Israel elections ends in tie again

>Israel elections ends in tie again
There is really only one thing to do- split our country in 2.
Ironic, isn't it?

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for anyone wondering, yes this is how the new borders will look like. natanyahu's country had the entire negev orginally, but due to the orthodox's unwillingness to fight they lost most of it to Hamas before northen israel and egypt agreed to intervane.

So you aren't going to annex that shitty valley or what?

There is really only one thing to do- split an atom in 2.

sure. the palis would get a country of thier own anyway, based in Gaza and sprawled on the negev.

Don't like israel?
Feel free to go back to russia

thinking that people that dislike bibi hate israel? go back to iran.

Israel was meant to be an European ashkenazi country with en essentially German culture. A European outpost in the Middle East kinda like the European outposts in North America and Oceania except only for das juden. You fucked up when you started inviting middle eastern and African Jews.

No that was always the plan.
The Khazars invited the Jews in, put them in the military and in the dangerous areas.
And then open the gates and let the Arabs flood in and destroy the original Jews.

>m-muh greater israël project

Put a picture of Poland up there you slimey thief

>The one state solution, giving voting rights and the right to return to the Palestinians is your only chance of survival, the whole world is getting the hump with you cunts now.

This is a christcuck ploy to try and imply "JEWS AIN'T ORIGINAL JEWS NOT LIKE JEBUS HE WAS ARYAN JEW", right?

Who outjewd whom here?

Lol shitskin mizrahi
Keep sucking on bibis dicky

Is Lieberman siding with Gantz or Netanyahu?

They threw loads of the Ethiopians into the army, then tried to play it as some kind of humanitarian move (during the famine). At least we'll always be at an advantage as they can never seem to see how obvious their lies are.

You're all going to the oven anyway. Your days are numbered kike

He should go back to Poland

>haha he doesn't want israel to become cucked line europe
I pray god will smight tel avivlike he did sodom and gomora

>one state
*two state
now three state.
the palistinians can come back and start from zero like any immigrant. they are more than welcome to convert to judism to hasten the process.

I'm saying the original Jews were brown like Arabs.
The people who wrote the Bible said the Ashkenazi are white and from the place the Khazars are from who converted to be Jews.

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he is siding with the half that has his house.

I kinda like the go back to iran kike better. The other kike is so stupid to believe russia will kill a kike upon arrival like iran

>our despot is corrupt as fuck, but he talks about nationalism, so we keep him in charge

Hungary tier. Actual 21st century Stalinism.

that's where the mistake began
because if it is a country for the talmudic LARP religion you will have to get the other pretenders to the true LARP in the mix as well
and in the end that country would still not be Judaic

Semite is a linguistic group.
Hebrew is a language.
Nice genealogy.

Although I agree, and I think most people do, that European jews are so mutted that they are basically white Europeans, while native jews are much different people. And we don't even need to bring up Ethiopian jews.

israelhayom is brainwashing people to think being corrupted is just how politicians should be and any other lie to keep the right wing and redpillrs hold on unsuspecting citizen's mind.

>I'm saying the original Jews were brown like Arabs
the original jews were as white as levantines
"brown" jews only existed after admixture with islamic slaves from Sudan

I guess it's time to make some popcorn if that's the case.

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>European jews are so mutted that they are basically white Europeans
they are more jewish, regardless of their european or khazar admixture, than mizrahi who are arab converts that took wifes from sudan

pathetic wh*Te cuck

the most corrupt government in israel was mapai and oldfags remember, thats what brought about menachem begin and the likkud along with what today they call "hasata" against the left. it actually dates back to mapai and has nothing to do with bibi other than him being the current torch carrier and mapai being the ones who started it.

the cynism of today expended trandmedlously with israel hayom.
mapai built israel. adelson is ruining it.

>tel aviv
Is this where the bulgarian jews are at?

Do you guys have groups based on origin thar are coherent and fight each other? Or it is based more on political views?

All jews in this thread will have bad dreams when they sleep next...

Haha, take that you fucking deceiving pricks.

I love hearing israelis bitch about hasidic jews. Lol the hasidics are as jewish as you can get. So jewish they even jew slightly less jewy jews.
How does it feel faggot?
This is what you faggots have been doing to us for millennia. And only now it's a problem?
Cry me a river shlomo.
I hope the hasidics give the arabs the keys to your kikedom.

What a shame kike.

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>hitler gassed jews because they refused to enlist in the military

Shem (Sem) is where Semite comes from
And Ashkenaz was white.
Ashkenaz is not from Shem. Not from Eber, and not from Abram.
Ashkenaz is the same location as the Khazars which matters because the Khazars converted to being Jews.

wow he posted with an israeli flag. he must be a jew from israel.

i don't read israel hayom often. i do read actual books and i do hear the oldfags directly, one of them being my grandfather whos been here since the 20's, he was european and not mizrahi nor was he in the kibbutz. mapai came to power and held on to it with bolshevik tactics of defaming everyone else (read uri milshtein), strongarming everyone else (read the story of sayert matkal's ubringing from historians, uri being one of them, the pinkas adom and histadrut policies with the mizrahim, the defamation of begin, and so on), and building each other's cult of personality (rabin and his failures while being in the hagana for instance, barak as a good commander when he was a charlatan and criminal hated by his peers, all silenced). friend-bring-friend tactics and barring anyone who wasn't from the kibbutzim (for instance one himush officer who wanted to get into matkal and was barred until he got in there by force, and only because he wasn't member of the hagana) from having recognition or power in the state. sounds familiar Jow Forums? the eternal jew is in fact the leftists, always have been. they built it along with everyone else but through these tactics they made it seem like they were the major force behind it when in reality its everyone, except they kept the others from shining in the same light when they were often more deserving. vid related:
not all kibbutzimniggers are bad, but the ones who are bad are really bad and their tactics are disgusting, more so than any other rightwing leader in israel including bibi.
you've been memed by the media.

Protip: The Khazar khanate was the successor state to the Bulgarian khanate in the area. I'm the jew now. You are goy and will serve me.

one example was that at some point when menachem begin was gaining traction and they all tried to paint him as a fascist they used their connections in the shin bet (which was all buddies from the kibbutz) to organize convoys of vehicles to follow him around and take pictures to put in the papers the way mussolini was depicted in actual fascist propaganda.
these are the things the media won't tell you. only zoomers or retarded millenials who get their knowledge from fucking mako fall for the "bibi" meme. this is how israel always has been and the tactics used then are very similar to the ones used now and you're all falling for it. the only rational thing to come out of the left is that dosim need to learn stem and do army service and everything else is bogus, disconnected from history.

nice meme user, but when rabin's wife had a run with the law, rabin quit. this much i know.
i am fully aware there ware corruption in politics before bibi and there will be after him, but mapai didn't sell our country as much as bibi does. and wasn't as ripe in corruption despite some fishy individuals. today, its seem its the norm and accepted for politicians to be corrupted. they don't even try to hide it anymore. they don't try to pretend and act.
you say i was memed by the media? well, i red in 'the media' that the people of the likud wouldn't mind a third elections if the alternative is to abandon bibi and the hasidim. this is to admit the well being of their political allies is more important than the well being of the country. was i memed here as well?

>all buddies
sure it was a small country back than.

It wont happen for another 7 or 8 years probably but yes, it will be cut in half as prophecized

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What about killing each other? thats an option too.

Go back in the fucking oven

"Native jews" were just mutted by Arabs as opposed to whites

Kind David has red hair and green eyes.. Pharoahs were all white.. Byzantines or whatever, same with the Carthagenians.

The Middle East has been mutted by Arabs

>split inntwo

Yeah, dead and dying
Fucking kike

gtg, have fun itt

Israel is not a legitimate country
Ashkenazi jews are not semitic

rabin peres and beilin sold our country in inconceivable ways via camp david and oslo and golda by refusing to do a preemptive strike.
politicians today are all less corrupt on all sides and the left seems less corrupt because they aren't covered as much.

>sure it was a small country back than.
big enough for my following posts as a single example to show you their cuntiness and before you dare say its a single example i challenge you to do your own research and see this was the norm across the whole country and in all positions.

yeah third election sucks ass. i wish it wasn't so. however bibi was voted for by מתפקדי הליכוד and after that by his voter base (which by the way i am not part of, i have to say these things because of the left's disgusting prejudice) and so to democratically change him you'd need 2 additional elections anyways, the first in the likkud and the second in the public. now it all depends. if he ends up convicted with non bs charges (bezeq is non bs, submarines is non bs, cigars is totally bs) then we could look back and say he was a nigger. otherwise no. we don't know the truth yet. if he ends up being cleared let it be known that this whole campaign in the media was the same bolshevik tactics against their opponents.

All of Noahs sons were white you fucktard. He didnt just magically have a bunch of different race children

> a jew bitching about corruption
Lmfao! you wandering noses are universal INSTIGATORS of corruption where ever you go. And ur honestly shocked muh promised land is corrupt??? Lol gtfo!
You jews would even corrupt a 7 yo's lemonade stand.

קצין הלוגיסטיקה, רב סרן בדימוס, יוסי צין, היה מבוגר בעשר שנים מאהוד ברק, מאברהם אמון, מאורי זכאי ומחבריהם, שגויסו ליחידה בגל השני. הוא גם אדם בעל יכולות טכניות גבוהות וביקורתי מאוד. לכן אופייה הקרימינלי של היחידה והתנהגותם הקרימינלית של ארנן וברק לא שבו את ליבו, אף שהוא השתתף בהם, שאחרת לא יכול היה להישאר ביחידה.

הוא נולד ברעננה ב-1933. למשפחתו היה משק חקלאי. אביו עבר מן ה"הגנה" לאצ"ל, ואחר-כך ללח"י. מסיבה זו, מנהל בית-הספר העממי במושבה סירב לקבל את הבן ללימודים, והוא נאלץ ללמוד בכיתות דתיות בבית הכנסת המקומי. אחר-כך למד יוסי בבית-ספר מקצועי, "שבח", בתל אביב, התגייס ב-1951 ושובץ בחיל חימוש. למרות הצטיינותו בּחַיל ולמרות העובדה שעבר בהצלחה מבדקי קצונה, לא זומן לקורס קצינים. בתיקו האישי בשלישות הראשית נכתב באדום: "איש לח"י – לא לקידום". הוא שירת בצבא הקבע כרב סמל, ובתקופה שקמה סיירת מטכ"ל הוא פיקד על יחידת מחסני חירום של מובילי טנקים. הוא נחשב לאיש חיוני שם וכל בקשותיו לעבור לצנחנים נדחו.

We're not fighting a unification war for you...

בינתיים נוצרו קשרים קרובים בינו לבין אנשי היחידה, כי הוא וארול היו חברי ילדות מרעננה, ויוסי התנדב לעזור לו: בגלל אופייה הפרטיזני לא קיבלה הסיירת די דלק לרכבים שלה וצין סיפק לה דלק ללא הגבלה, מן המאגרים השופעים שעמדו לרשותו. ארול הציע לצין לעבור לסיירת, אך כאמור חיל החימוש סירב לשחררו. צין לא ויתר וב-1961 ערק מן היחידה שעליה פיקד ועבר לסיירת. רצה הגורל, ואחרי ימים אחדים ערך הרמטכ"ל החדש, צבי צור, ביקור בסיירת, וכששמע את סיפורו של צין, העניק לו אישור במקום.

Chechens are the true sons of Noah.
They never left Ararat and tended to the place loyally since. They are the Nachs--sons of Noah.

needed the man power, same with one million ruskis at 1990

You might be joking, but literally yes.

Except no, all of Noahs sons went seperate ways

This is trusting artistic depictions. Hitler would've been blond too, if cameras weren't invented before his reign. For fucks sake, the only descriptions of Alexander the Great we have are stuff like "his hair was like a lion" or "his skin was like godly divine white" and so on. Are these actual physical descriptions, or are they poetry?
Not saying all of the Levant was dindus, only pushing back against the Jow Forums narrative that every single person of any historical significance was a red haired albino, from Genghis Khan to Muhammad to Ozymandias and so on. White isn't just a description of people with orange-pinkish skin tone, it is also just a word describing light, cleanliness, royalty, divinity, and so on.

Not joking, legitimate question.

too long, didn't read

Based and nuclearpilled.

Mohammed was a kike so for all we know he couldve had red hair

tldr leftists are der ewige jude and always have been, including inside israel. it is our common enemy and we either both fight it and win or we both lose. so it is.

Yeah, but they all fucking blacked, bleached, and yellowed each other into a real disgusting cum cocktail.
Only Chechens and Basques remained racially pure.

I dont care who he is I just want proofs to justify my antisemitism

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you're enemy number 1

why you're posting here, as if you fit in with us, I have no idea. But you don't.

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Imagine unironically believing one old nigga could repopulate the whole world from fucking his two daughtersl

They pretend to quarrel to gain our trust.
Not today hebros.

Fuck off from us we are full!

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But der juden is ubermensch and in an open meritocracy you'd rule us all with your superior hebrew brains. We need the state to protect us races of inferior stock, so that we aren't outcompeted and bred out by god's chosen semites.

then we have yet another common goal. after getting rid of the leftists, we send each person to where he belongs. that includes jews to israel.
so far so good?

just shove both candidates in an oven. the one who survives is elected president.

I was messing, I don't care either way. We are all mutts. Race wars is a disease among germanics and japanese, nobody cares here. Jews should know better, you are as mutted as us.
I want Goldnoseberg Zlatkovichwitz to be a good manager and give me a wage rise, not to fight a war with me.

i didn't mean it as a race. nationality and race have overlap, though they are not the same. so indeed we are just as mutted, maybe more, and yet... we all belong here.
>I want Goldnoseberg Zlatkovichwitz to be a good manager and give me a wage rise
as much as it pains me to say it, being a worker myself, a good manager is one who drives his team to success by the companie's metrics. that may or may not include giving workers raises. it depends, really. generally speaking though if a manager has to fight a war with you he is either a lousy manager who knows very little about motivating a team and keeping it running, with the possible exception of having a legitimately bad worker.

Basques are whites, the arabs and gooks and nogs that mutted Noahs ancestors were people that werent killed in the flood

Imagine believing everyone on earth was killed by the flood.

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I'm saying race, since this is Jow Forums. I do like states, I do like smaller project, united in shared markets. A European patchwork, which includes European style projects outside the continent (like Australia, Israel, Georgia, etc) is best imho. I want a Bulgarian project, that hosts the bulgarian language and accepts people who speak bulgarian, dance bulgarian, eat bulgarian, swear bulgarian, and beat up serbs on soccer matches, to be members of this project. I want to be a member of such a project too.
So I accept your idea of a "home for the Jews". I'm just not sure there exists such a thing as a jewish culture, outside of the "jew liberal" you hate, and the "orthodox jew" you appear not to be. The other, the normal jews, are just part of their host cultures. They almost seem unwelcome in Israel, from what I'm told.

Of course I am a lazy worker. Of course I don't deserve more money. I still want more money though.

Why not just bleach Lebanon? They already christian

jewish culture that isn't religious is being built since the 20's. it is correct that if you try and go back in time prior to the creation of israel you will only find religion as our culture but it is culture nonetheless, and only in recent history it has began to evolve into something different, unique to israel. it is correct that diaspora are vastly different, their overlap would be religious customs they still keep but not more. unless of course they choose to come here.

btw best work place is one that lets you be lazy and pay what you're worth but at the same time have you know exactly what steps you can take to get more, if you choose to, without forcing you to.

describe in one sentence what the difference is between the north and the south

Christian and Muslim Lebs are genetically alike.

So the southern district is MIGA country?

Fuck off parasitic kikes, stay away from us.

2006 is why they can't do that

Pretty sure like 1/3 of Israel's population is from Russia, and is native in Russian.