Women will call you a pedo for wanting a 16 year old in her prime because she knows she can't compete

Women will call you a pedo for wanting a 16 year old in her prime because she knows she can't compete
That's why they fight to raise the age of consent

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Whats the consensus on "pedophilia is a sexual orientation"?


That's legal here.

My homeboy's 24 dating a 17yo. They're happy and pretty idyllic.


Scientific consensus is that pedophilia is a mental disability similar to OCD, in such that pedo's have compulsions to diddle kids that are so powerful they cannot resist.

Any female in her 30's is already a hag and a guy at that age is basically prime.

More like sexual deprevation.

its not, and people who think so should be gassed.

its called a philia for a reason (paraphilia)

ofcourse its posted by a woman.
She has absolutely no difficulty getting sex or a relationship,therefore she doesn't care about her parentners' age,since her pool of potential partners is massive.

I fucking hate women

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to a 23 year old a 16 year old girl looks like a grown woman

16 years old is age of consent here. Eat shit, roastie.

Women are the most fertile around 24. Also when they are the best looking.

>compulsions to diddle kids that are so powerful they cannot resist
More like low empathy scum that would rape grown women too if they were into that thing.

You're right, O.P..

100 years ago a 21-year-old marrying a 16-year-old was *NORMAL*.

Think Laura Ingles Wilder - didn't SHE marry a 20 year old guy when she was 16???

MEN are HARD WIRED to DESIRE a woman between the ages of 16-25 with HIGH ESTROGEN CHARACTERISTICS, and healthy-looking "everything". This is because of GENETIC HARD WIRING.

You old bitchy-women - DEAL WITH IT!

Think of it THIS way: nobody makes makeup to MAKE YOU LOOK OLDER. No, they try to MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER. Target age, 20-something.

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you're right.But most people have low empathy.I don't really see the difference between being pro genocide and not caring if you rape someone.

Jew bullshit and anyone who means it should be burned in public

>But most people have low empathy

>I don't really see the difference between being pro genocide and not caring if you rape someone.
Hitler probably had a lot of empathy (dogs, children, his own people). So not necessarily. Just that he didn't look at certain groups as human, and was willing to sacrifice people for the greater good/higher goal.

Only puritanical Anglos freak out over the idea of a 15 yo girl dating a man in his late teens or 20s. But there is nothing wrong with that. I had a friend in Germany who was dating a 16 yo when he was 23. No one battered an eye there. When I was 21 on holidays there he hooked me up with some 15 yo girl. I feel exactly zero shame over that. She was hot, it was nice being with her.

Obviously it depends on how developed they are. Both physically and mentally.

100 years ago a 30 year old dude marrying a 12 year old was "normal".

Well, not every single high schooler. There are always people like ben shapiro.

16 is legal in a lot of places, including my state. Most women are more or less done developing by 16. Also pedophilia is specifically an attraction to children who haven't entered puberty.

It's simple. Old hags CAN'T compete and they know that since they get uglier when they age.
A few weeks ago I had a 27 years old hag trying to convince me that "mature" girls have more experience (probably due to jumping from cock to cock) and therefore they are better than younger women. Disgusting

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He asked for the consensus on pedophilia, I told him the scientific consensus. It does not necessarily reflect my own views on the subject.

Us law is 18

>From 1619 to 1660 in the archdiocese of Canterbury, England, the median age of the brides was 22 years and nine months while the median age for the grooms was 25 years and six months, with average ages of 24 years for the brides and nearly 28 years for the grooms, with the most common ages at marriage being 22 years for women and 24 years for men; the Church dictated that the age when one could marry without the consent of one's parents was 21 years. A large majority of English brides in this time were at least 19 years of age when they married, and only one bride in a thousand was thirteen years of age or younger

Not sure about 100 years ago but the idea that we've always been marrying off underage girls is absurb.

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Girls do not mentally develop past 16

14-18 only for the jewish princes like Jeffrey

30-40 for the average beta goy

18-25 for the select few chad goys

>THE FUTURE incels

I would rather my 16 year old date an honest early 20's man who has a respectable position in society, than let her date a 17 year old druggie/chav/nigger or let her get to 18+ and become a pony on the cock carousel

You're fucking retarded
The age of consent varies by state

State law doesnt over ride federal
See cali emissions for this month

Age of consent is just a meme, the important question is if the parents get payed.

And no one fucks women between the ages 25 to 30 for some reason.

it's only kind of true. obviously a 16 yo guy dating a 16 yo girl is not a bad thing so age difference is a main factor here. on the other hand, any girl below 15 shouldn't have any 'adventures' even with boys of the same age.
notice how a huge age gap leaves a bad taste anytime you hear about 60+yo guy with a thirty years younger gal.
as a man you can feel if a girl is still too young (you see her first and foremost as a child). if you ask me, 19 yo is a good age for all guys up to 10 years older.
also there's a problem of dating 25+ girls who feel like used goods

So do gay marriage, abortio, immigration reporting, emissions
Quite late you are

thats because of the church, i study native cultures and the age of marriage is puberty every time, which is around 13.

16 year olds get with 20 year olds for material posessions. 20 somethings get with 16 year olds because it's easier to impress a 16 year old than a 20 something.

The 16 year old thinks it is because of (perceived) maturity.

The 20 something knows it's because of (perceived) naivete.

only losers like you

False pedo

My sister and her boyfriend started dating when she was 15 and he was 20, they’ve been together for 7-8 years and have 2 kids now.

>Quite late you are

old whores should all just an hero.
who the fuck would want some old bitch with a horrible set a flapjacks and a crotch that looks like someone dropped a sandwich?
not to mention the fucking attitude that comes along with knowing they hit the wall at full throttle with a full tank of fuel.
>where did all the real men go?
they are hiding from YOU ya fucking sasquatch!

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Most corners of what's considered the civilized world was never quite as cucked by the church as old blighty.
Go take a look at pictures from the US pioneering age.

neck yourself.

>if you ask me, 19 yo is a good age for all guys up to 10 years older.
should be 'up to 10 years older than the gal'
>20 somethings get with 16 year olds because it's easier to impress a 16 year old than a 20 something.
we all know that girls are screwed up by media and they have absolutely unreal demands after certain age. so it's not like a 20 yo can demand from you maturity - more like she demands perfection.

So the scientific consenesus is that every single pedophile have compulsions that make them diddle kids? "Cannot resist" implies that they act on it. Where is your source?

I saw a documentary once about a group of pedos that were open about their mental illness that didn't act on it.

I thought pedophilia was being attracted to prepubescent children who can't breed.

>sexual orientation
No such thing

Simple satan
The argument is decided for big government
I'm still waiting to hear where the pedos here asked the parent permission
No issue to add rapist to the list

It's not considered a mental disorder if not acted upon and it doesn't cause emotional distress. The latest DSM describes it as similar to sexual orientation, but does not list it as an orientation unto itself.

Please be bait

At 20 I felt gross for talking to a 17 year old.

Meh, only because 'teen' only exists in societies which value extended education. A society where 13 year olds are marrying is a serfdom in need of more bodies for the fields and mines.

When pedophilia gets into fullest swing, education standards are going to fall through the floor.

it is. It's very rare in the population. But roasties will call anybody who likes younger women a pedo in order to shame them and retain sexual market value.

It is and I think hebephilia is what this thread is about. My dad told me as a kid “if shes bleedin’ shes breedin’ but he molested me when I was 10 so idk

>October 21, 2017

Eh, women belong in the kitchen anyways.

Women are meant to be married off in their teen years
It's the time when they stop listening to their fathers and are easily impressed by men
Either you get them married and they start serving their husbands or they start riding the cock carousel and lose their fucking minds

it is but as you must already know, most of the population is just completely fucking stupid and needs ebolachan.

He's her boyfriend, but he never married her? Is she getting family benefits from the State, to remain unwed?

16 is legal, fuck off.

They are just agrarian hunter gatherers mostly. No need to "wait" past biological breeding age.

Yeah, coz ur an Anglo from a neo-puritanical feminist culture. Imagine my shock. But you missed out. When I was 25 I had an 18 yo gf. She was 17 when I met her. Again, zero shame.

im 29 my gf is 19 its not weird...

>Either you get them married and they start serving their husbands or they start riding the cock carousel and lose their fucking minds
this always makes me laugh
> I will NOT SERVE the patriarchy and get married
> *proceeds to pleasure a multitude of men who don't give a fuck about her*

>I had a friend in Germany who was dating a 16 yo when he was 23.

Same here, it is normal, because we haven't been influenced that much by American Jewish & feminist anti-white culture.

You’re talking about relationships that are legal literally everywhere. calm down gangster.

literally most pedos are women molesting little boys

> German
>Hasn't been influenced by kike feminism.

Guess you don't know about human trafficking and satanic blood sacrifices

No, I think it has to do with his credit or something but I'm not exactly sure. They don't get benefits, but marriage has become more of a topic for them and they talked about just having a quick wedding at the court house.

Now that's retarded

And that 16 year old isn't demanding perfection from someone her own age? Meanwhile 20 somethings are fucking 40 and 50 somethings -- that isn't about maturity, either.

Epstein wasn't paying off the Virginia Guiffries of the world because of her worldliness. He wasn't flying 12 year olds in because of their maturity, either.

An old pimp said it's easier to mold much younger women into who you want them to be. I think it's a little of that, and a little recovered innocence, a restart button on one's own life -- the same readon female teachers fuck their students.

Not as much as Anglos.. You all speak the same language, so those ideas spread more quickly, we have different languages and cultures which is why it hasn't influenced it that much.

I didn't say we haven't been influenced by feminism. We are probably one of the most feminist nation after Sweden (check WBL 2019).. But generally young girls are not feminists, though there are many 30+ year old feminists here bitching over everything (muh sexist ads, muh diversity, etc)

This. When I was 16 girls my age all dated older wiggers with cars who could hook them up with drinks and weed while letting themselves be treated like a slampig thinking there was some kind of romance just underneath it all when all it really was just some loserish dude and some retarded chick whose ego was fed

That took a dark turn, are you okay today?

Fuck the science has changed since I went to college, i fucking hate you. Anyways it now says that pedo's are divided into two catagories, those with the poor impulse control and compulsive behavior and "true" pedophiles
>Concerning sexual offending against children, two groups can be distinguished: first, those who show no sexual preference disorder, but whom, for various reasons, sexually abuse children.
>those are the surrogate types of sex offenders and can be diagnosed within the category of impulse-control disorder, accounting for the lack of a sexual preference for children but the committed act of CSA
and for the final nail in my coffin
>Consequently, the sexual preference itself cannot be considered a mental disorder similar to how a homosexual orientation was considered in the 1970s in the United States of America

>And that 16 year old isn't demanding perfection from someone her own age?
fair point. she's in fact demanding being a 25 yo from a 16 yo
>An old pimp said it's easier to mold much younger women into who you want them to be.
you don't have to be a pimp to know that. that's a major benefit of marrying girls young. and older girls are 'used goods' because they will have an imprint of their previous boyfriend.

pretty eurocentric and islamaphobic view tb.h f.am

Age of consent should be at the moment of marriage. You can't prove me wrong.

I as a 20 year old couldn't imagine dating someone under 18, WTF would you even talk about? The living differences are as vastly different as a preschooler to a senior citizen. How the hell do you find common ground with someone who's biggest dilemmas in life are getting all their homework finished and the injustice of being grounded while you spend all your days in college or working and have bills to pay and errands to do?

Yeah Ill survive. He's getting out of prison soon and coming back to town here which will be weird.

>used goods

I've seen these women cry over the fact that their brains are fucked up and they can't stay in one relationship like their parents.

Americans are true cancer.
Ban sex because I'm a virgin.
Ban heterosex because I'm a dike
Ban sex with young women because I'm an old hag.
Only one virtue left: Die for Israel at the age of 17

tricking a very young girl into mariage is arguably worse than tricking her into sex

>All this hyperbolic bullshit
No wonder you faggots are lonely, you can hardly form a thought without forming a 3-part fallacy around it.

My guess is that Kiana is a difficult person who will point at anything in the outside world in order to keep people from having a look on her.

most people only empathise with someone once that person is humanised to them.
It's the same reason why normies call for the lynching of pedophiles,but are shocked when pedos rape children.
If you're called a villian enough,you eventually become one.
(not to say there arent many pedos that rape just because)

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If you're 24 and dating a 16 year old, that says a lot of bad about you because what kind of lame ass faggot has to go after someone that much younger and not fully developed? Loser

>John K creates the cartoon Ren and Stimpy
>/co/ shits on him non-stop for having dated a 17-year-old and calls him a child grooming pedophile, because he had phone sex with the girl's 18-year-old friend who later made drawings /co/ masturbates to
>He got metoo-ed decades after the fact in a click-bait article that contradicts itself repeatedly on how old the girls were when they first met John K as well on how old they were when he began hitting on them and dated one of them.
>Article says they met him online at the height of his fame and later became interns when they got older. It says they were around 13 or 14 when this occurred, but then tries to say they were 12. It also says that he had phone sex with the friend sometime around when the one girl was 18, but then tries to say she was 14, 15, 16, or 17.
>The article admits that all the information is after the fact accusations that can never be prosecuted
> The accusers admit that the sexual contact was also consensual, and that they wanted to be with him, with one of the accusers saying she was sad when he stopped talking to her, because he was now dating her friend.

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>Zoomers are based and redpilled and understand the evils of the world snd media schemes
>Zoomers are mentally children

That's why a woman's father gets to filter out men he doesn't like. Retarded faggot.

>It's the same reason why normies call for the lynching of pedophiles,but are shocked when pedos rape children.
"Normies" - fuck off scum. If anything it's the normies that want to give them a humane treatement.

Pedos are a threat to our children. Pedos do look at the children as human, yet they rape them because they lack empathy like the subhumans they are. They should be sterilized. Nobody is shocked at pedos being pedos.

Yeah cause of course it's better to let Achmed and Mohammed or in your case Tyrone and Jose have her time with her instead of going for a responsible, although older, white guy.
Kys roastie

Rape him back

t. cigan that sold his daughter

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They should just abolish the age of consent. The immigrants don't give two shits about it and get away with murder threats and rape. It's ridiculous.

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Don't be suprised when they show you the same lack of empathy,that you showed them.

legit loled

That's legal here too. I'm 42 and I'm seeing/fucking a 16 year old