BREAKING: UK SUPREME COURT RULE AGAINST JOHNSON PARLIAMENT SUSPENSION. That doesn't kill Brexit but puts it back in the hands of the parliament, which wants to kill it.

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Jesus wept. We get one fucking vote to change something we had no say on, and those elected to represent us decide we can't even have that. This is why Americans have guns.

>democracy has clear rules
>unless we decide we wanna ignore those


Reminds me of Cali referendum on illegal aliens and on gay marriage and the fact both were voided by unelected judges

well this is a prime example why democracy doesn't really work. anytime people want to change a major thing about their country, people holding the real power won't give a shit about those demands.
democracy can't work, it's a simple fact. but no other system is perfect also. in the end, pure brute strength wins.
> what does it matter who is right or wrong if the stronger one can force the weaker and establish his vision over him.

We may actually have to start hanging the fuckers.

11 (((judges)))

>she added
why is this allowed?

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Anything above mayor elections are pointless. Representative will go for the money and ignore the people's will because they are too distant from them. It's not even possible to vote these people out but about 80% of our parties in parliament are basically the same. Voting is a meme over here.

& pakis, blacks and race traitors...

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World War 3 when? We've gotta have a nationalists vs subhumans throwdown immediately.


REMEMBER within 25 years 37% of those who voted to leave the EU will have died of old age, a further 42% will be over 65.

Brexit is old uneducated white racists attempt to hold on to something that no longer exists, and even if it did they won't be around to see it anyway.

Embrace the future, accept your fate, the age of monolithic ethnically homogenous nation states is over, within 100 years the very notion of British will have disappeared, it won't even appear in any history books, the so called British people are just a mongrelized mixture of many races who just so happened to occupy this particular patch of land for a few centuries, and yhose mongrels are right now as we speak disappearing, being bred out of existence, dying out, childless ghosts of a time that will soon be forgotten.


So basically fuck democracy and self-determination ?

There are 2 solutions to this issue: 1) Make the British vote again until they vote the correct way, or 2) Ignore the original vote. There are no other solutions.

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Hey m8 do you have a license for those thoughts?

and thats why you niggas dumb as fuck for giving up your guns

>the age of monolithic ethnically homogenous nation states is over
Dead man walking over here.

Brexit means Brexit! BoJo Brexit incoming. Probably.

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exited for the UK to become a caliphate

The only bright side of this, is all lefty cunts like yourself will hang first by the very minorities you protect.

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And in 150 years everyone who voted in the EU referendum will be dead, so we should just not vote on anything ever

This won't be a popular post here, but it's true.

Look at the court judges, 3 women with a record of championing 'diversity' and a couple with history with the ECHR.

Bernd sagt dir der Unterschied zwischen Befragung und Referendum etwas ? Das eine ist nicht bindend du dummer Untermensch

yeah if only they had their guns they wouldn't be 56% and dropping like a rock with all power structures taken over by kikes and marxist npcs


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They did this to create the EU in the first place if I recall correctly

But it isn't self determination, if you have to succumb to everyone else.

Do you China, US, and Japan are just going to continue as if nothing changed.
India even refused to make any trade agreements, unless we allow more immigrants to come in freely.

>They think they can override Her Majesty
No mere judges can override the will of the Lord.

Ach Sören, spende dem Lurd doch weiter Shekel auf seinem Patreon, du Lohnhahnrei.

Just surrendering to the super commie state isn't an alternative either

The Queen has near zero power. And she's supposed to be politically neutral, so she can't come out and say fuck you supremes parliament is suspended.

Can't wait to see what BoJo has up his sleeve next. He had to know the supremes weren't going to support the will of the people. His new play should be awesome.

you will leave the EU when it collapses. guns are worthless if the people don't have the will to use them. Pro tip: we don't.

Probably time for the Supreme Court to get the boot and replaced, they are obviously in bed with the EU.

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>Can't wait to see what BoJo has up his sleeve next.
If this gets through he should use it as leverage in the upcoming elections. Just show that the opposition is undermining the state and the people's will. This will probably win over a lot of people.

the long march through the institutuins by radical internationalist commies was completed decades ago, whereever you turn you will find yourself confronted by a commie or a jew who has the opower to overrule you.

It's over for Britain just like it's over for the whole of Europe, these are your end times, we are seeing not a glorious uprising or rebellion but a pathetic show of online seething followed by real world capitulation.

This. Guns are useless unless you're willing to use them

And yet the bongs will do nothing. They'll just sit there waiting to be beheaded like the good cattle they are.

He'd need a near immediate election for that, and that isn't happening, as Parliament won't vote for it. It'll be long forgotten by the next election. I think his next play is to refuse to appoint an EU Commisioner from the UK, so that the EU Parliament can't sit.

How in the hell did the bongs lose their balls? What happened to their will?

time to grab your bicycle wheels, assault spoons and hit the streets, senpai. don't forget to do the slow-march for extra intimidation.

We oligarchy now?

But seriously they are risking a lot here. In the last few days Labour have actually gone openly Communist, the Conservative party is disintegrating leaving only Nationalism as an alternate, a report on 'who we trust' has shown that the military are the most trusted group in the UK, the Monarchy has been at best called an idiot who cannot understand things and at worst told that their opinion is literally unlawful; and the EU has made a serious power play on keeping us in.

The country has never been so divided. The law has been flagrantly twisted to accomodate various groups; initially with the pushing back of Brexit from March - and then with Boris trying to shut down parliament.

Law doesn't matter anymore to anyone actually in parliament. The plebs are divided along Nationalist and Communist lines. A military coup would have the support of the moderates. The EU has crowned itself our ruler.

Let it begin. Blood for the Blood God!

>The Queen has near zero power
But you still call her " The Queen".

She has power, it's just if she uses it there'll be a major republican push. So she's not using her power to protect her power, which will result in her losing her power. She should've manned up decades ago, but her cowardice has condemned the crown.

>old people care more about their grandchildren's future than about some German fuck's feelings
Color me shocked

2 world wars?

Cobblestones were once the weapon of choice.

what does it matter for you? brits would be the first to let their children be raped by muslims regardless if they're in the eu or not

>democracy is illegal, the (((judiciary))) says so
most people in the UK can't see the jews for the kikery!

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that's exactly what they're saying.

the moment the kikes set foot on british soil they set their roots deep into the backbone of british democracy.

they want to make it as difficult as possible to leave the union. we should have them all killed.

they do the same to us on a daily basis.

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The brave men tend to be the first ones to die in modern wars. WW1&2 happened.

And you cucks say nothing about. Might as well bend over and let them fuck you in the ass

>implying the future of our country relies with the kikes
get fucked schlomo
worry about your desert shit hole you skinny fucking loser

70 years of pure unadulterated kikery user!

Why don't the Jews just out-law Brexit? That way, no matter how the people vote, they could say it's against the law. And the people of Britain love to follow the law, even when it means their children get gang raped by those poor immigrants who just need to some sympathy and reparations for eons of unfairness. It's a simple solution, one the Jews could very easily implement.

If she backs the will of the people, the republican push won't happen, and she won't lose power. As it is, the republican push has more power, because she isn't doing anything. She needs to take a risk and support Brexit. Hell, your election was as fucked as ours, and it was probably closer to 65% of the nation wants Brexit. QEII needs to stand up for the people.

Not that many of them died. The ones that came back had balls. WTF did they do? Train their sons to be obedient cowards?

The bongs do. And I don't know why.

>supporting brexit makes you a kike
Take your meds retard

>if she uses it there'll be a major republican push
At this point, I very much doubt that it would play out that way at all. I think people would love it.

True. Which explains why the USSR was so cucked.

That none of you bongs did anything about. Why didn't you hang those fools the first time they stepped out of line?

She's a rootless cosmopolitan. She'll stand up for her own people.

>In the last few days Labour have actually gone openly Communist,

I just saw news that the Labour conference or whatever voted against siding with Remain campaign, so there's that, which is funny

what are you talking about you ARE a fucking kike. youre a paedophile too you fucking retard dont sit there and pretend that youre not we can all SEE that you are RIGHT NOW

What should we do

same way we are losings ours. cultural subversion

judicial tyranny is out of control in the United States this is no "land of the free" anymore. We are a cunt hair away from these "random mass shootings" being intelligently targeted assassinations and federal slaughters, and they know it which is why they're pushing so hard for confiscation and imprisonment for wrongthink. If an unelected caste of globohomos are running the show, then you don't have a country anymore and doesn't really well matter whether or not you have any 'peace', does it?

Fuck off retard. Learn to read before you post again.

theyre faking the shootings before it happens

the jews HATE YOU

"We need to take back control!"

"nO wAiT nOt LiKe ThAt"

Then why do you keep her around? You let your Parliament take away her power, so what's the point? If she can't help you, if she doesn't rule by the Will of God, then wtf is the point of having her?

Everyone needs to get mad first, rather than bitch moan and complain. Then you organize.

You're right. Fuck.

be quiet kike youre not welcome here you disgusting fucking mongrel

Good conclusion. When will the right see that democracy, separation of powers, separation between state and church and a free press is nothing but an illusion leading to an ineffective struggle between different centers of power via the beforementioned? You cannot outlaw power.

user, I could ask you the same thing!

"We need our sovereignty and democracy to be respected!"

"nO wAiT nOt LiKe ThAt!

Since William III the role of the monarch has been to sign some documents and to conceal the true workings of power. Oliver Cromwell was the last UK monarch with real power.

If we are to perish anyway, why not perish fighting?

This all comes down to one thing: when the law itself is corrupt, when the itself doesn't follow the will of the people, the people will discard the law. When there is no other way allowed, that's they only way to fight this.

Never forget, Jews did this.

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It would be more honest if they would club us like baby seals.

>look everyone, I'm trying to derail the thread by pretending to be retarded
Sure, I won't give you any more attention after this reply.

Your digits tell the truth, sir. I understand how we got fucked, but I don't totally get why you got fucked.

Cromwell was a fucking asshole who let the kikes back in, which really fucked you. And nice digits, sir.

Oliver Cromwell's rule was fucking based.

Britain needs another military dictatorship.

the law and the will of the people are two different things otherwise you would complete chaos.

>Why didn't you hang those fools the first time they stepped out of line?
Because Democracy is so ridiculously convoluted. It is actually nearly impossible to hold anyone accountable without risking full scale civil war. I get that its fun to talk poo-poo about other nations; but think logically about the implications of any actual power moves in a democracy, what would happen if one side tried to arrest the other? There will be a civil war.

We actually saw this happen in the myriad socialistic revolutions across Europe and further afield. The really good leaders like Hitler completely out-maneuvered their enemies and got the masses to agree with imprisoning their foes. Others just went full 'BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD' and they just "disappeared" entire cities of people in places like Russia and China.

Ownership of the press makes it even more difficult. Even if 99% of Britain were Nationalists for Brexit (or imagine that 99% of America were Patriots for Trump); the Media would never portray it that way. The innate 'fairness' of our people has those who are being reasonable thinking: "Well I don't like it, but if the rest of the country wants this shit then I guess I should just leave them to it and emigrate to Eastern Europe" - Something which I've heard many times in Britain and I imagine you've heard many times in the States.

Democracy is shit for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones is regarding how difficult it is to remove actual traitors, due to the fact that those traitors will have (or at best APPEAR to have) massive popular support - meaning that any action you have will have extreme consequences, potentially civil war.

Yeah Cromwell was off his fucking head half the time. One of his reasons for letting the Jews back in was literally to speed up the Second Coming - he had some schizo puritan reasoning to back this up.

Probably will have to be a General election. Labour is fucked

I'd actually welcome a millitary coup right now

complete chaos is enabled by (((laws))) which ignore the will of the people

Parliamentary Democracy a shit. A Republic is better, but it only works if the people are vigilant, and enjoy hanging their politicians.

Can't say for sure if we will for long.

Time to get in line UK mutts and vote right next time

If I was Boris what would I do?

Simple, blackmail.

If he's dragged back into Parliament by BearCunt the second all their arses hit the chairs stand up and give everyone a single ultimatum.

1. Immediate re-prorogation.
2. Immediate general election.

No and's if's or butts, you either vote for a General Election or he should prorogue again and again and again and again.

>One of his reasons for letting the Jews back in was literally to speed up the Second Coming
Seriously? I've never heard this before.

I wish. If they were that honest then a lot more people would realize EU is evil and want to leave the union.

Don't assume a conspiracy if you can explain behaviour with incompetence - or cowardice. In this case, the cowardice of judges to not break their peer groups preferred world view. For a judge, there is nothing more dangerous than having to explain his ruling at the local country club.

Technically she could. But she wont

he should immediately re prorogue (which he WILL do)

then they'll argue from the following 2 weeks all the way to october by which time the EU will offer ANOTHER delay which he'll accept and THEN they'll call a general election which he'll win and we'll repeat the process.

Hows your country progressing these days gobby yank

You old dumb poor people who want your dumb old empires back should fight each another to the death in blood arenas for the enjoyment of the young people, instead of wasting everybody's time and money.