans of any nationality

Ang*s btfo'd by greekposter

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You really should not through stones in glass houses jew boy!

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You are either very humorous or a very sad fucker. You made me laugh kikebro cheers.

We have id’s you huge faggot

He was married to a Goldsmith (Rothschild) so he has to be. She's married to Imran Kahn now, but.I see that as an intel long con to be honest.


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>tfw ascended

White is a jewish term to promote miscengation