Supreme Court Rules on PM's Suspension of Parliament
What's going to happen if the court rules that the prorogation was illegal? Will parliament be called back into session? Will Boris be guillotined?

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He will be guillotined either way, then Brexit will be canceled.

I imagine they'll go back and then have scones for tea.

It's not gonna happen.
Prorogation is a power held by the executive.

Bongs had several hundred years to write down their unwritten constitution. too bad they didn't. kek

she is going to rule against the goverment

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I certainly hope not. We need to get on with this shit and just leave, if it's ruled illegal, this will add to the non-stop volley.

Verhofstadt was right when he said Brexit is now just in-fighting in the government, it's not about what the people want. It's just Cons vs Cons vs Labour vs Labour. Britain is now an oligarchy.

what's your reasoning?

by understanding what she is saying. she has said he lied to the queen

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Literally exposed, Johnson is a fraud.

Boris lost

How long before the Right Honorable Speaker calls them back? Sounds like it is now up to him.

I'm getting this feeling too. This is a fuck-up of epic proportions.

Johnson arrest incoming

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Wrong, it is up to the PM to ask the Speaker to do that. Boris will simply tell them to fuck off again.

No laws broken

prorogation isn't illegal, its a perfectly legal part of parliament.

In parliament the Speaker is more powerful than the PM. He is the most powerful person in the chamber

He misled the Queen


She has just ruled that. She made it clear from the highest court in the land. It's up to the Speaker of the house to judge what to do next.

That's incorrect, the baroness who read the ruling live has said it's up to the speaker and lord speaker to decide what happens next.

To recall Parliament the PM asks the Speaker to do that. That is the chain of command.

>Will parliament be called back into session?
It's happening right now.

That isn't a crime, they are simply saying he abused his powers. It's a slap on the wrist & they are saying Parliament should not have been prorogued. the fact is Boris can simply do it all again with the correct paperwork this time.

Can't find that anywhere.
Prorogation is a power held by the executive. And the executive is allowed to make political decisions and exercise their power.
If the court does decide that it was illegal it would essentially be the courts playing politics.

Of course Bercow will recall them.

I think this just makes things worse. Revolution incoming at this rate. People are growing restless.

its up to the queen. shes allowed it

The "rule of law" works only for normies. If you steal a bike you will propably be judged according to relevant regulations. It doesent work in the top 1% where the justice system is a power struggle between powerful cliques. Why isnt Bush or Blair in prison? Too powerful. Why wont Epstein case ammount to anything? Too many powerful people. The "russiagate", General Flynn's case etc, all purely political power plays. Behind the scenes spooks run around playing their games and oligarchs make deals. Court rulings follow. If Boris and the pro-Brexit clique has enough political leverage they will get brexit done and bypass/coerce any judges in their way. These rulings would matter If the anti-brexit faction was stronger behind the scenes. With enough leverage you can bypass anything.

tldr doesent matter, at this level judges are just political actors

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Yes after the PM tells them to proceed. They will come back & Johnson will prorogue Parliament again. HAHAHAHAHA

Why are they woo-ing?

No. Hale literally just said it's down to the speakers.

Bercow has just said parliament must convened without delay. So shits happening either today or tomorrow.

Fucks sake, it was said very clearly: the executive does not have the power to suspend parliament in order to prevent parliament doing its job.

Speaker calls the goverment in grand contempt of parliamentary law. There is no way out for him here.

because they are traitors

>anybody know where I can find a good ditch?

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But officially, she was "mislead" by her prime minister, so that means that she's blameless, and the prime minister has to take all the blame.

boris won't resign. its all about obstruction

the uk is still living the EU with no deal at this point.

And Boris will prorogue Parliament again. This has simply made Parliament in the future having to bring laws to prevent this in the future. This was Parliaments fault for not having the safeguards in place.

I bloody hope so.

misled are the ladies words. it was all done officially.

>parliamentary law
The law is the PM asks the speaker to recall Parliament. They ruled the perogation is null & void, Boris can simply issue a new one with the correct paperwork.

the queen wouldn't have agreed to something without her advisers and legal team accessing it first.

>“The court is bound to conclude therefore that the decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions.”

but that is the point of the prorogation to begin with. Not to mention this type of thing happens all the time in other commonwealth nations. so this is one for the books.


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>boris won't resign. its all about obstruction
Agreed on both points.

>And Boris will prorogue Parliament again
Which would be dangerous for multiple reasons. He wouldn't survive another one and the man who wants to be Churchill will go down like Churchill the Dog instead.
Absolutely agreed with the rest of what you said though, desu.

Did you not listen the ruling. They stated to do so at this time would be deemed unlawful.

All they need to do is to make sure that nothing negative can be attributed to the queen herself. The prime minister is take all the blame for it. That is all that matters. That is the role of the dumb non-royal plebs.

What if the states decides to ignore the constitution ? Who is gonna stop them ? Super Nigel ?

Snap elections maybe

He's survived this long. I think no one wants the job at this point.

it was confirmed in 2016. this is kikery at its finest.

wont change a fucking thing.

unless the labour traitors can come up with an alternative reason to delay brexit again, the uk will be leaving with a no deal.

You do realise this was all about paperwork & a queen's speech was going to happen? Paperwork rewritten, scrutinised by all & no reeeing from Remoaners is going to stop it. And Parliament as also left with having to bring in laws to stop this from happening again. Basically admitting their own rules were shit.

Well, they aren't prorogued and they aren't adjourned, so it sounds to me like Parliament, legally, is still in session.

I don't see the need to recall parliament. Hale said the porogation was null and void. MPs should be able to show up and start working again as soon as they're able to.


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This. It's only a few bongs till all the remoaners go wakey wakey

So the Judges are saying the gov has no power now & neither does the Queen? I do love the clown world optics of this.

This means war!

To the BoJo Brexit bunker, folks.

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Absolutely based, a victory for democracy.

What matters first and foremost to the Labour party is obviously to humiliate Boris Johnson and make sure that he literally cannot make the UK leave by the end of October. After humiliating him, then they'll start doing general elections.
And then we'll see if labour, libdems, tories or the brexit party will take over control of the parliament, and then negotiate with the 27 other EU member states about long to delay Brexit, until the new tax regime is enacted.

its all about stopping brexit, its nothing more than this.

they dont want a deal or no deal. they just dont want brexit. its just a big fucking obstruction.

Kill yourself memeflag.

>The gov has no power
It said it had no justification for the porogation.
>The queen has no power
The monarchy hasn't had any real power since the 2nd civil war.

Quite the opposite.

The absolute state of Jo Swindell

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It's their funeral if they don't do the one thing they have been mandated to do and then go outside start begging for votes. I can't imagine a more retarded move desu.

Yup. They only even gave us the referendum in the first place because in their arrogance they felt certain they would win.

Civil war, god willing.

If they actually undo Brexit, I hope you british faggots are going to riot and burn down everything in sight, otherwise never ever post on Jow Forums again as you will be revealed as the greatest cucks on the planet by a very large margin, beating out Sweden and Germany combined.

Just though I'd pop in to see how you're all reacting, and the lack of reading comprehension that some of you have really is astounding


>Cameron loses referendum
>Walks off whistling

He didn't give a shit that he lost.

The Queens speech justifies that pregation & that can only happen with the Queen's consent. Now unelected Judges are saying the Gov cannot carry out something that is allowed in law. Looks like Corbyn has his Republic now.

If they do undo it, it will be very dangerous. I predict riots. The best thing to do is just continue and get out.

Yeah right. It cost him his job and is the reason that little story about a pig hit the papers.

That's part of why this is disgusting: the courts undermining the Queen.

Monarchy has been around 100s of years, this "supreme court" was a Blair creation for this very purpose. Bunch of cunts.

What in the actual fuck is going on?

EU are happy to shit on the brits leaving. Any other country ever wants to sign up is sure as hell going to think twice.

Fuck the french, Fuck the Germans, RULE BRITANNIA

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usual media hype.

boris isn't leaving, they'll just have to yell at each other for an extra week or two next month.

nothing to see here, move on

Ok sweetie, stay mad.

The government wasn't able to justify the extreme duration and bad timing of the prorogation, the judges declared that Boris had lied about his motives behind the prorogation and he did it just to hinder Parliament's democratic oversight function.

And mind you, 11 judges ruled this unanimously, zero dissenting opinions.

Absolutely fucking BASED

I'm actually agreeing with you.

>Will Boris be guillotined?
Not only this, dude. Bongs- dig out your funny helmets of ww2.

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i'm sure they will appeal this, seems "the legal team" has been hand picked for this

>11 judges ruled this unanimously,

11 brown envelopes.

I on the other hand only predict a few dumb old poor grumbling people holding up a few signs.
I wouldn't mind a full civil war happening in Great Britan, though, as that would weaken the UK, and then finally get it to dissolve into independent Scotland, England, Wales and a reunited Ireland.
But in reality, one should try to be happy with the small things instead.

Parliament has all the powers to bring in laws to be clear on this. It was not up to courts to push them in that direction. As per usual politicians never step up to do something until they need to.

What is the punishment for a judge who breaks the rules?

Can they be fired?

If you'd read the ruling you'd see that a period of 3-4 days is normal to prepare for the Queen's speech and there's absolutely no reason why the government would need to prorogue for five weeks.

Appeal it to whom, exactly?

is that possible? do they have a privy council who listen to cases?

>boris isn't leaving
He may not have a choice. There are powers for the goverment to be removed and a caretaker goverment to be installed. This ruling if ignored by Johnson makes that road possible for the Speaker.

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This might actually have a silver lining. Can the opposition really refuse an election if Boris asked for one now? If they refuse, it means they are satisfied with keeping a man who they believe to be a criminal as PM.

The court ruling against him might also help boost Boris's "it's me vs. the establishment" image... assuming he doesn't resign or his own party doesn't now try to oust him.

The judges broke zero rules, from the ruling:

"The first question is whether the lawfulness of the Prime Minister’s advice to Her Majesty is
justiciable. This Court holds that it is. The courts have exercised a supervisory jurisdiction over
the lawfulness of acts of the Government for centuries. As long ago as 1611, the court held that
“the King [who was then the government] hath no prerogative but that which the law of the land
allows him”."

No lol

Having watched American proceedings British ones seem like fucking clown school. This bitch Hale's only argument was "it's 5 weeks that's such a long time though!" yeah cunt great reasoning there. Who appointed these fucks?

I have no idea. They're as unknown as the EU commissioners. No one knew who the fuck they were until today, this entire "court" was created by Tony Blair.

>overturning the biggest democratic vote ever held in this country
>a victory for democracy

No seriously, kill yourself and rid us all of your idiocy.

Nothing ever happens.

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So Judges are basing this on political bias. Take that out of the equation (as it should be) & based on pure law it was a an easy victory for the gov. The BS claim that a no deal was looming & Parliament (that had been in session for 2 years - the longest since the civil war) shows what Judges intentions were. It was clear that Scottish Remoaner Judges ruled that way. The SC simply did not want to argue with their friends.

Wouldn't it be easier if you guys just decided to remain in EU?

>Absolutely no reason
This has been the second longest session of parliament in British history, and has dragged out to the point where it is no longer fit for purpose. 5 weeks wasn't long enough.

>Can the opposition really refuse an election
In the short term yes. They can go for a caretaker goverment. Assuming Parliment can decide on a leader