Why don't more trannies look like this?

Why don't more trannies look like this?

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Cause they are men


Fuck trannies, if you like them you are a raging faggot.


Because most so-called trannies are just disgusting unfuckable faggots.

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he cute tho

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Because they age just like the rest of us.

You faggots faun over anything remotely resembling beauty, and beauty is primarily found in young people.

I agree
that's why trannies must be bred from a young age

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SAGE this shit and all tranny threads, it's just trying to lure faggots to /gif/

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I visited a shemale escort to satisfy a longheld urge. But her cock tasted DISCUSTING and her ass was loose. It was like putting my willy in one of those clip-close handbags and shutting it over the shaft. And there was the same smell as when I had worms and used to scratch my asshole. It's like shitty turnips pong. I definitely know I'm not gay now. How many of you who have never tried it can say the same? I'm straighter than most of you.

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I don't care if you like trannies or not, most people don't and I understand why

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Source they are trannies? Don't look like ones to me.

“The sufferer from this vice becomes listless, inattentive, indifferent. There is an inability to concentrate the mind, or apply it with any degree of vigor; want of interest in friends; loss of self-control; failure of memory, and difficulty of conducting conversation. The reasoning is disconnected, and oftentimes the mental powers entirely fail; the victim becomes diffident, bashful, and ashamed, and seldom looks people in the face. His love of books is lost, history becomes a blank, the glowing pages of romance charm no more, the poet’s spell hath lost its power, music’s witchery is dead, the beauties of art are passed unheeded by, the loveliest landscape is but an arid desert, and nature’s most sublime endeavors fail to arouse the soul of him who has long been contaminated by this loathsome vice of masturbation.”

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>ywn get this


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So clearly filtered pictures as in the video it looks hideous with all that plastered make up.



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Fuck mods and jannies. Fucking faggots.

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Not news, not politics, sage and report. Fuck you discord tranny.

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but gender identity is politics

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>that fucking chin
You can have that abomination all to yourself, you faggot.

In your dreams faggot, enjoy the ban chocolate channel chummy!


>You can have that abomination all to yourself
nice, enjoy your "women"

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No. It's a socio-psychological disease being spread by jews.
Gas is the cure.

>Why don't more trannies look like this?
>I don't care if you like trannies or not
Sure you don't. That's why you started this thread, and probably dozens of others like it, right?

depends at what age they transitioned


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fucking trannies I swear

Imagine the moans

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have a spool

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why the fuck is this shit so common now

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cuz the end is nigh

Weimar my friend. Dont you see how much Joy there is?

>actually thinking he's not wearing makeup in those images

It's not, I sort of wish there were more of them to pick from

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