“The sufferer from this vice becomes listless, inattentive, indifferent...

“The sufferer from this vice becomes listless, inattentive, indifferent. There is an inability to concentrate the mind, or apply it with any degree of vigor; want of interest in friends; loss of self-control; failure of memory, and difficulty of conducting conversation. The reasoning is disconnected, and oftentimes the mental powers entirely fail; the victim becomes diffident, bashful, and ashamed, and seldom looks people in the face. His love of books is lost, history becomes a blank, the glowing pages of romance charm no more, the poet’s spell hath lost its power, music’s witchery is dead, the beauties of art are passed unheeded by, the loveliest landscape is but an arid desert, and nature’s most sublime endeavors fail to arouse the soul of him who has long been contaminated by this loathsome vice of masturbation.”

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>shit posting outside /b/

I jack off 5 times a day and still have hair

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Like clockwork


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check this out user

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we know what's up with the board going being slid

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Someone should do a "The Coomers" edit for "The Conners" tv show

Posting from a synagogue no less

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We should weaponise our mentally ill like the Israelis do with their lolocaust beleivers, shit eating cucks and crazy cat kikes

anons should become expert at this software for the sake of (((exposure)))

boys we need a holabunga, and it has to be real this time. don't you dare shy away from showing your children these images 20 years down the line when they ask you what the fuck an external harddrive is.

Wasn't that "The Flintstones"?

That software never scraped his IP. We only have it because the retard posted it. An IP lookup is pretty easy, I have no idea how to get an IP from the site though.

I suspect you can't which is why they are so desperate to get us on discord and click links.


Porn robs you of your soul. If you quit porn, your motivation and energy will come back tenfold.
Your natural child-like sense of wonder and excitement will come back. You will find it easier to socialize with people. So many benefits to quitting, and virtually no benefits to continuing.

Stop watching porn faggots.

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Right now I’m standing in front of a hidden underground sex shop, there are coomers coming in and out of the shop. It’s depressing, so keep coomerposting to stop the jews and their sexual deviances

You must save at least one..

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Just masturbated. Came all over my phone.

Do we really need the internet to tell us not to touch ourselves?

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This isn’t real. Highly doubtful. People who shitpost this are mostly just losers that do it for laughs.

cry harder faggot

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Phones are essential in 2019

>P-porn isn't addic-WOOO WOOO WOOo

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stfu cumbrain. porn is killing motivation and drive of men

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