Are mass shooters based?

We live in a world where winner takes all and the loser is told to kill himself.
We all know someone out there is troubled but we do nothing about it.
Its like we want it to happen.
I know its terrible but those are their inner most feelings, to kill.
Its not their fault they get no help before they do these things.
Thats why they learn to survive alone.

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Every shooting is a miniture revolution
for better or for worse

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Guess when msm find the time to talk about these happenings...

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Why do faggots bother with mass shootings anyways? Political assassinations have always had a greater impact

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>Are mass shooters based?
No, fuck off. cia nigger faggot

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Which leads to another question. Diddnt 'smart' people like tarrant know that?
He should have gone for the 'biggest prize' unless its them that control him

Did those niggers commit 'real mass shootings' or just homicides.
Im talking schools churches offices n shiet

Is that a halloween costume? So that gun is fake.

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Four or more killed in a single incident...

Do u guys just call anyone a CIA nigger and see if you find one?

Then we should change the name to 'white power attacks'


'real mass shootings'
Mass shooting is defined as when 3 or more people are victims of gun violence in a single event. Your criteria of "schools churches offices n shiet" isn't part of anyone's definition of a mass shooting.

THIS I see green light. It's like tommyknockers in here. red flag

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I don't know, but Jow Forums says bitconnect is back.

Do not forget your duty to your people.

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Implying Kacz would approve, you're literally a glownigger.

No OP, anything that takes freedom from people's natural existence is bad, both killing randoms, who could be good people, and the backlash against firearms is bad.

unbased narcissist. None of their crimes ever benefited nationalists or patriots. They are tools of the left and accelerationism has been proven wrong.

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being "based" means speaking your mind with no regard to what others think. mass shooters usually seem to care quite a bit about what others think (hence the manifestos, etc)