Birds are dying off

What is to blame here? Roundup and bug spray? Suburban sprawl?

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The Sixth Great Extinction is underway. Humans are on the chopping block as well. There’s a book by that title, I recommend it.

The right food trees need planting with every new development.
An owl needs about 100 acres to bring up a family.
But wetlands are the key.


Seriously, look it up.

Wetlands get turned into hotel strips.

habitat most likely, this is sad I like birds more than suburbs

DDT killed a lot of birds and then they banned it and now the world is riddled with bed bugs.

It's a bit of everything. Habitat loss, pesticides, strong electrical signals on all bands fucking up their navigation (also includes light pollution), but also the impact of cats - they kill enormous quantities of small animals, birds, rodents, lizards, frogs, and not for food obviously, just because.

I like cats but they're an ecological disaster that should be tagged and kept indoors at all times. Any outdoor cat should be shot.

I saw some books eating song birds in Fla.

Maybe yellow people are killing them off?

i am a farmer. yes fuck cats. dude birds shit out fertilized seeds

emf. is something no one talks abought. but it fucks tge birds and bees.navigation. the wifi and cell has fucked the bees

Do we need three million birds tho?

My cats have taken care of a few of those 3 billion birds

these are the last remains of the dinosaurs

invasive bird species like sparrows killed the good birds
british plot

Surprised it took this long for the enviable retarted post.

it's just natural selection. adapt or die.

Lanxess and their poisoning of our bodies of water.

>adapt to poisoning
Howabout I pour hydrochloric acid down your throat and you adapt.

This comes off like a dumb headline. Certainly birds don't live 50 years.

humanity isn't dying nor going extinct. Weak ass animals can die, it's just more opportunities for other species.

Niggers and thier garbage.

When the homeless are legaly shitting and doing drugs in the would you except.

99.99+% of anything that's ever lived on Earth is now extinct. I don't care about dead birds. Or dead anything, except for people.

You are a fool.

Homo sapiens are the deadliest life form to ever evolve on earth. The day of reckoning comes to all life forms including man. We will go extinct & that’s a good thing.

People have been prophesying the end of humanity since at least Ancient history for a reason or another. You're no different retard, go outside and get shot amerilard, humanity will be fine.

you’re an idiot

Funny when you mention wind farms decimating populations of birds, the left dismisses it as a minor issue

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american -hunters(aka funny guys with guns)

Mass extinction?

This. I could hear cats killing birds at night all summer when my windows are open.

they solved this, it's because of the wind turbines and solar panels

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Honest answer, Mexican landscapers. The natural habitat endlessly gets perverted by sod grass and plant species not from local area. These plants and yards are artificially kept alive with pesticides and fertilizers which screw with the local ph. The native birds have a tough time finding bugs.

Between blue state Yankees and Mexican landscaping they are killing the natural habitat. Don’t believe me, take a drive through a poor area of town. An area that is not landscaped or maintained. Local wildlife is everywhere. Poor blacks and white trash are the stewards of nature.

You should be more concerned with the declining bee population.

>I enjoy a bland lifestyle.
The post

Out of everyone who could possibly say such a thing why is it a Frenchie? I expected a mutt to say this at least.

You need to remember, one a species, no matter how "weak" or ill-adapted they are, once they are gone they are gone forever.

wtf are you some kind of gypsie? you live in the woods or something you trailer trash? What does birds dying off got anything to do with the lifestyle of an educated person who live in an urban environment?

this is the answer right here you fucking idiot niggers. if you have tinnitus it's because of your wifi and the local cell phone tower.

the telecoms industry funds fake limited hangouts like Greta and extinction rebellion to keep you from understanding the microwave suppression system they've been building, testing and perfecting for the last several decades.

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Imagine if you where this sentimental about European peoples. Nature doesn't care about the extinction of prey animals and neither should you. Infinite niggers is much much more pressing issue.

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Rural folk are killing their bugs to raise more onions for China

I look forward to pussified city dwellers turning to cannibalism in a post- apocalyptic dystopia when rural people stop producing your food.

Our lazy hick DOH around here likes to use Round-up to control roadside grass in the country in lieu of mowing. And not just around the immediate roadside, 10 to 20 feet out. If it's not someone's property, they're spraying this poison which travels along ditches to our water sources.

The only place they mow anymore is around the interstate.

But they won't, because rural people are just like serfs and slaves. They'll do what they've been told by city people until they are told different by city people. always have, always will.

White liberals need to die

You see their war hawk John Bolton?

Used to see blue jays and cardinals all the time growing up. No more. Also the Carolina Anoles aren’t as plentiful as they used to be, and are getting pushed out by some Mexican lizard.

Thanks Canada

Poles are shifting

Sure, Nicholas 2nd.

We have a family of owls living in our neighborhood. They have been hammering the squirrels.

The cat problem is overstated. Live in a town full of them. Tons of birds screeching nonstop out my window. Go get food tons of birds in parking lots. Can confirm that windmills do kill a ton though.

We are not.

in my city there are 3 or 4 stray cats for every person

There is probably something to this. Many animals have senses that pick up em fields. Foxes and sharks use them to track prey, and Birds use them for navigation, etc.

litteraly started by city people bourgeois against aristocrats and the rural population is the one that ended up starving lol. French revolution was a bourgeoisie takeover and ironically many rural people fought for the nobility that still had strong establishement in Brittany and Vendée as well as support from England.

>What is to blame here?

Pol thought jews were the ultimate parasite.
Turns out toxoplasmosis gondii was the real world ending parasite.

Solar convergence plants kill loads of birds too. They can't see the beams, and get instagibbed if they fly through them.

we poison the bugs, the birds eat the poison bugs

we poison the caterpillars, the birds eat the poison caterpillars.

It’s cats.
Kill them for sport.

>Homo sapiens are the deadliest life form to ever evolve on earth.

True, niggers are a destructive species. It's a good thing Modern Man is a hybrid animal with advanced sentience. Killing all niggers would save the planet.

>talking about “weak” things
don’t make me laugh too hard user

Wind farms:

>Solar Panels litteraly leaking lead and cadmium into Phreatic zones.
Green energies are litteraly just new avenues for investors, none of that shit got anything to do with saving the environment. See how coca cola among several other companies are the number one investors in so called pro-environmentalism NGOs.

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Whats wrong with lead?
Obama was evil for shutting down the smelter remember
Its to late to recant, you are held to your ill conceived statements

If true, feral cats and "outdoor" cats need to be culled.

No one talking about 5G, frequencies with which birds use to migrate and fly are being disrupted by electric signals

honestly, birds don't live that long... and they have a big population....

No shit they die of natural causes just like humans. Imagine believing that wild birds live for decades

People are idiots and put bird feeders out. Birds lose the ability to hunt naturally. Bird feeding granny dies and so does her birds that she trained to be dependent on her feeders.

Who would have known that micromanaging every square inch of your yard makes it a terrible place for animals to live in?

Fucking boomers who care so much about what their neighbours think about them.

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Adapt OR DIE learn to read.

>Birds are dying off

Fake news.

>Since 1970, America has lost 10 TRILLION bugs
Prove me wrong!

50 years.
Avergae bird lives a year or two maybe 3.
Most die very young.
We eat ducks, geese, doves, pigeons, quail, pheasants, grouse, maybe more.

Let me guess, if we all just paid 10% more on our energy bill we could save 6 gorzillion birds in the long run.

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dumb people who think having a cat as a pet but then let them live outside most of the day kills loads of birds