Picture AI

Check out this AI. It's can be pretty based. Just upload or link a picture and it'll reveal more than you could ever believe

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nice try jew

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Really makes you think

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>if you rape your enemies, they win

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Clownworld confirmed

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>Barron, chess master
Mastermind confirmed
>Trump, demagogue
This AI is actually working quite well since that's the general consensus in media right now


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I'd fuck that

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Um.. i guess

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He cannot keep absconding away from his crimes

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Shit... Didn't even think of it in the context of the movie

George soros confirmed for old cunt. BTFO

>a humble gardener tending to his memes

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>demagogue, rabbi

This thing is magical

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oh nononono

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Hot diggity dog

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i love machine learning.

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It's /ourbot/, did this week and a half ago...

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My goodest boy.

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Haha poor old Tim.

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Bad ai

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>Barbara Spectre
>First offender

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RIP my other goodest boy

I laughed loudly.

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my bad image no uploaded

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I'm so sorry pol.

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WOAH, it's super high tech!

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cute tiddy

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>the balls are inert
>daily dose

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The only thing left to do is suck a hard cock. Deepthroat a rock hard cock and swallow the hot load.

Yep, it's working like a miracle!

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If you know you know

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Ukro virgins break the algorithm. Their below-averageness is inhuman.

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Forgive me for my sin Jesus

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just the upper part gives first offender

ImageNet Roulette confirmed 100% legit and mummy fanboy

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thx pal

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>upload my pic
>whiteface: a clown whose face is covered with white make-up


Insider uniform

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