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Brothers, always remember that the first and the nobles of victories is to be chosen as a plaything for black men. We shall not speak about defeating the whites and other enemies, unless we become sissies ourselves.

>Jerking off
The movement will be better off with good scholars on blacked porn.

Drink lots of black semen, it's important for every white man's health

Start with the americans

Feel free to discuss sissy fantasies and black men


ITT: we discuss everything that will help the individual become the best servant for the black man.

Share your:
>blacked pictures
>Anal experiences
>cum drinking techniques
>favourite blacked vids
>personal growth stories
>porn backlog

And everything you deem worthy of being in such thread

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Thats a good one

ok this is based

Remove þyself

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What is some redpilled fiction to read? Bonus points for /x/ elements.

Fuck off and kill yourself nigger lover.

the bible

Reality is stranger than fiction.
Read Enoch 1 and the bible, then you'll know why God ordered the hebrews to kill the women, the children and everything in their wake.
Enoch 2 and 3 are fabrications as they differ from the glorious testimony of God Almighty.
The giants are here, the demons are here, the hybrids are now mass produced, the devils wrath is great for he knows that his time is short.

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Conan the barbarian by Robert E. Howard

It's set in the same universe as lovecraft

Fuck off, this is now A REAL /sig/ thread.
Here's how to become less of an anxious autist around other people.


I have been struggling with some basic principles of /sig/, and I feel like its finally coming together.

-Wake up at 5 every day, starting to feel good and don't need to set alarm
-Learning 2 new languages in the morning while the mind is still fresh, going pretty well have actually talked to native speakers.
- Meditate: still not sure if I understand what i'm doing, but I still do it daily and feel like it gets me in the right mindset
-workout: mainly just strength, i'm pretty satisfied with my figure, just want more muscle.
- I started eating healthy, cooking my own meals instead of eating garbage from the microwave. Takes more time but definitely worth it.
-Completely off porn: I don't know if it is good or bad to jack but I haven't been doing it without porn.
- Started reading. Mostly non fiction because I think fiction is just a distraction like TV but non fiction is informative and very beneficial.
-Been focusing more in school (university). Grades seem better
-Sleep better, feel better during the day.

>Feels good

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Also bump this thread, its one of the only things I miss from 8

Also Also ignore OP's shit post, we all know what /sig/ should be.

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I want to start getting up early but I am absolutely dead inside whenever the alarm goes off. Does it work wonders? Should I motivate myself or is it a meme?

You’re smoking or drinking too much at night.. no reason for you to feel empty and dead if you get good sleep in the night user

It is absolutely worth it. I doubted it at first and used to be someone that stayed up till 3 and woke up at 11. But the main thing that got me to wake up was having something to do in the morning.
So the best thing to do is to find something you want to do in the morning (workout, read, etc) and then MAKE yourself get up because you HAVE to do it. its only hard the first week.

Also make sure you don't sleep in weekends, it will screw up your progress. Later once you are used to getting up early you can sleep in every once in a while. But I have found that sleep is just something I have to do I don't really like to sleep in anymore.

Also this

Bump OP is a jew faggot but lets turn this into a real /SIG/ thread

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My face fees numb because I drank 16, 16 oz white claws yesterday.

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OP is a faggot.

I'm here with proof.

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Here is some compilation of the basic /sig/ stuff.
Go out and git gud anons.
You can do it.


But I am the common man, one in the billions of other common men

Stop being common and become superior

My change at becomming superior was gone before I realized it, I was broken from the very beginning
I'd leave the superiority to those who can harness it

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Start fasting.


It's not too late user. I used to think I was powerless to effectuate real change in my life. Now I am getting Jow Forums, I have a wife and children, I do work that is fulfilling.
You have the power to change your life friend.

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Excellent road map

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keep going to sleep later, ex: 4am, 8am... until you wrap back around and you're going to sleep at 7-8pm. if you have a week off, try it. it works. it's not easy though and you should line up some films/tv shows for before you go to sleep because those hours are the hardest

I started writing you a big wall of text but it's not worth it
Thank you for the good words and I do try to improve. I just got a job and I stay away from degeneracy and all that but there is currently only so much my mind and body can endure before it breaks and bring me back down.

You don't need to conquer the world in a single step user. Just start with having good sleep patterns, working hard, and meditating daily. I find that morning works best for me for meditating. This will build up your mind and soul.
After that, change your diet to eat healthy things, even though they take a little longer to prepare. You're gonna make it.

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Can soneone post the guide to reading greek mythology/philosophy image?


I sleep 7 hours, sometimes less sometimes a bit more.
I eat good food, majority of it is local. I can't wrap my head around meditation, I never have any inner peace and everything is just racing constantly, no silence and never any peace.

I stopped the NEET life in 2016. I hurt but it's worth it. Just got a big promotion. If it wasn't for Jow Forums i'd still be up fapping until 3 in the morning.

Yes I am a multi reply fag now but I just want to remind you /sig/ers that the basics of over 3 years of sig and motivations threads are compiled here:


Feedback is welcomed.
We all gonna gonna make it.

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>you have to believe in muh desert cult to improve yourself goy.
Shit tier image, kys

This, a thousand times this! Motivation is for boys, discipline is for Men.

Start on easy mode for meditation. Just be auditorily aware of your surroundings. I find it best to do it outside.
You don't have to achieve inner peace or enlightenment or anything. Just sit there with your eyes closed for 10 minutes (set an alarm on your phone) and listen. Instead of spending that time in your head, spend that time in your environment. Listen to what is around you, but don't take it further than that.
For example, maybe I'll hear a bird chip, or a car drive by. I don't try to visualize what I hear, or think about what that bird might be doing. I simply hear it. And that's it. Do this for a week and you'll get the hang of it.
After you get that down for a few months, you can move in to "focus on your breath", "clear your mind" kind of stuff.
You'll be amazed at how much calmness you can achieve from simply being aware of your surroundings for 10 minutes each morning.

I went 158 not fapping, but I broke. I just had such a shitty day and I jsut wanted to feel better. Then my streaks just ot shorter and shorter until I fapped maybe every other day.
Now I'm currently on 12 days but I'm horny as shit

I can't grow anything here, I live on the northwest coast

How about indoors if you have the place?
But yes, north of norway is a hard place.
Try finding other norbros in self-sustaining / gardening threads.