Need your input pol

My daughter insists on dating this wannabe rapper black guy from her school that smokes a lot of blunts,I've told her no and I don't like him because he seems too thuggy,but she keeps lying to me and sneaks around to see him anyway and I don't know what to do.
I think they're having sex.She is 16.
If I told my wife I don't want our daughter to date black guys she would probably leave me, my wife is very liberal and pro diversity.
I don't want my grandkids to be black and have nappy hair.
Is it too late now pol,did i failed her as a father?

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Just blow your brains out with the double barrel op

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>Look Rabbi, I'm larping again!

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scrolling pozzpost

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Kike memeflag, we're laughing at you in this other thread

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If you tell a teenage daughter not to do something it guarantee 100% she will. What you need to do is become this boys biggest music fan. Start going to his shows, listen to his albums while driving her around, start dressing like a hip hop star, it will turn her off of it so quick, part of the thrill is your disapproval

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Yes you did failed, because you're a weak cuck.

Also why not show a flag, you're probably from one of these 3 countries - USA, Canada or UK..

If not, you're shilling something here.

Hahaha fucking loser. Shoot her then yourself for being such an absolute failure of a father. Nigger is just doing what his masters indoctrinated him to do but you failed and should take responsibility for it

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Small-dick energy

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You fucked up boi, it is too late.

>literally point-to-point astroturfing
>literally copy-pasta of every single shill thread in the last 2 years

It will still reach bump limit because Jow Forums is exclusively comprised of mouth-breathing retards now.

you've clearly failed as a father

Sounds like you're a failure as a father.

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m'kay, seems based. Sources?

She’s riding the BBC & swallowing the goo...way to late...get ready to raise nigger grandbabies.

>If I told my wife I don't want our daughter to date black guys she would probably leave me, my wife is very liberal and pro diversity.
You are a cuck. I know you're LARPing, but still.

I take it from the clothes your in a more rural area. It's not known yet. But it's cultural seeping. Where that meme relationship is failing in, inner cities. It's seeping into the South. I'd recommend moving. Just drop hints for a month or two. Then say you need to move. Change things up.

Tell your daughter flat out that if she goes black you don't want her back then proceed to tell her that means at age 18 she will be thrown out and completely financially cut off from you. Tell her the yard ape is not allowed on your property, call the phone company to block his number from your daughter's phone account, call the police/school about him dealing drugs, divorce your wife if she tolerates this shit and then blame your marriage falling apart on your daughter. If she still wants to burn coal after that hopefully the damage from you wrecking her life will result in her suicide if not the jungle monkey will make sure she pays the toll eventually.

If you want to take the gentler approach explain to her that no other man wants a woman who fucks niggers that she can be with literally anyone else on earth but an inbred tribal chimp and not be judged for it but in current year no matter where you are on earth but africa fucking niggers is still worse than fucking a literal dog.