Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Greta Edition

Thuringia: Oct. 27 2019 #ltwth

>Election analysis 2014-2019

>Meme Collections

>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.
Get Jow Forums.
Get a job.
Spread flyers and stickers.
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>English language analysis

>Counter culture
>Laut Gedacht
>Ruhrpott Roulette

>Get active

>AfD TV (german)

>Einzelfall map, case log,11.303021784765633&z=6&mid=13VaJa8XDU1vklF9xamz2kVQNJxk

>A f D W A V E


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you are nogs

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Well, well, well...

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They won't kick him out for that.

Any ideas how we can influence the election in Thüringen?

Greta kann mich an meinem haarigen Sack lecken, die kleine Hure

Ahhh yes goyim fight with your women!
White women fight against white bigoted white men! They're the devil, the future is female.

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Nobody cares about your dumb elections. Its everything about Kweeen greta and her sweet cunny.

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Why hate on Slavs bro?

seriously? really? that pic was somewhere officially on MSM?

why am I not surprised. they don't even try anymore.

Her mom is hot.

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got one more

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Und dafür zahl' ich GEZ Gebühren.

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She is old! I want tight saami pussy of greta.

Für alle Deutschen welche an Prophetien/Schauungen/Visionen Interesse finden:
>Der dritte Weltkrieg kommt!
>- Die Prophezeiungen der Maria S. -

>Prophezeiungen zum Dritten Weltkrieg

>Chronologie des III. Weltkrieges

Chronology of 3rd world war roughly translated:

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>GMS: 12%
>INSA: 16%
Look at that RANGE.

based Irlmayer poster

>Greta Downberg
>a saami

>Comparing us Uralics to ((Swedes))
Disgusting, never talk to me or my brother ever again.

Zahlt man gerne :^)

>muh Grundgesetz
>muh Herbert

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Should we do another IOTBW or It's okay to be German on Tag der deutschen Einheit?

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>Grönemeyer ist ein Vater des Grudngesetzes
did I read that right?

This country is lost. The only chance for the german people to survive is East-Germany seceding from the rotten GmbH.

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He is a seething Greek

kek, at least they know that the Grundgesetz wasn't decided democratically.

Vergisst dass nie - ihr seid Judenmörder

>She is old!

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Yeah. Let's put these up. Caused one hell of a ruckus in muttlandia where there's barely any sandnigger stuff outside academentia and soldiers who got deployed to islamic shitholes.

I think the effect is going to be a lot bigger over here. There's going to be lots of salt to be mined.

Why not stay with the source material?
Der Islam hat(te) Recht über Frauen.

That sounds weird.

it's a little more ambiguous in nature, i give you that.
It sounds like islam LITERALLY has rights over them, which is not factually wrong

I wouldn't translate it at all. It just sounds weird in German.

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Wouldn't it be more to the point to print "Hitler was right" or something

issue is: you need to spread the message to as many people as possible.
in germany you would do that with german.
maybe the other user was not too wrong.

The sentence structure in english is perfect. deny that islam is right and you are not inclusive. say the islam is right about them and you are a mysoginist. the sentence structure in german should imply both as well.

kanaken are majority. you're just seeing outward symptoms of that :D

I agree. But how do we get the same effect in German?