Selfie-loving girl is killed in the bath after being electrocuted by her charging mobile phone she dropped in the water

Selfie-loving girl is killed in the bath after being electrocuted by her charging mobile phone she dropped in the water.

> Evgenia Shulyatyeva died after being electrocuted when her mobile phone slipped into her bath while it was charging.
> The young accountant was found dead in the bathtub by her mother who became concerned when she didn't respond to her messages.
> Investigators say the girl was killed 'almost instantly' by electrocution when her phone, which was plugged into a 220-volt plug, 'slipped' and landed in the water with her.
> It is not clear if she was using the phone while bathing.
> Friends and family members paid tribute to the young Russian on her Instagram account, which is filled with selfies taken on her mobile phone.

Those pesky selfies are at it again!

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> Evgenia Shulyatyeva died at the scene in Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia, after being electrocuted by her phone when it fell into the water.
> The body of the 'bright' young accountant was found in the bathtub later that day.

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Wait, how could a phone, which is receiving like 5V 1A could electrocute her?

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Impossible, how the fuck does a 5v charger electrocute you unless the whole plug “fell” into the bath

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>how could a phone, which is receiving like 5V 1A could electrocute her?

>her phone, which was plugged into a 220-volt plug
Sounds like someone modified the plug.

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Electricity doesnt work that way in russia you tard. Anything that produces electricity has the potential to kill you

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The United States of America had the forethought to use 120 volts instead of a fatal current that flows in shit hole countries

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Not politics
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Wouldn't the male part of the charger just conduct all the voltage out of the wall socket? In America we have 120 volts and I've beens shocked. It's a pretty good snap. So 220 is a ton more. She is also small. And maybe she had a weak heart. And she may not have been able to get out of the water.

Wait why didn't the house have an RCD or some kind of circuit breaker?

I know this is pol but this is still sad to me and also Im surprised it doesnt happen way more often if this is in fact possible..

5 volts will not kill a person... and Apple states it’s iphone charger is 5v

The current to defibrillate a small child is around 70v, and an adult above 40-50kg is generally 200-300 v (concerted from j/s)

She had to of had this plugged into an extension cord that fell into the water

natural selection at its finest

to be honest im surprised this is the first time ive heard of this happening

Only needs 100mA through the heart. Easy to get it - ground yourself touching a tap and whatever current will all go through your arm/chest.

Mains voltage isn't the issue here.

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> The body of the 'bright' young accountant was found in the bathtub later that day.

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sounds like BS.

Except 5v is not enough to even penetrate the skin
With higher voltage you are right but 5v DC no way

based autist poster

>5v is not enough to even penetrate the skin
It is

hahahaha why in the fuck would you have a 220 volt wall outlet, I thought the euroqueers were known to indulge in overzealous regulation.

That's because it doesn't usually happen. As many anons have pointed out, 5V 1A won't kill you just like that. Fuses must not have worked and probably a bunch of other stuff came together

Depends on the Amps. A 9V battery will not penetrate your skin.

Properly some shitty Chinese charger or maybe she lived in a third world country that doesn't have modern electrical installation?
ElectroBOOM made a video about the topic:

Israel is right, Darwin is pleased.

This. Doesn't take much at all. Also only takes a mere GFI breaker to save your ass from this.

And this is why you GFI protect outlets in the bathroom. So when your dumbass drops the toaster in the tub you don't fry yourself.

I see nothing wrong with this. Natural selection at work

Also who the fuck takes a bath these days instead of a shower? I swear to fuck the last bath I’ve taken was in the 2000s some time it’s all been just showers since


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>second world problems

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Because cheaply made Soviet stuff

Same reasons RBMK reactors don’t have containment vessels

live by the selife, die by the selfie

This, 5v shouldn't be able to penetrate the skin. "Touch voltage" is anything

I love threads like this. I went to school for maintenance on electronics and equipment and y'all are really giving me a nice chuckle. In water the resistance of you're skin greatly reduces and 5v could technically penetrate it but I would venture to say she was living in an older house. Older houses usually only have one plug in the bathroom if any at all and they didnt have GFCIs back then to keep roastie from getting toasty. I would venture to say she had an extension cord ran to the bathtub and somehow managed to let it fall into the water.

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I mean we’re also a second world country we just happened to get the better US outlet technology

I still have no idea what voltage hydro uses though. It could literally be whatever they want to


No, the charger lowers the voltage to 5V and that won’t change just because you drop the poky bit in the tub. Even at 2A that’s only 10 watts which is nothing really.


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Yeas you’re forgetting she lives in Soviet land. I bet they still don’t build new housing with GFCIs it’s literally about how to build things as cheap as possible

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I did use my phone very recently in my bath on holidays to read, or even sometimes in the shower.
But not plugged in ffs!!!
One article says the was a math prodigy and had a degree in engineering?? For real?

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That sounds about right.

I laughed so hard at this!

Dry skin sure but wet skin is much more conductive, or it could go through the mouth or eyes.
You can lick a 9V battery for a tingle.

we also have shit like working fire sprinkers, remember that next time 300 ivans die in a mall fire
>hydro canada decides what voltage comes out of your wall sockets
for fucks sakes user stay in school

One time I was in the bathtub with a laptop on a plank going across the bathtub with the charger plugged in. It was very comfy, but if it had fallen in the water would I have been electrocuted Jow Forums?

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Would have done the same if I had to babysit a collection of mutts.

220v is more efficient than 120v, 220 draws less current which is actually what your paying for.


Lol, oh user, they dont have fancy 1960s technology in shithole countries

It’s the current that kills you burger. Therefore you stupid fucks basically doubled the chance.

> What is RCD?

I think every socket in bathroom needs to run over 30mA RCD device. I suppose the voltage converter got damaged and the phone had 230V~ phase on the loader pins. The thot died like she lived.

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Potential. It will still fall short of the energy normally utilized to defibrillate an adult male, but about a fifth of the energy.

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> Dump creatures

T. The projector

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If this is true why do phones charge faster off the wall than off of a standard usb port?

In fact i have a charger and a multi meter next to me lets see what voltage i can get.
If i dont post again i somehow managed to electrocute myself

Nigger 120V will still kill you

power supply and power expenditures

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There’s no such thing as hydro Canada lol

i couldn't jam the probe in the microusb end and they are nice pink usb cables so i dont want to cut it open

no GFCI outlet in her bathroom? that's a code violation.

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learn to use it right nigger

Here is a video of a guy shoving his fingers into water with live wires at 220v. He puts salt in there too. A phone charger dropped in water will not kill you.

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The Ukrainian thot didn't die even after blowing half her face off this thot dies of a minor electric discharge..weak

God is punishing them.

>what is Ohms law
RETARD, voltage is not current

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I have worked in electrical and electronic industries for many years. This is impossible without the something being seriously abnormal with the charger. Modern phone chargers are double insulated, splashproof in most cases, and the 5V supply is electrically isolated from mains supply. With the wall wart being plugged into 220v supply, it cannot have gone in the water anyway, and if the charging cable went in, it would be 5v, which cannot do anything to you, and it would not have any electrical path to the mains, even if phase and neutral were reversed, or there was a serious issue with ground, pro tip these things aren't even grounded anyway.

There are several possibilities:

1, this is a fake story

2, she had the charger on an extension cord, and the extension cord went in the drink, unlikely, as the path of least resistance would not be her body, but the water directly between the phase lug and the earth and neutral lugs. This would require there to be no GFI, which is also a prerequisite for ALL the electrocution scenerios, but it's Russia, so they have shit everything.

3, (most likely) she was using a shitty Chinese knockoff charger, that used a primitive capacitive dropper or resistor to make 5v instead of a switch mode power supply. These exist, and are extremely dangerous, check the YouTube channels BigClive or Diodesgonewild to see what I mean. The issue with these things is that the 5v output is directly connected to mains supply, with only a handful of resistors, caps and diodes between mains and the user. Considering its Russia, I believe this to be the most likely scenario, $2 phone chargers on Aliexpress are too tempting even for developed countries.

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hydro whatever miserable province gave your father a visa

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5 volts without any resistance is still only 5 amps

it would give you a zap, but its still fucking nothing.

DailyMail has an article like that every fucking week. Always the same age, always from Russia or Ukraine.

even a rcd would blow within 250 ms anyway.

>the water was highly mineralised.
Bitches love to take long baths with all the bath salts you can imagine after a long day of climate change fighting.

Selfies are great.

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Sparky here : this is very unlikely even if the plug was 220V. Something's fucky, or it was some freak aligment of faulty wiring, circuit breakers, and muscle spasm.
My first guess is coverup

Women and technology don't mix

40ms sorry

>5 amps
are you really that retarded?
20 MILLI ampere can be deadly already
given water has a resistance of up to 200 Ohm (normal, room temperature drinking water) it that still would be 25 milli ampere, however direct current is not as bad as alternate current

What's the problem with yall?

Amp is deadly mate... can survive 240v, it's the current that hits ya...

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Well, you have to think he is standing, with shoes on, and only dipping one finger, so there's no difference in potential for electricity to go through his body. The girl in question, though, was completely immersed in water, presumably.

>Only 5 Amps

And isn't Russia 220v 50hz ?

Australia is 240v 50/60hz

Probably not.

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no... unless there is 230V phase in water... chinks skimp on copper and use electronic high frequency voltage converters with micro transformers inside. If such device gets shortcuted there is no galvanic-seperation like in old fashioned voltage converters with big core transformers.
If there is a 230V phase in water and you're in it the current prefers to go over your body because it has lower resistance then the wtter around you, bath hub is always grounded.

Exactly. Current is what kills you, but current is directly proportional to voltage, and inversely preportional to resistance. Hence 30,000v can do nothing but tickle you if it's low current, but 110 or lower can kill you in certain circumstances. A car battery can put out a thousand amps but the voltage is too low for any perceptible current to flow through your body.

The deadly shock requires a voltage high enough for a deadly current to flow through the resistance of your body, a resistance that can vary wildly depending on a lot of factors, and the source must be able to put out sufficient current. All 3 Ohms Law factors must be taken into account, not just ooh scary voltage.

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