Only in America

Only in America.

>Walmart is opening its first 10,000 square-foot “Walmart Health” center that features an array of primary medical services, dental care, and behavioral health services as part of a new model expected to eventually be replicated in other markets.

>The larger Walmart Health Center puts “key health services under one roof,” a first for the world’s largest retailer when it comes to offering primary care, dental, optometry, counseling, laboratory tests, X-rays, hearing, wellness education and behavioral health.

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Only America has clinics?

Neat. So you can get a quick prostate exam along with your lawnmower fuel, beer, and plastic Chinese Halloween ornaments?

Will there be Black Fridays there?

Hopefully someone doesn't shart there.

>prostate exams
it's what you do after you graduate from greeter

also not helping the 'walmarts are internment camps' rumors

>and behavioral health services

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In German-speaking countries we call this Ärztehaus (medical center [Am.]) the only new thing here is that a Large Conglomerate like Walmart is getting into the Business.

>walmart birth clinic
>free coupon on sea food with every new child
>racism is based on birth brand difference

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thought you called them vernichtungslager

sounds worse than the shitty apathetic hospital I already go to

This sounds unironically awesome. Medical industry and lobby are already corrupt as fuck. So is Walmart. But if they start fighting we can only benefit so let the war begin.

welcome to costco. I love you.

scootypuff jr not gunna cut it anymore. they're gonna need one of those trams with flatbeds.

brought to you by Carl's Junior

Might be a really smart idea.
Get people to quit their ripoff health insurance policies, and instead use the money on themselves when they get sick.

imagine going to med school only to work at walmart

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Target and Walmart both have Urgent Care in Locations, as well as Walgreens/CVS/etc. started after Obamacare passed, same goes for the thousands of "University" outpatient clinics popping up everywhere, and all in one house elderly care clinics, non-profits of course, popping up all of a sudden.

I laft.

I wouldn't want some former greeter now urologist to touch my anus!

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Why not,your current urologist was a gay stripper to pay for college

The free market wins again. Great. Can't ever call out again. Will be forced to go to the walmart clinic to be approved for a day off.

They're not the same people. There are likely APRNs who are fesh out of residency.

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So how long until you’re assistant store manager? If you’re going to be stuck in poopville , may as well be king

Same goes for Vince McMahon

Anywhere is fine. The quarter million spent in school has to be paid back somehow!

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plus he signed up to be a urologist in the first place
when I want a good rectal exam I hold a dermatologist at gunpoint

There is no longer any assistant store managers with GWP.

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Wally is clearly God...clearly.

>University" outpatient clinics
I noticed this the campus I went to. Saw the place right off the schools property at the strip mall. Figured it was just a satellite site of the infirmary

go to map, type in abbreviations for your university healthcare system clinic, it is like the plague, not many new hospitals, but lots of clinics.

Neat I like the dental part

Behavior study is a bit creepy

user step in

We saw you dressed up like shit during the day and night and you have a habit of buying chicken tendies

You’re not allowed to buy any weapons now

A malevolent god at that.

Clinics have significantly smaller startup and Opperation costs.

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>Behavior study is a bit creepy
It's just a therapist.

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Who toyes out the entire word junior when it’s Jr as in Carl’s Jr, or Hardee’s

Those urgent care clinins are pretty good. I took my 2 year old to one in the middle of the night and it only cost me $150 with xrays and prescription included.

I don't know if this news is a good or a bad thing. Is there a hidden motive behind this?

What do you expect? If everyone is required to have insurance at the risk of financial penalty, it's just smart buisness.

There are no more greeters

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It was right next to two new apartment buildings built by a developer from nyc cashing in on the “upscale faux luxury” theme going on now but shoddy interior workmanship if you look closely. Didn’t think anything of it other than why’d they open this place up? Are the students that lazy to not walk over to the infirmary? Makes sense now

Looked it up just now, it’s part of the healthcare/medical school side of the university as urgent care

>Medicine lobbyists and Walmart fighting each other

Sounds fun

It's just a diversification of wakmarts many, many holdings.

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Insurance or no?

What's the problem? They've had pharmacies in their stories as well as performing eye exams and selling glasses for years. I've been getting my glasses there since I was a kid. The one time I went to a non-Walmart optometrist, the glasses they gave me cost way more and gave me headaches if I wore them.

Just another money stream, you can never have too many of those.

the weight of fat americans has actually broken through those fucking tennis balls lmao

>cause bouts of explosive sharting via the food they sell
>Cure explosive sharting in house by selling them medicine

Perfect business model


They haven't been replaced in quite some time.

It really is.

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I'm going to go on opening day and buy
>a speculum
>crevice jelly
>suction cup shower handles, so'z I can ride my dilly-do in the shower

Pretty soon they will have dialysis machines and massive insulin storage units like gas stations where fat faggots can go and re-fuel

You can do that now. Why wait?

Just as planned.

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>cheap healthcare available to anyone
>oh, no. rich people did this and are profiting off of it. better burn it down and mock the culture that produced this wonder.
You and people like you are subhuman savages not worth a bullet.

Either lenses weren’t cut right and or they didn’t measure the distance from eye to lens properly

All the Doctor’s will be Parjeets imported into the US under the H1B visa scam.

Goddamn. What a blackpill.

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Why don't u burgers just rename ur cucktry Wal-Mart?



Will they ever so slowly morph their asterisk into a hexacle?

offering health services for the poor without insurance essentially
if true i honestly think its a good thing and another point for capitalism
shit like this really helps people get back on their feet from being homeless or near-homeless

Nigger tier healthcare

Okay, let’s give me a rhythm!
Follow me
We are, we are Walmart
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Young man, young girl
Welcome to Wally-world
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You got smile on your face
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Why not a squiggly?

Better than no healthcare.

Wrong morning cheer, dumbass.

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At this point I've lost track of what's real and what's satire

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I hope someone shoots it up. I don't just mean a spic here or a spic there I'm taking full on light that fucker up.

Walmart to offer workers college degrees in health and wellness. Who else is signing up? It's only $1/day!

Go to bed vacationing glownigger.

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When junk food from Wal-Mart makes you sick, you can head to their health clinic. The mutt indians in america will definitely like this. Notice, europeans reject Wal-Mart and all that it stands for. That's because europeans aren't low IQ retards like the irish-indians and other mutt-indians in america.

Yes sir.

>Notice, europeans reject Wal-Mart and all that it stands for.
Blame it on home office not understanding different cultures have drastically different shopping experiences.

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This is something I am looking forward to.

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Thanks and god bless. You're going to help increase my $100 quarterly bonus!

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this is an old picture. is this guy larping as walmart user?


It was old, I admit. This is up to date.

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Becoming snowcrash more and more every day

Walmart sells the same things as other stores for 1/2 the price so if they can do the same for health care I'm all for it.

>Gave away their guns willingly
>Not retards

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They have this in both Latin America and Europe.

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subverting kike detected

How is this a bad thing?

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Is your job safe from GWP?

I don't get the hype behind walmart user. No one gives a shit about about walmart workers eating lunch

Hey just like idocracy!

No fucking way am I going to fucking Walmart to get a filling and get my prostate checked.

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You left out oxycontin prescriptions.

Technically, yes, but given the fact that lateral promotions will be over will give me less and less incentive to stay, but since there's no jobs around, I will have to prepare to ascend to that great, big wally world in the sky.

I'm the everyman posting daily for the past 5 years.

Why not?

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Imagine being a doctor or a dentist and still working at Walmart. (((They))) found a way to make everyone a wagecuck.

People don't start as cashiers? I had cashier experience from a deli and a pizza place and walmart made me a cashier right off the bat.

Wall street jews are the biggest investors in Wal-Mart. They've financed it expanding all over america. If you support Wal-Mart, you're making evil jews and zionists on Wall Street rich. Sorry Squanto.

>Here's your healthcare, bro

>sign in to take this totally ANONYMOUS survey
>wally world in the sky
So then you have no reason to "go".Good. Glad you're not suicidal.

>go to wallmart for new glasses
>guy behind the counter calls himself a omtymistresh
>says he needs me to take off my shirt so he can check my boobs for cancer
murica !!!



you can still keep your old job, just you get a chance to choose who you want to probe straight from the door.

RIP America

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Joe and Frito are walking through a Costco, much bigger than what was in Joe's time
Greeter: Hi, welcome to Costco. I love you.
Frito: Yeah, I know this place pretty good. I went to law school here.
Joe: You went to law school? At Costco?
Frito: I know! I couldn't believe it, either. But luckily, my dad was an alumnus, so he pulled some strings