Why do they behave like niggers ?

All people from balkans that come here, they behave exactly the same as for example arabians or niggers.

They all wannabe gangsters or some shit, bang their music loud, drive old bmw, sell drugs, maybe make rap video about whores or drugs and both of them (čefurs and šiptars) are probably 90 % of crime , the other 10 % being gypsies.

they always brag how good their countries are, they always say "yo we fuck all ur bitchez" and smoke all day in bars and clubs. and just want to collect gibs from here, or germany or austria. yet when you go to their countries they are incapable of painting house with the facade, or collecting the trash around the driveway.

the worst is people here started imitate their ""culture"", just like whites listen to nigger rap in america.

they litteraly are equivalent of niggers. i understand why romanians or bulgarians or shiptars act like niggers, they after all have their genetics, but why are others so subhuman is beyond me.

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you are a balkanigger too, never forget that slavshit

Who ate you trying to fool Janez? You are and always will be a part of the Balkans, culturally and geographically

your real father is muslim and mother is a whore

i dont listen to half arabs-half turks. fuck off back to sitting all day infront of your house, while colecting gibs from eu you lazy shit.

hahaha thats exactly what you all say. yo slovenia is just mountain croatia. yo slovenia is just mountain serbia. yo we fuck ur motherz ur balkan too janez.

fuck off back to goatfucking and drinking brown water in dalmatia ante

I never said we fuck your women, I said muzzies do. I don't really care much about you though, wish you well

jewish serb

you do actually. maybe not you personally but your people definetly do. thanks for wishing me well, but its not possible without having country 95%+ pure slovene.

Croatians are some of the most based people I´ve met
Bulgarians are a mixed bag, some act like niggers and look like gypsies, some look aryan as fuck and act normal

go back to turkey

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>but its not possible without having country 95%+ pure slovene.
agreed, but it's not croats who move to slovenia, yes slovenia is nice to live, better for work than croatia, but when you are moving away from home, why would you come to slovenia when you can go somewhere else and earn more

>95% pure slovene
what are you two gonna do with an entire country?

the iq of the balkans is really low similar to niggers

we send our worst.
don't forget, you are here forever

> Serb
> Calling anyone a nigger
Oh, the irony.

oh look a german cock sleeve

reveal your memeflag balkanniger.

i hate ""germans"" as much as i hate you. infact its the balkannigers who all want to go to germany not me. when you go to mucnhen all you hear is albospeak and yours.

indeed. didn't realize they are so low untill i just checked.

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>when you go to mucnhen all you hear is albospeak and yours.
and thank god for that since germans don't speak english, I managed to get directions from two neighbors with white hats that spoke yugospeak

hahahahaha and you're the worst of the whole lot

I hate slovenians because you're uppity people that larp as you're better than all of us

what about when all you parasites together with arabs and turks completely destroy germany in 20 years ? (45 % of children under 5 in gemrany have migrant background). what when all nations are destroyed ? then germany will just become the shithole you just moved in.

fucking hell you actualy cant think even a litlle bit ahead, same as niggers can.

You slovenians are niggers like the rest of them! Stop larping as alp People austrian/swiss! You are slavnigger scum like the rest!

we are better then you. even you think that way. theres many serbs that want to go to slovenia, country created by slovenes. theres none slovenes that want to go to serbia country created by serbs.

>inb4 im not serb
yes you are

who wants to be austrian/swiss ? you fucking lederhose wearing cucks

2bqh they really are, take a bus from macedonia to slovenia, everything everywhere looks exactly the same, then you get to slovenia and the villages don't look depressing anymore and everything's clean and new, pretty jelly of them actually

You are the nigger. The stereotype is plain out wrong.
Rap isn't popular, old BMW's are not the norm nor is squatting in tracksuits. Some stereotypes are utterly wrong, or only relatively accurate for a small region.

That's a big dip down south.
Serbia 8 IQ points behind? Jesus, I was only joking before, but you really did get turked.

not clean anymore. theres more and more trash around roads coincidentaly just as theres more and more of you here

>Serbia 8 IQ points behind? Jesus, I was only joking before, but you really did get turked.
I think it's because albanians in kosovo, look at albania

womp womp, should've had stricter laws

never said about squating in tracksuits. the bmws are absolutely 100% right. go to ljubljana sit to bench next to parking space and wait for bmw/audi. then see the person who goes out and see for yourself. you people tend to think it makes you more gangsta and its better to drive old bmw then to buy for example 15 years newer other.

I will never be ashamed of who i am but i have to admit that one of hardest pill to swallow was realization that Balkanoids are literally low iq and easily assimilated white negroes who constantly self victimize themselves over every aspect possible and blame everything on others just to avoid responsibility or consequences. So realistically what can you really expect from us. Also those drugosrbijanci fags and soibois here who act all civilized and swallow every trash the western values shits out and act all enlightened while in reality being dumb as fuck are million times worse.

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keep in mind we have way more gypsies than you plus the bulgarians down south, not to mention the padezless peoples of the hills

take a bus from slovenia to macedonia, you'll appreciate what you have more

womp womp, the whole world just became shithole because of parasites like you. what now nigger ?

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buddy, you only didn't get turked because we saved your ass from Ottomans, you're prosperous only because of us, and we took the bullet. You should be at liest a little bit grateful

>fuck off back to sitting all day infront of your house, while colecting gibs from eu you lazy shit.
So, you've described yourself?

ah i also had to come to realization that average slovene is just leftist faggot and communist. so in a way no matter how much i hate all the shit, i cannot wait to see these fags getting raped and robbed by niggers.

>takes jakubmarian seriously
>doesn't take ethnic divide into account
>doesn't take urban/rural education standard divide into account

Romanians are dumb mkayy

i was in beograd for new years eve and i saw enough. no need to go all the way down

survival of the fittest

this song sums it up really well

Blato do kolena, govna do guše,
Peče se rakija, šunke se suše.
Udri brigu na veselje,
Praznici, svadbe, ispraćaji, gozbe,
Masna hrana - ljuta rana,
jaka krdža, loša radža.

Beda i jad, nered i jed,
Zavist i strah, konfuzija!

Srbija, među šljivama,
Srbija, među njivama,
Srbija, među stadima,
Džidža, džitra, džibra!

Srbi i Srbijanci - niko nikom ne veruje,
Građani i seljaci - ko će koga da zajebe?
Narodne mudrosti lete oko ognjišta,
Ratovi za dinar, ratovi za dvorišta,
Ratovi za tarabu - krave crkavaju,
Rodbina u svađi psuje se na međi!

Mržnja i bes, ponos i stres,
Sumnja i žar, inat i ćar!

Tri livade - nigde 'lada, svako čudo za tri dana,
Drži bure vodu, majstori dok odu,
Smrad ne smeta - promaja ubija!

Pod šljivama!

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>Takes jakubmarian and Lynn seriously

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>serbs saved us
lel turks conquered your ass and half the croatians. they were stopped by the borders of slovenia. we got the clothes of turkish general or similar shit in some church as a thanks for our troops bravery in the battle agianst turks.

feels nice to not have turkish subhuman dna in your veins

survival indeed. as you animals don't actualy live, you just survive in your trash and cigarettes like monkeys without knowing higher aspects of life

every "romanian" here is either gypsy, or he is fiddling with drugs and prostitutes mate. the truth is what it is. you people are also known to be scammers and pickpocketers

no it doesn't I only have horsearcher genes, wish I had hairy ottoman genes

>hairy ottomoan
must turks i see here on erasmus or some shit are less hairy than me. they just have jet black hair thats all.

gayreeks are known to not work at all. by everyone not just us you fucking subhuman

You're losing this argument, m8, to the point where your inflated sense of self-worth is laughable. If these countries can't protect themselves from unarmed 3rd world hordes, they don't deserve to exist anymore. In the grand scheme of things, evolutionary speaking, the downfall of western cucks is beneficial for humanity.

imagine being this delusional
whew lad

Yeah, so that is why we have the biggest amount of workhours in Europe. And that's why my father works 11 hours per day. So as to come and say we're lazy?

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you are falling down as well mate. was in le based serbia for new years even and i thought i would never see 1 nigger. i was surprised to see quite a few. dont act like le based serbs cannot be infected by jewish lies.

you are getting jewed just as everyone in the world at this point. its just the jews started later with you as they used you as useful idiots to first desintegrate other countries. how does it feel that serbia will become in grand scheme of things, evolutionary speaking full of niggers and šiptars ?

exactly, we will thrive while you take our big balkan cocks
you mad white boi?

it won't, nigs are tourists and albos only stay long enough to get a serbian passport and fuck off to europe where they burn it

>no counter arguments
whew lad

look at this fine map, as soon as slovenian populace lived on the land turks didn't conquer that lands (yes many slovenians lived in what is now today croatia - at some point almost 18% of zagreb was slovenian)

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It's because they are poor. Non redneck Whites from American trailer parks act the same.

>being this delusional
hahaha you are the same as us mate, you are getting cucked just as everyone.

not one negative comment mate

niggrospeak confirming my arguments hahahah
nice to know serbians are also behind bbc spam thread meme flags

Ah, there’s nothing like watching Slavs roast each other in the morning.

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>>you are getting jewed just as everyone in the world at this point. its just the jews started later with you as they used you as useful idiots to first desintegrate other countries. how does it feel that serbia will become in grand scheme of things, evolutionary speaking full of niggers and šiptars ?
Historically speaking, they've already been in that scenario. Even after 500 years of Turkish oppression they would fight back and genocide their progeny. Meanwhile, the west can't take more than a few decades of niggerfication without turning into complete subservient self-flagellating subhumans. Yeah, I'm still putting my money on the balkanoids, fren.

I o-only came to study Janez-senpai >.< I even work and pay taxes to your country ;__;

you were a race of slave like niggers, that is the reason.

Yeah but you at least have to admit that you have a state in its current form now because of Kingdom Of Yugoslavia, you alongside half of Croatia would have been annexed into Italy and then what knows how you would come out.

I know that guy irl, pretty cool dude, interested in medieval serbian art, asked a lot about frescoes, so yeah, we made a black guy show interest in culture, your point?

>not one negative comment

you may be based, but were talking about general poluce here man. and average serb is just as prone to jewish deception as everyone.

even your women are massively becoming prostitutes everywhere (90% of prostitues in slovenia are serbs) and are just as whorish as any woman in west or east or here.

sad, but true
Although, you didn't mention all the non-niggers slavs with high education that go to live in the same countries your mentioned.
Maybe it's because you are a nigger and surround yourself with nigger like slavshits.

>came only to study
>pays taxes
so you work as a student ? it means you have full studentt privilegies of slovenian students which as college is free paid by tax payers means you came to collect free gibs in a way by enrolling in university that isnt complete shit.

i mean maybe you are exception and exceptions exist, but dont deny most of you people behave abhorrently

user i...
if you would just open wikipedia you would see that Ottoman spread was stopped in its tracks by Poland, we also fought back and slowed them down eventually got rid of them. You Slovenes acomplished nothing, you were just lucky to have brave slavs defending your uppity german cock fondling society. If Ottomans ever reached your land you would get assraped and roached. You are just so lucky, and it's not fair that you think you're better than us.

Please, sir, do the needful and no address us with offensives.

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Hey hey...don't diss them balkans...they are white...and christian...apart from them damn albanians and bosnians they are niggers...but croats had a nazi party which was whit germany so they were good...nowdays most are forgetting their roots because of parliament propaganda...

Translation, pls?

>pretty cool jsut because he is interested in serbian art and culture

mate that is just the way you get destroyed.
>oh le nigger is okay as long he integrates and loves serbs
>oh le nigger is okay as long he integrates and loves america


the rest of them are in vojvodina, can't really blame them, would you study in bosnia?

becuase of serbs raping and stealing form pouplation in koroška we lost koroška, because of tito we lost half the lands on west that are italy today.

we paid half the shit to yugoslavia despite being what like 10 % of population ? if we werent in yugoslavia we would have been even better of today.

also our progress is slowing, because were becoming less and less slovene and more and more full of balkannigers

well yes, here you are saying it doesn't matter we're white because we act like niggers, so if we got a nigger to act like a white man, by your own standards in this thread he is white, eat a dick janez

Sure, you can cuck any general population if you really wanted to. I can agree with that. I don't have a problem with prostitution as long as public opinion remains very negative. If people view whores as the lowest type of filth on the planet, then that's also Darwinistic, they're excluding themselves from the society and gene pool -- which is good and it improves the gene pool. It only becomes a problem when prostitution starts being considered a 'legitimate career' and/or shame-free.

As for blacks, they aren't that hated here, which is true. There's a lot of cultural reasons for it, and it's not that this society isn't xenophobic. It's mainly because Serbs don't consider them to be a threat (similar to asians) and they're in such small numbers they don't really exist in popular culture or in everyday life.

>you people

Stop generalizing, faggot.
BMW's are not even the most widely used cars around here.

>they were stopped by the borders of slovenia.

Buddy...just stop.
Croatia was called Antemuralis Christianum, not slovenia. Not that we aren't grateful for the few solider you sent. Most of Europe generally had their heads up their asses, sending little to no help. They would rather fuck their relatives, wage brother wars and throw feasts.
We were actualy competent at keeping turks at bay. Just look at the various battles fought here and look at the casualties on the turkish sides.
You had it easy.

You do realize you're admitting that Serbians are not white, right?

ahahahah you are actualy justfying getting niggers inside country.

damn i thought serbs arent such cucks, at least here on pol not.

fuckin hell. good luck with your country. no matter how you behave i rather see serbia remain serbian than become second uganda.

no janez, it just that I don't view some black guy as a threat, infact he's a musician that likes our culture and promotes us in the world and brings money to our country, also I don't heave a small dick

>>You do realize you're admitting that Serbians are not white, right?
I don't think anyone here gives a shit about whiteness. They're concerned with their own tribe and the survival of it. Being concerned with acceptance and opinions of some other, greater tribe is kinda pathetic, to be honest.

>i dont view black guy as a threat
>brings money to our country
right sadly you are part of the problem. all niggers should die and world would objectively be much better.
>i dont have small dick
also believing jewish propaganda about niggers having big dicks

man i can't even...how much jew televison you watch ?

What good is a Serbian passport?



must be tough for you slovenebro
yall think you are too good for southern slavs
yet you are scoffed at by the czechs slovaks and poles, to whom you are more genetically related.

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unlike an albanian or a kosovo one you can leave the country without a visa and most drugdealers don't qualify for a visa

must be nice to post here without having to show your cucked "Northern"

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>serb secret agent
is actualy slovenian whore and prostitute that should be put to death as an example

what ?

its a croat larping as slovenian(meme non-nation) larping as germanic : the thread

this whole fuckin thread

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>paying taxes

>larping as germanic
who the fuck wants to be german autist cuck ? all true germans died in 1945

meme non nation that you need to thank that you are 5 % less shithole as we subsidized your lazy asses for 70 years in yugoslavia

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you are the biggest cucks and sellouts and plus a non-nation
croatia should just annex you

Stop acting like a whore and let your ass getting assimilated by the balkan culture you wannabe austrian fag

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Albanians don't need a visum either though.

strange way to say thank you.

go home turk. you aren't welcome here in europe

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