If the Holocaust never happened why did Hitler bother rounding up the Jews?

Seriously, why did he bother rounding up and containing the Jews into camps if he wasn't going to kill them. Aren't they supposed to be the Aryan race's enemy? So why did he play nice with them and put them in camps instead of mass graves? Why spare your enemy?

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Why did he keep them alive in camps instead of just shooting them in the head?

I wonder why

So they can work, and generate money for the country instead of siphoning it

Hitler was a Zionist faggot mutt. The intention was never to save the white race.

To keep them safe and protected from the war
There dere pools there and three hot meals a day

Science research and discipline

Hello rabbi!

Yes that, he just put in camps instead of filling them up by the thousands in mass graves. Why did he do that?

Americans rounded up Japanese in california, didnt kill them. I'd imagine it was the same way with the Jews

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To protect gods people, hating jews was a troll play.

It's normal to detain a potentially hostile sect of the population during a time of war especially rabid jews destroying the country.

they were work camps
they needed workers for the war since they wouldn't leave
why would you kill workers when you're losing a war on two fronts?

oy vey millions of niggers are being gassed
otherwise why do we round them up?

that´s what happened in Kiev en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babi_Yar

Makes you think.....

If you a just planing to kill them all why bother rounding them all up anyways, or why even build the camps? Just have some local kill centers to take care of it. No need for the fuss of transporting everyone long distances to a central location.


He was a Zionist who wanted to return them to Palestine. The first power plant, telephone exchange and post office in Israel were built by the Nazis

>>Seriously, why did he bother rounding up and containing the Jews into camps if he wasn't going to kill them.
>WWI ended with millions of communists fighting a civil war in germany, led by the small hats
>wonder why camps

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I just thought the whole point of the Jew round up was to eventually get rid of them but now I see why they would keep them around. Human experiments subjects, workers maybe even organ donors.

For same reason nips were interned in US and krauts were interned in USSR during war.
After war ended they were let out.

The same reason the USA put all the zipperheads into camps, the reason is so they cannot actively destroy the war effort with their dual nature, anti-german(or usa for zips) agenda. The only reason we won ww2 was because of internment camps. If jews wanted to die why not just take the paid relocation to Africa like hitler paid for and wanted?

The Haavara Agreement. The Jews agreed to move to Israel, initially without at least some of their stuff. Naturally, Jews in the US and USSR threw a fit (and eventually the Jew that brokered the agreement was assassinated by his fellow Jews) and it all fell apart.

Why catalogue trash? They were looking for something.

>>that´s what happened in Kiev en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babi_Yar
>NKVD kills and buries dissidents in '20
>blames the mass graves on the nazis
your nose is showing

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Stop reading Jewish fiction

The poor guy thought that they could be re-educated. That they could be turned from their parasitic ways, into contributing members of society. In other words, he was as deluded about Jews, as 'muricans are about their pavement apes. No amount of incarceration and forced labor is going to change what they are. But fools hope is eternal.

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>lets have expensive gas bills during war instead of starving all of those jews like the soviets

You fucking brainlet, gas yourself.

The same reason we rounded up all the Japanese.
They were the enemy.

Careful there burger. That sounds neither ironic, nor satirical. Don't go visit certain European countries after a statement like that.
And even on your own turf, you better watch out.

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he knew the jews would take the opportunity to betray germany during the war, just like in WW1.

He rounded them up to be killed, likely believed that a bullet was too good of a death for a Jew and made them do labor to make them suffer

selected for their flight to Israel, they needed to move the dumbest and poorest jews. The rich already fled europe before the war.

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Cause he wanted easy labor

Careful I don't think you can afford it.